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Programs for getTV on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
12:00 AM
Married ... with Children Rain Girl (TV-14) After desperately searching for a new job, Kelly gleefully accepts a position as the weather reporter at a local television station.
12:30 AM
Married ... with Children The Agony of DeFeet (TV-14) When Al is the judge of a beauty contest at the shoe store, he begins having nightmares about feet; Kelly makes Bud and Marcy think they slept together.
1:00 AM
Designing Women Half an Air Bubble Off (TV-PG) The women are being driven crazy by an eccentric client's bizzare decorating requests. Bernice Clifton announces she is entering a seniors beauty contest.
1:30 AM
Designing Women Dash Goff, the Writer (TV-PG) Julia saves the day when Suzanne's ex-husband, an author, announces he is contemplating suicide because of many failed writing attempts.
2:00 AM
Good Times The Windfall (TV-PG) James finds a bag of stolen money containing $27,000 and hesitates to return it, but receives backlash from the community after contacting the police.
2:30 AM
Good Times Sometimes There's No Bottom in the Bottle (TV-PG) Cousin Naomi is visiting the Evans' for Christmas but her visit is not a happy one for Thelma, who discovers that Naomi has a serious drinking problem.
3:00 AM
Amen Wedding Bell Blues (TV-PG) Deacon Frye comes to Reuben's defense when the reverend is sued by the first couple he married; Frye plans to turn the church into a Vegas-style wedding chapel.
3:30 AM
Amen A Slight Case of Murder, Part 1 (TV-PG) Deacon Frye finds himself falling for an attractive woman as he attempts to defend her against a charge of murdering her late husband.
4:00 AM
Amen A Slight Case of Murder, Part 2 (TV-PG) After helping the woman of his dreams beat a murder charge, Deacon Frye is determined to marry her no matter what stands in his way.
4:30 AM
Amen Fear of Flying (TV-PG) Thelma hopes to overcome her flying phobia during a trip to the Bahamas, but her worst fears are realized when the pilot succumbs to food poisoning.
5:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show When the Funk Bites the Dust (TV-PG) The Hi-Tops' ex-manager gets engaged, so the group gathers for a bachelor party at Steve's place; students become involved in a short film contest.
5:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Big Daddy's Baby Girl (TV-PG) Bullethead rapidly becomes popular at school when everyone learns that he has possession of a pair of floor seat tickets to a Chicago Bulls basketball game.
6:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show I Do, I Don't (TV-PG) Snoop Dogg and producer Sean "Diddy" Combs visit the high school to explain to Steve's class about the rumored rivalry between East and West Coast rappers.
6:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner? (TV-PG) Regina decides to impress her former sorority sister, who has made plans to drop by for a visit, by lying about having a wealthy, handsome boyfriend.
7:00 AM
The Unit Into Hell, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Jonas' daughter is kidnapped in Iraq, and the team makes her retrieval her top priority; Mack considers taking revenge against Ryan for his affair with Tiffy.
8:00 AM
The Unit Into Hell, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Jonas and the rest of the team launch a rescue mission to save Jonas's daughter from a gang of Syrian kidnappers; Mack is given a chance to take revenge.
9:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger War Cry (TV-14) Walker helps longtime friend Sam Coyote to investigate a factory that may be dumping toxic waste into the reservation's water supply.
10:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Code of the West (TV-14) The Texas Rangers search for a judge who's taken some children camping after learning the he is being targeted by a criminal he once sentenced.
11:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Children of Halloween (TV-14) The Rangers investigate the possibility of shocking sacrificial practices after a satanic symbol is tied to a series of child abductions.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Survival (TV-14) Alex is kidnapped by a family of extreme survivalists and taken back to their trap-laden hideaway, where the Rangers must venture to rescue her.
1:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Second Chance (TV-14) A young girl with leukemia is kidnapped by radical members of the IRA to force her father to speak against the peace plan in Ireland.
2:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Paradise Trail (TV-14) Hayes Cooper is once again featured in a narrative, which sees the famed bounty hunter providing protection for a wagon train of devout Mormons.
3:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Eyes of a Ranger (TV-14) A hopeful teenager singer finds herself being stalked by a rich kid, who is seeking to take over the distribution of heroin around Dallas.
4:00 PM
All in the Family The Insurance Is Canceled (TV-PG) After Archie's bosses order him to fire someone, he must make a decision between dismissing a white worker or laying off a Puerto Rican employee.
4:30 PM
All in the Family The Man in the Street (TV-PG) Archie is excited to be featured on the CBS Evening News, but his plans to watch the momentous occasion are interrupted by a series of unfortunate events.
5:00 PM
All in the Family Cousin Maude's Visit (TV-PG) When Archie, Mike and Gloria become ill with the flu, Edith is forced to ask her extremely liberal cousin for a helping hand, much to Archie's chagrin.
5:30 PM
All in the Family Christmas Day at the Bunkers' (TV-PG) Archie is in a foul mood on Christmas Day but won't tell anyone the reason why, and he becomes even more irritated when Henry Jefferson and family pay a visit.
6:00 PM
All in the Family The Elevator Story (TV-PG) While celebrating Edith's birthday at a restaurant, Archie is trapped with a black man, a hippie and a pregnant woman when their elevator becomes stuck.
6:30 PM
All in the Family Edith's Problem (TV-PG) When Edith begins to go through the early stages of menopause, the rest of the family searches for a way to cope with her extreme mood swings.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son This Land Is Whose Land? (TV-PG) When Fred argues with Julio over the line separating their properties, they decide to bring in a local surveyor to settle the dispute.
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son Fred's Cheating Heart (TV-PG) Lamont learns more information about heart attacks, and panics when Fred has chest pains, and quickly takes him to the hospital for assistance.
8:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Party Crasher (TV-PG) When Lamont and Rollo plan a romantic double date for the evening, Fred adamantly refuses to vacate the house for the occasion, leading to a confrontation.
8:30 PM
Sanford and Son Lamont Goes Karate (TV-PG) After Lamont gets a bloody nose in a fight, he quickly decides to take a few karate lessons in order to be a more worthy adversary.
9:00 PM
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 1 (TV-PG) Florida suspects a student may have hearing issues, but she encounters resistance from the child's mother who takes exception to Florida's concern.
9:30 PM
Good Times Florida's Favorite Passenger, Part 2 (TV-PG) After a near fatal accident, Larry's mother finally comes to terms with his hearing problem and allows Florida to take him to the doctor to be tested.
10:00 PM
Married ... with Children Yard Sale (TV-14) Al throws a yard sale to get rid of junk after he discovers Peg's new purchases, but no one seems to be interested in the Bundy's junk.
10:30 PM
Married ... with Children We'll Follow the Sun (TV-14) The Bundy family plans to go on a vacation during Labor Day weekend, but they spend the entire weekend trapped in traffic on a Chicago highway.
11:00 PM
Married ... with Children Al ... with Kelly (TV-14) To avoid going with Peg and Bud to Wanker County, Al and Kelly pretend to be sick, but Kelly really becomes sick and Al must care for her all week.
11:30 PM
Married ... with Children Sue Casa, His Casa (TV-14) Marcy is the witness when, after Al decides they don't need car insurance, Bud gets in a car accident and countersues the other driver.
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