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Programs for getTV on Thursday, August 13, 2020
12:00 AM
Married ... with Children You Better Watch Out (TV-14) A shopping-mall Santa Claus slips and falls off of his sleigh and lands right on the Bundy property, dying immediately upon impact.
12:30 AM
Married ... with Children Guys and Dolls (TV-14) Al and Steve get their hands on two valuable baseball cards by giving up one of Marcy's Barbie dolls in return, but are forced to find it when Marcy finds out.
1:00 AM
'Til Death The Concert (HD, TV-14) Eddie befriends a new teacher and finds out they have a lot in common; Eddie and Joy reminisce about the songs they loved in the '80s.
1:30 AM
'Til Death Merit Pay (HD, TV-14) Eddie attempts to get a raise in order to take Joy on a vacation, but his principal is not convinced; Doug's delusion continues to worsen.
2:00 AM
All in the Family Archie Is Cursed (TV-PG) Archie foolhardily accepts Irene's challenge to a pool game after letting everyone know that men are superior when it comes to sports.
2:30 AM
All in the Family Edith's Christmas Story (TV-PG) With Christmas approaching, Archie decides to get into the holiday spirit, but Edith has trouble enjoying the season after discovering she may have cancer.
3:00 AM
Amen A Slight Case of Murder, Part 1 (TV-PG) Deacon Frye finds himself falling for an attractive woman as he attempts to defend her against a charge of murdering her late husband.
3:30 AM
Amen A Slight Case of Murder, Part 2 (TV-PG) After helping the woman of his dreams beat a murder charge, Deacon Frye is determined to marry her no matter what stands in his way.
4:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Every Boy Needs a Teacher (TV-PG) Regina accepts a dinner date with the "man-boy" who services the office water cooler and enlists Lovita's to help her change her image.
4:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Uncle Steve (TV-PG) Lovita and Regina give Steve's wallflower of a niece a makeover, and she blossoms into a looker and gets more than a second look from Romeo.
5:00 AM
Good Times Wheels (TV-PG) J.J. and his friends have continuous disputes over a car they purchased together, ranging from insurance payments to ongoing scheduling conflicts.
5:30 AM
Sanford and Son The Stakeout (TV-PG) When Fred's neighborhood is burglarized, the cops offer Fred money in order to set up a stakeout on his property in hopes of nabbing the thief.
6:00 AM
Amen Lights, Camera, Deacon (TV-PG) Frye spots an opportunity to get himself some publicity when comic Steve Allen files a lawsuit against a fried chicken mogul.
6:30 AM
Amen Unforgettable (TV-PG) When Deacon Fye lands a date with a beautiful and much younger woman, he discovers she is an environmental activist who is very dedicated to her work.
7:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show E-Male Problems (TV-PG) Steve hires Lydia as a personal assistant but she gets too excited about the job; Cedric and Lovita argue over the proper dress for a mother-to-be.
7:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Knit Picking (TV-PG) Steve gets confused about Regina when she gives him mixed signals by saying to keep the relationship slow but then throwing a private and romantic anniversary.
8:00 AM
Good Times The Windfall (TV-PG) James finds a bag of stolen money containing $27,000 and hesitates to return it, but receives backlash from the community after contacting the police.
8:30 AM
Sanford and Son I Dream of Choo Choo Rabinowitz (TV-PG) Fred is not to impressed with his accomplishments in life, so he decides that setting a world record for staying awake the longest would be adequate.
9:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 1 (TV-PG) The ruthless leader of a notorious drug syndicate captures Alex and Sydney, leading the rest of the Rangers to go undercover as ranch hands.
10:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger Showdown at Casa Diablo, Part 2 (TV-PG) Fellow Rangers Walker, Trivette and Gage race against time in order to make it to Mexico and perform a daring rescue for Alex and Sydney.
