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Programs for KGMC-DT6 on Sunday, May 19, 2019
12:00 AM
The Invaders The Mutation David Vincent finds an unlikely companion in his extraterrestrial quest in a stripper who claims to have experienced a similar incident.
1:00 AM
Lost in Space The Space Destructors (TV-PG) Dr. Smith and Will are exploring a cave when they stumble upon a machine that the doctor uses to create an army of androids looking just like him.
2:00 AM
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Plant Man (TV-G) John, who is no match for his mentally deranged twin, can't stop his mad genius brother when he wants to create an army of radioactive plant men aboard Seaview.
3:00 AM
Land of the Giants Return of Inidu (TV-PG) The Spindrift crew befriends a magician who has been wrongfully convicted of murder and is now on the run and hiding in an abandoned house.
4:00 AM
Time Tunnel The Revenge of Robin Hood (TV-PG) Doug and Tony enlist the help of the Merry Men to free the nobleman who was imprisoned for trying to convince King John to sign the Magna Carta.
5:00 AM
Planet of the Apes The Trap (TV-G) An earthquake causes Burke and Urko to become trapped underground, forcing them to work together to escape; Alan and Galen must deal with gorilla patrol.
6:00 AM
ALF Mind Games (TV-Y) After ALF has discovered the practice of psychotherapy from a family friend, he thinks that he has the ability to diagnose people's mental states.
6:30 AM
ALF Hooked on a Feeling (TV-Y) When ALF's addiction to cotton spirals out of control, a concerned Willie decides to have an intervention for their alien friend in hopes he will change.
7:00 AM
Mystery Hunters River Dino; Ghost Town (TV-G) Araya goes to the deserts of Colorado searching for evidence of a living dinosaur; Christina spends the night in a ghost town looking for real ghosts.
7:30 AM
Mystery Hunters Mystery Disc; Abandoned City of Tikal (TV-G) Christina translates the coded inscription on an ancient bronze disc in East Germany; Araya explores the formerly lost city of Tikal, in Guatemala.
8:00 AM
Beakman's World Gravity, Beakmania & Inertia (TV-G) Beakman explores the laws of gravity and how they keep people on the Earth, Galileo shows gravity's effects and Sir Isaac Newton tells how seat belts work.
8:30 AM
Beakman's World Noises at Night, Beakmania & The Nose (TV-G) Beakman explains the noises that creak in the night and takes a trip through the nasal passages.
9:00 AM
The Armenian Church
10:00 AM
Saved by the Bell The Video Yearbook (TV-G) The gang gets a crack at organizing their yearbook, but tempers run high when Zack turns the entire affair into his own dating service.
10:30 AM
Saved by the Bell Snow White and the Seven Dorks (TV-G) The gang puts together a hip-hop version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"; Lisa catches Zack and Jessie practicing the final kiss scene.
11:00 AM
Saved by the Bell The Last Dance (TV-G) Kelly runs into a spot of confusion when she starts to fall for the boss at her new job working at The Max; the "Zack Attack" premiers.
11:30 AM
Saved by the Bell The Aftermath (TV-G) Zack breaks up with Kelly after learning that she cheated on him with Jeff, and he attempts to exact his revenge against her by trying to make her jealous.
12:00 PM
The Brady Bunch Lost Locket, Found Locket (TV-G) Jan gets a locket from a secret admirer and the rest of the family is trying to figure out who anonymously sent the gift to her, but Jan loses it.
12:30 PM
The Brady Bunch The Dropout (TV-G) After getting some professional advice, Greg decides that he wants to be a major league pitcher and drop out of school.
1:00 PM
The Brady Bunch The Babysitters (TV-G) Greg and Marcia are left in charge of the household for the first time ever by watching their siblings when their parents go out for a night at the theater.
1:30 PM
The Brady Bunch The Slumber Caper (TV-G) Marcia plans to host her first ever house party, which almost doesn't happen after she is accused of drawing a less than flattering picture of her teacher.
2:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Don't Bug the Mosquitoes (TV-G) Four band members arrive on the island to avoid their eager fans, prompting the castaways to form their own groups as incentive to be returned to the mainland.
2:30 PM
Gilligan's Island Gilligan Gets Bugged (TV-G) A weird insect bites Gilligan and the ever-paranoid Skipper predicts his pal's death will occur within the next 24 hours unless the Professor can save the day.
3:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Mine Hero (TV-G) Gilligan accidentally activates an explosive device that he found during his fishing trip and hurries to find a secure location to detonate it.
3:30 PM
Gilligan's Island Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue (TV-G) A visitor arrives by helicopter and declares her plans to build a resort on the island and wed the Professor, contrary to the castaways' dream of being rescued.
4:00 PM
Gilligan's Island Not Guilty (TV-G) The castaways suspect one another of murder after reading a newspaper report that announces the death of a man they all saw before they were shipwrecked.
4:30 PM
Gilligan's Island You've Been Disconnected (TV-G) The castaways successfully craft a handmade telephone out of some washed-up cable scraps, but encounter multiple problems when trying to place a call.
5:00 PM
The Monkees The Prince and the Paupers Davy meets his doppelganger, a shy prince, and learns that the prince has to marry before his 18th birthday in order to be king, so he offers his help.
5:30 PM
The Monkees Monkees at the Circus The Monkees disguise themselves as circus performers to help save the circus of the father of Davy's girlfriend, who can't afford to pay his employees.
6:00 PM
The Love Boat Invisible Maniac; September Song; Peekaboo (TV-G) A former classmate and old friend of Isaac's is only using him to make her husband jealous; a woman finds herself having trouble being committed to her husband.
7:00 PM
M*A*S*H Private Finance (TV-PG) A Korean woman misunderstands Klinger's intentions toward her daughter; Hawkeye wrestles with his conscience over a promise to a dying soldier.
7:30 PM
M*A*S*H Mr. & Mrs. Who? (TV-PG) Charles returns from R&R in Tokyo with an uneasy feeling and a huge hangover, as the medical staff of the 4077 struggles to find a cure for hemorrhagic fever.
8:00 PM
Columbo: Murder, Smoke and Shadows (TV-PG, NR, **+) When a director hopes to use his mastery of movie special effects to silence a friend who knows too much about his past, it's up to Columbo to stop him.
10:00 PM
Collector's Call Comic Book Art (New, TV-G) The host visits artist Jim Engel who has spent decades collecting comic book art, and Josh Kelley from Graham Cracker Comics comes to value Jim's collection.
10:30 PM
Carol Burnett and Friends (TV-G) Carol Burnett and a troop of stars perform comedy sketches, songs, and dance numbers; movie parodies and fake commercials and other comedy routines.
11:00 PM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Never Bathe on Saturday (TV-G) Rob and Laura go on a trip for their second honeymoon, but it's not as romantic as they pictured when Laura gets her toe stuck in a hotel bath tub faucet.
11:30 PM
The Dick Van Dyke Show Where Did I Come From? (TV-G) The Petrie's little boy asks them where he came from, so Rob and Laura think that it's time to talk to him about the birds and the bees.
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