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Programs for getTV on Thursday, May 23, 2019
12:00 AM
Married ... with Children Ship Happens, Part 1 (TV-14) Peggy enters a contest and wins a Caribbean cruise, so the D'Arcys make arrangements to accompany the Bundy family upon their maritime adventure.
12:30 AM
Married ... with Children Ship Happens, Part 2 (TV-14) When the cruise ship, "The Sea Dodge," sinks, the Bundys and the D'Arcys tropical vacation to the Caribbean ends abruptly and unhappily.
1:00 AM
Designing Women Foreign Affairs (TV-PG) SuzanneĀ“s maid faces deportation, so she has Anthony dress up as the maid for an interview with the INS, but his disguise might be a little bit too good.
1:30 AM
Designing Women Have Faith (TV-PG) Mary Jo attends church services with Julia and Suzanne and discovers that she has developed a sexual interest in the pastor of the church.
2:00 AM
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 3: The Wedding (TV-PG) J.J. borrows money from the neighborhood hustler in order to finance Thelma's wedding, which goes well until an accident at the end of the ceremony.
2:30 AM
Good Times Florida's Homecoming, Part 4: United We Stand (TV-PG) Keith arrives home after being treated for a broken leg and immediately lashes out at J.J. who reluctantly anticipates the trouble that awaits him.
3:00 AM
Amen The Boxer (TV-PG) Everyone thinks that Deacon Frye is out of his league when he agrees to manage a professional boxer.
3:30 AM
Amen Nothing But the Truth (TV-PG) When Rev. Gregory's mother comes to town, she finds herself quite taken with Deacon Frye and very critical of Thelma.
4:00 AM
Amen Career Girl (TV-PG) Finally despairing of Reverend Gregory ever proposing to her, Thelma decides to embark on a career in marketing.
4:30 AM
Amen The First Community Talent Show (TV-PG) Members of the church put their singing talents on display during a charity talent show.
5:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Baby You Can Drive My Car (TV-PG) Bullethead and Romeo are in the clear to take driver's education, which is now being taught by Steve against Cedric's advice to steer clear of the job.
5:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Educating Piggy (TV-PG) Steve, Cedric and Regina attend the administration's newly required computer course, which is taught by Lovita; Romeo joins the race for class president.
6:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Welcome to Bernie's (TV-PG) The teachers head to a meeting concerning faculty relations; Romeo becomes jealous of the attention that Bullethead is getting because of his wooden puppet.
6:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show And Injustice for All (TV-PG) After the television set Steve sold to Lovita begins acting strange, she sues him and they go before a judge he once courted and then broke up with.
7:00 AM
The Unit SERE (HD, TV-14) The Unit enters a CIA program designed to simulate the POW experience thinking they will be guards, and instead are subjected to days and days of torture.
8:00 AM
The Unit Eating the Young (HD, TV-PG) After an attempt to buy some surface-to-air missiles from a drug lord falls through, the unit must track down the weapons before they leave the country.
9:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger The Day of Cleansing (TV-14) Sammo Law joins forces with Walker and the rest of the Rangers after a dangerous criminal is allowed to escape; Sydney and Gage both go undercover.
10:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Black Dragons (TV-14) The conniving son of a diplomat is prevented from being convicted of assaulting Gage by diplomatic immunity, until drug-related deals are unearthed.
11:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Soldiers of Hate (TV-14) A hate organization kills an FBI agent and a Judge who put away one of their members, then plans to wreak havoc on a unity festival.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger The General's Return (TV-14) Ranger Walker is forced to wage a conflict against a group of murderous gun-smugglers after discovering that they killed an undercover officer.
1:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 1 (TV-14) The ruthless leader of a notorious drug syndicate captures Alex and Sydney, leading the rest of the Rangers to go undercover as ranch hands.
2:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 2 (TV-14) Fellow Rangers Walker, Trivette and Gage race against time in order to make it to Mexico and perform a daring rescue for Alex and Sydney.
3:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger The Bachelor Party (TV-14) Walker's bachelor retreat quickly turns deadly when the Rangers are pursued by a bloodthirsty bear and a money launderer bent on revenge.
4:00 PM
All in the Family Where's Archie? (TV-PG) Mike and Gloria discover that Archie has disappeared while traveling to a convention in Buffalo, New York, but they don't want to worry Edith with the news.
4:30 PM
All in the Family Archie Is Missing (TV-PG) After Edith files a missing person report for Archie, she, Mike and Gloria frantically search for any information that could lead them to his whereabouts.
5:00 PM
All in the Family The Longest Kiss (TV-PG) Everyone is relieved when Archie calls home with an explanation for his disappearance; Mike and Gloria try to solve an argument by having a kissing competition.
5:30 PM
All in the Family Archie and the Miracle (TV-PG) When Archie miraculously escapes being crushed underneath a heavy crate at work, the incident inspires him to attend church in order to thank God.
6:00 PM
All in the Family George and Archie Make a Deal (TV-PG) George wants to run for a position on the local council for crooked reasons, but he must first convince Archie to sign a petition in favor of his candidacy.
6:30 PM
All in the Family Archie's Contract (TV-PG) A smooth-talking salesman swindles Archie into signing a contract that obligates him to purchase expensive aluminum siding for his home.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Olympics (TV-PG) After some confusion over his date with Donna, Fred decides to enter the Senior Olympics to face Donna's other suitor to prove he is better than him.
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son Ebenezer Sanford (TV-PG) Fred is grumpy during the holiday season, leaving attempts to make him cheery short lived, but while he is sleeping, spirits show him the error of his ways.
8:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Oddfather (TV-PG) After Fred witnesses a murder attempt, he lands in the hospital under intense security, but despite police protection, he thinks the killer will get to him.
8:30 PM
Sanford and Son Can You Chop This? (TV-PG) Lamont has just enough money to take acting school, but Fred sees a commercial for a get rich quick scheme and decides to give it a try using Lamont's funds.
9:00 PM
Good Times Thelma's African Romance, Part 1 (TV-PG) After Thelma is suspended for participating in a protest against the conditions of the cafeteria food, she falls in love with a Nigerian exchange student.
9:30 PM
Good Times Thelma's African Romance, Part 2 (TV-PG) Florida is outraged when Thelma announces plans to move in with her Nigerian boyfriend, but Thelma is soon faced with a harrowing decision.
10:00 PM
Married ... with Children Something Larry This Way Comes (TV-14) Kelly's acting teacher, Larry Storch, has plans to visit the Bundy house, but he gets knocked out by Gary and Al must help rescue Kelly.
10:30 PM
Married ... with Children And Bingo Was Her Game-O (TV-14) Peg manages to win 10,000 dollars by playing in a local bingo tournament; Al and his fellow club members attempt to decide upon their official beer.
11:00 PM
Married ... with Children User Friendly (TV-14) Bud participates in a virtual reality sex experiment with Amber; Al and his friends try to figure out what a light switch does that isn't connected to anything.
11:30 PM
Married ... with Children Pump Fiction (TV-14) Kelly and Al produce a movie together about shoes for her acting class project and they receive a $10,000 grant to produce another one.
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