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Programs for KFAZ-CD2 on Wednesday, January 23, 2019
12:00 AM
The Good Wife In Sickness (HD, TV-14) Lockhart/Gardner represents a patient in a liver transplant case against a rival attorney; Alicia deals with the emotional fallout of Peter's one-night stand.
1:00 AM
Profiler Learning from the Masters (TV-14) Sam begins a search for someone who knows about famous works of art when a series of bodies are found arranged in specific shapes.
2:00 AM
Joan of Arcadia The Devil Made Me Do It (TV-PG) Joan volunteers at a high school art show to keep a sculpture from being exhibited; Kevin goes tired of receiving special treatment because of his wheelchair.
3:00 AM
Promised Land The Promise After losing his job, Russell Greene takes his family on a cross country across America offering faith, compassion and hope to all encountered.
4:00 AM
Early Edition Blackout (TV-PG) After an electrical storm knocks the city's power out, Gary and Marissa attempt to stop a volatile situation from escalating into a race riot.
5:00 AM
Early Edition Collision (TV-PG) Gary's life becomes stressful when he has to decide which tragedy to stop first, finding a driver liable for a multi-car pileup or saving a nine-year-old boy.
6:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Promises, Promises (TV-G) Loren proposes to Dorothy but suffers a severe, crippling stroke before she can give him a definite answer; tensions between Dr. Mike and Sully increase.
7:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman The Expedition, Part 1 (TV-G) Dr. Mike celebrates her birthday by climbing Pike's Peak with Dorothy, Grace and Myra, but ends up injured and alone when everyone turns back.
8:00 AM
Touched by an Angel Manny (TV-G) While working as party planners for the prestigious Archibald family, Monica and Tess encounter a young boy named Manny, and they discover that he is homeless.
9:00 AM
Touched by an Angel There, But for the Grace of God (TV-G) In order for her to help a homeless man named Pete, Monica's angelic powers are taken away, and she realizes she has been judgmental.
10:00 AM
Unforgettable You Are Here (HD, TV-14) Carrie and Al must act quickly when a deranged conspiracy theorist threatens to set off a series of deadly explosives throughout the city.
11:00 AM
Medium Smoke Damage (HD, TV-14) Allison's dreams of a woman caught in a blaze could provide leads to a series of mysterious fire-related deaths; Devalos contemplates running for mayor.
12:00 PM
Medium The People in Your Neighborhood (HD, TV-14) When a convicted sex offender moves into the neighborhood the community protests loudly about it, but Allison has visions that make her question his guilt.
1:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Pandora's Trunk, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Jordan investigates new leads in her mother's murder and finds a 23-year-old skeleton of a murdered Boston detective.
2:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Devil May Care (HD, TV-14) Macy tries to link a high school student to the victim of a satanic ritual; the ventilation system allows Jordan to overhear a murder.
3:00 PM
Cold Case Thrill Kill (HD, TV-14) Lilly returns to work, trying to convince herself and others that she is ready; case of three slain boys for which two teens may have been wrongfully convicted.
4:00 PM
Cold Case That Woman (HD, TV-14) The 1998 case of a fatally beaten 15-year-old girl with a promiscuous reputation is reopened after one of her tank tops is discovered.
5:00 PM
Profiler Double Vision (TV-14) Sam is confused when the clues behind a number of disappearances of people in an Alabama town point to two different personalities.
6:00 PM
The Closer Jump the Gun (HD, TV-14) After a bank robbery results in a security guard's death, the squad finds odd evidence that makes them doubt whether a known gang of thieves is responsible.
7:00 PM
The Closer War Zone (HD, TV-14) When three soldiers are murdered after returning from Afghanistan, Brenda butts heads with the military liaison officer assigned to assist her on the case.
8:00 PM
The Division Zero Tolerance (TV-PG) The squad works to get students out of a dangerous situation at their school; as Jinny's wedding approaches everyone begins to look at their own relationships.
9:00 PM
Strong Medicine Donors (TV-14) A college student wants to sell her eggs to a couple with reproductive problems but when she's killed her mother wants to have the egg implanted in herself.
10:00 PM
Family Law Games (TV-PG) Danni and Rex are pitted against one another in case of rival soccer parents; Andres asks for Randi's help, although the case may be shady.
11:00 PM
The Good Wife Getting Off (HD, TV-14) Lockhart/Gardner defends the owner of an adultery website after one of her users is murdered: Alicia confronts Kalinda about her one-night stand with Peter.
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