11:00 AM
Walker, Texas Ranger War Cry (TV-PG) Walker helps longtime friend Sam Coyote to investigate a factory that may be dumping toxic waste into the reservation's water supply.
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Code of the West (TV-PG) The Texas Rangers search for a judge who's taken some children camping after learning the he is being targeted by a criminal he once sentenced.
1:00 PM
Guns of Paradise Dangerous Cargo (TV-14)
2:00 PM
Guns of Paradise Till Death Do Us Part (TV-14)
3:00 PM
Good Times Where Have All the Doctors Gone? (TV-PG) Penny is left in Florida's care when Willona has to go out of town, but Penny comes down with a serious virus and must go to the doctor.
3:30 PM
Good Times J.J. in Trouble (TV-PG) While James and Florida are out of town, J.J. receives a shocking call from an ex-girlfriend, which may lead to a trip to the free clinic for a checkup.
4:00 PM
Sanford and Son Aunt Esther and Uncle Woodrow Pffft ... (TV-PG) Aunt Esther's husband shows up at the Sanfords' and fears that his marriage may be over, and he asks that he be allowed to stay with the Sanfords.
4:30 PM
Sanford and Son The Way to Lamont's Heart (TV-PG) When Lamont's latest girlfriend attempts to convince him to marry her, the concerned Lamont devises a quick plan to slow their relationship down.
5:00 PM
All in the Family Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit (TV-PG) Mike offers to let his hippie friends spend a night at the Bunker's house, but Archie opposes the idea because the hippies are an unmarried couple.
5:30 PM
All in the Family Lionel Moves into the Neighborhood (TV-PG) After Archie learns a black family will be moving into the home next to his, he attempts to rally the rest of the neighborhood against the new arrivals.
6:00 PM
All in the Family Archie's Secret Passion (TV-PG) Archie worries that the wife of his visiting friend will mention to Edith about a casual fling that she and Archie once had long before they were each married.
6:30 PM
All in the Family The Baby Contest (TV-PG) Archie lets his competitive side get the better of him when he enters Joey in the newspapers' beautiful baby competition despite Mike and Gloria's objections.
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son Fred Meets Redd (TV-PG) Fred & Lamont have been preparing to pay their taxes, but Fred gets preoccupied and decides to enter a Redd Foxx look-alike competition.
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son Chinese Torture (TV-PG) Grady handcuffs Fred and Esther together as part of a a magic trick for a talent show but cannot read the Chinese instructions on how to separate them.
8:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland I Love Lucci Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) The ladies take a trip to L.A.; Victoria butts heads with a soap opera rival while appearing on "All My Children;" Melanie may have to sell her house.
8:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland I Love Lucci Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) Victoria injures her soap opera co-star; Joy plans to get back at her date, an actor who pretended he was his evil twin; Melanie agrees to sell her L.A. home.
9:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland LeBron is Le Gone (HD, TV-PG) Melanie dates a basketball coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers who is still sore over the loss of the team's star player; Victoria becomes a news anchor.
9:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland Elka's Snowbird (HD, TV-PG) Elka tries to charm Max into spending the winter in Cleveland; Melanie and Joy wreak havoc when they agree to work together at a senior center.
10:00 PM
Married ... with Children Build a Better Mousetrap (TV-14) Al goes on the hunt for a mouse that is loose in the house and it gives him the runaround, but he is determined to kill it, even if he has to destroy the house.
10:30 PM
Married ... with Children Master the Possibilities (TV-14) The Bundy family receives a credit card in Buck's name and decides to use it as their own under the impression they won't have to pay for it.
11:00 PM
Married ... with Children Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (TV-14) On Valentine's Day, Kelly has several suitors; Steve is taking Marcy to Hawaii; Bud watches the mailbox for his valentine; Peg wants Al to say he loves her.
11:30 PM
Married ... with Children The Great Escape (TV-14) While their home is being purged of termites the Bundy family has to sleep at the shoe store, which makes Kelly's plans for sneaking out more difficult.
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