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Programs for getTV on Thursday, October 17, 2019
12:00 AM
Married ... with Children Buck Has a Belly Ache (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with jealousy of Buck when the family gives him all the attention, causing her to flee home and go to Wanker County.
12:30 AM
Married ... with Children If I Could See Me Now (TV-14) Bud and Kelly attempt to convince Al to visit the optometrist for a pair of glasses after causing numerous minor accidents around the house.
1:00 AM
Designing Women Pearls of Wisdom (TV-PG) Mary Jo accidently loses Suzanne's expensive pearls in a salad bar; Suzanne becomes a lifestyle reporter on the local news; Anthony's has a disturbing dream.
1:30 AM
Designing Women High Noon in a Laundry Room (TV-PG) Anthony fears he has lost his masculinity after being at Sugerbaker's for so long, especially when the ladies have to rescue him from a bully in his building.
2:00 AM
All in the Family The Commercial (TV-PG) When Edith is hired to star in a commercial for laundry detergent, she has some misgivings about promoting a brand she thinks is inferior.
2:30 AM
All in the Family Super Bowl Sunday (TV-PG) Archie expects to make a large amount of money by hosting a Super Bowl party at his bar, but the festivities are interrupted by a pair of robbers.
3:00 AM
Amen The Widow (TV-PG) A wealthy and lonely church benefactor becomes romantically interested in Reverend Gregory, which may put him in a very difficult position.
3:30 AM
Amen Stranded (TV-PG) Frye nearly freezes to death after getting caught in a blizzard during a church retreat, but thanks to Amelia's help he has a spiritual awakening instead.
4:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Love Is in the Air (TV-PG) Steve and Regina are secretly set up on a blind date by Cedric and Lovita; Bullethead and Romeo send Lydia false college acceptance letters.
4:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Secret Lovers (TV-PG) Regina institutes an unbreakable ban on public displays of affection at school but quickly runs into complications when Bullethead sees her kissing Steve.
5:00 AM
Good Times Michael Gets Suspended (TV-PG) When Michael's controversial views on George Washington get him kicked out of school, James and Florida try to persuade him to apologize.
5:30 AM
Sanford and Son This Land Is Whose Land? (TV-PG) When Fred argues with Julio over the line separating their properties, they decide to bring in a local surveyor to settle the dispute.
6:00 AM
Amen Pilot (TV-PG) Deacon Frye goes on the search for a new reverend for his church, but he may have met his match when he finally makes his selection.
6:30 AM
Amen The Courtship of Bess Richards (TV-PG) Deacon Frye tries to convince a talented gospel singer to join his church, but when she mistakes his advances for love, he finds himself in serious trouble.
7:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Big Daddy Meets the Man of Steele (TV-PG) Steve becomes worried that he may be in a race for Regina's romantic attention when her college boyfriend jumps back into her life.
7:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show You're Driving Me Crazy (TV-PG) Warrington buys Regina an expensive luxury car for their one-month anniversary, but he becomes irritated when she does not seem to want to drive it.
8:00 AM
Good Times The Investigation (TV-PG) Michael's paper on communism causes the family to become the focus of an FBI investigation, which leads James and maybe even J.J. to lose their jobs.
8:30 AM
Sanford and Son I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz (TV-PG) Fred is not to impressed with his accomplishments in life, so he decides that setting a world record for staying awake the longest would be adequate.
9:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Justice for All (TV-PG) Walker starts to look into an investigation when a lawyer begins to make preparations to file a scornful police brutality lawsuit has just been found dead.
10:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger 6 Hours (TV-PG) A Dallas billionaire's daughter is kidnapped by her own bodyguard, and the Texas Rangers make a desperate attempt to get her back.
11:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Medieval Crimes (TV-PG) Gage goes undercover while assuming the identity of a medieval knight to uncover a band of art thieves who joust at a popular dinner theater.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Legends (TV-PG) A mob boss is prosecuted in court and his son begins killing people involved in the prosecution; Walker meets up with old pals at the Kickboxing Championship.
1:00 PM
Rescue 911 Children's Documentary; Wrong Way Delivery (TV-14) William Shatner hosts true-life dramatizations based on actual calls to the emergency 911 phone line.
1:30 PM
Rescue 911 Underage Teen Driver; Cardiac Controller (TV-14) William Shatner hosts true-life dramatizations based on actual calls to the emergency 911 phone line.
2:00 PM
Rescue 911 Fire Sister Save; Surfboard Save (TV-14) William Shatner hosts true-life dramatizations based on actual calls to the emergency 911 phone line.
2:30 PM
Rescue 911 Morro Bay Submerged Car; Hockey Havoc (TV-14) William Shatner hosts true-life dramatizations based on actual calls to the emergency 911 phone line.
3:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland Elka Takes a Lover (HD, TV-PG) The ladies get ready for Victoria's big movie premiere, but on the eve of the event, Emmy visits with some surprising news; Elka has taken a younger lover.
3:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland Rusty Banks Rides Again (HD, TV-PG) In order to get nominated for an Oscar, Victoria recruits the ladies to convince Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members to nominate her.
4:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland The One with George Clooney (HD, TV-PG) The friends make the decision to adopt a new puppy; the relationship between Elka, Mamie and Roy suddenly takes an interesting turn.
4:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland Brokeback Elka (HD, TV-PG) Melanie and her friends use her illness to their advantage; the man that Victoria has established an online relationship with may not be the man he says he is.
5:00 PM
All in the Family Archie in the Lock-Up (TV-PG) Mike and Lionel head to the United Nations to participate in a peaceful demonstration that eventually transforms into a disorderly riot.
5:30 PM
All in the Family Edith Writes a Song (TV-PG) When the family realizes they have some extra spending money, Edith wants to use the funds to buy music to accompany the song lyrics she wrote; Archie buys gun.
6:00 PM
All in the Family Mike Meets Archie (TV-PG) When Mike and Gloria fight on their first wedding anniversary, Edith tries to resolve the situation by reminiscing about the first time that Archie met Mike.
6:30 PM
All in the Family Election Story (TV-PG) With a local election fast approaching, Archie is disappointed to learn that Mike and Gloria have chosen a candidate who is female.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Escorts (TV-PG) Wanting to make more money, Fred decides to start an escort service with a friend of his, which results in Fred escorting three ladies in one night.
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son The Engagement Man Always Rings Twice (TV-PG) Lamont decides to propose to Janet, but Fred is not so happy to hear about this when he discovers Lamont and he will no longer live under the same roof.
8:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Director (TV-PG) Lamont gets a part in a big play alongside George Foreman, and Fred shows up at their rehearsals in hopes of meeting the champion boxer.
8:30 PM
Sanford and Son A Pain in the Neck (TV-PG) Fred is to receive the Watts Businessman-of-the-Year Award, but a back problem strikes him just before the ceremony, potentially keeping him at home.
9:00 PM
Good Times Crosstown Buses Run All Day, Doodah, Doodah (TV-PG) Michael has the chance to go to a better school in a white neighborhood but he's determined to get out of attending and proves his disdain for being bused.
9:30 PM
Good Times The Man I Most Admire (TV-PG) Michael must write an essay on the person whom he most admires and first picks Florida for her strength, even though she modestly claims it shouldn't be her.
10:00 PM
Married ... with Children God's Shoes (TV-14) After having an extremely inspirational vision of God, Al is overcome with the desire to begin constructing the perfect pair of shoes.
10:30 PM
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 1 (TV-14) Kelly is presented with the opportunity to host her own talk show and the other television networks begin to express interest in it.
11:00 PM
Married ... with Children Kelly Does Hollywood, Part 2 (TV-14) Kelly travels to Hollywood in order to film her new talk show, but trouble ensues when the talk show gets slaughtered by the censors.
11:30 PM
Married ... with Children Al Bundy, Shoe Dick (TV-14) Al stumbles upon the opportunity to begin a career as a private investigator, but while working on his first case, he is framed for murder.
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