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Programs for KGMC-DT6 on Saturday, January 18, 2020
11:30 PM
Perry Mason The Case of the Madcap Modiste (TV-PG) After a high profile fashion designer is murdered, her husband is charge with the crime based on the belief he was seeking revenge for her actions on a TV show.
12:30 AM
The Twilight Zone The Shelter (TV-PG) A neighborhood party is interrupted by a radio announcement warning residents of an attack, and panic turns to chaos as people fight over a single bomb shelter.
1:00 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents First Class Honeymoon (TV-PG) A recent divorcee is forced to make expensive alimony payments to his former wife every month, so he works out a plan to make the payments stop.
1:30 AM
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Big Kick (TV-PG) An unemployed young man encourages his beatnik girlfriend to date a stranger for money, but the man turns out to be a criminal and murderer.
2:00 AM
Mannix Deadfall: Part 2 (TV-PG) In the middle of his investigation on a series of attacks, a doctor from Intertect treats Mannix's injuries; Wickersham's erratic behavior explained.
3:00 AM
Cannon Tomorrow Ends At Noon (TV-PG) The daughter of a wealthy Italian businessman, with close ties the Italian government, is kidnapped while in the United States and is held for ransom.
4:00 AM
Barnaby Jones The Marathon Murders (TV-PG) An insurance company hires Barnaby to investigate the supposedly accidental death of a wealthy woman, and he begins to question her estranged husband.
5:00 AM
Petticoat Junction You Know I Can't Hear You When the Thunder is Clapping (TV-G) During a flight together, Steve and Betty Jo encounter a powerful thunderstorm that threatens their lives, but after surviving, they forge a deeper bond.
5:30 AM
Petticoat Junction Pop Goes the Question (TV-G) Kate gives Steve her blessing to ask for Betty Jo's hand in marriage, and despite his confidence, a small part of Steve wonders if she will actually say yes.
6:00 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies Hoedown A-Go-Go (TV-G) After seeing both Elly and Jethro not meeting enough people, Granny and Jed decide to throw a party with lots of young people and music.
6:30 AM
The Beverly Hillbillies Mrs. Drysdale's Father (TV-G) Mrs. Drysdale's father is insistent on meeting the Clampetts when he comes for a visit, and his visit turns into a day of poker with Jed.
7:00 AM
Bat Masterson Wanted ... Dead (TV-PG) Bat is caught in the middle of a confrontation between a ready-to-shoot sheriff and a reformed gunman who happens to be involved in a recent murder.
7:30 AM
Bat Masterson No Funeral for Thorn (TV-PG) As two sons continue to battle each other, Bat finds himself in a complicated situation because he has a close friendship with the two men.
8:00 AM
Trackdown The Eyes of Jerry Kelso (TV-G) A Texas Ranger and acting sheriff of the town of Porter, Texas, pursues an assortment of wanted fugitives, including bank robbers, horse thieves and killers.
8:30 AM
Trackdown Gift Horse (TV-G) Two elderly men come up to Ralph and claim to be his long-lost uncles, but Hoby doesn't have a good feeling about them and decides to get involved.
9:00 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel Strange Vendetta (TV-G) After a friend is murdered by an assassin, Paladin agrees to escort the victim's body back to his home in Mexico in accordance with his dying wish.
9:30 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel High Wire (TV-G) Paladin observes while a former circus performer bets a seedy gambler that he can successfully traverse a saloon floor atop a tightrope.
10:00 AM
Maverick A Fellow's Brother (TV-G) Bret ends up in difficult circumstances when he gets framed for a murder charge, but he soon discovers that the plot was designed for somebody different.
11:00 AM
Wagon Train The Horace Best Story (TV-G) Major Adams is preparing to lead his next wagon train west when he is approached by a young man claiming to be a distant cousin of his.
12:00 PM
The Big Valley A Stranger Everywhere (TV-G) A shy dressmaker catches the attention of the local lawmen as well as the outlaws when a journalist suspects that she may be an infamous bandit.
1:00 PM
Gunsmoke The Brothers (TV-PG) Kitty is unwittingly duped into shooting and killing the Matt's prisoner, so the dead man's brother vows to hunt her down to get revenge.
2:00 PM
Bonanza It's a Small World (TV-G) Keeping a promise to his dying wife, a circus midget leaves carnival life to live normally in Virginia City, but encounter's discrimination due to his size.
3:00 PM
Rawhide The House of the Hunter (TV-G) Rowdy gets captured and is held up in a cabin that is secluded from civilization with a lot of people who have nothing in common with each other.
4:00 PM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Hero in the Dust (TV-G) A man hires Josh to clear his name by finding his twin brother who is getting away with a murder by assuming his own sibling's identity.
4:30 PM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Epitaph (TV-G) A former sheriff who robbed a bank is finally retrieved by Josh, his old friend, but another bounty hunter interferes with the escort.
5:00 PM
The Rifleman Waste, Part I (TV-G) While Marshal Torrance is on his way back home from a cattle sale with Lucas and Mark, he disappears and they find him in a nearby Mexican ghost town.
5:30 PM
The Rifleman Waste, Part II (TV-G) Lucas and Mark attempt to rescue Marshal Torrance from the outlaws holding him while their guard is down after Alphonso's wife gives birth.
6:00 PM
The Three Stooges Brideless Groom (TV-G) When Shemp's uncle dies, he is told that he will inherit a fortune if he will get married within 24 hours, so he begins proposing to every woman he knows.
6:20 PM
The Three Stooges Who Done It? (TV-G) The Stooges are hired to protect a millionaire, but when they arrive late for their first shift the boys discover that their new boss has been kidnapped.
6:40 PM
The Three Stooges Heavenly Daze (TV-G) After shockingly dying, Shemp is given one opportunity to get into heaven, which requires him to change the destructive behavior of Moe and Larry.
7:00 PM
Wonder Woman The Murderous Missile (TV-G) Wonder Woman saves the world from an angry scientist and an experimental thought-controlled missile, despite being constantly delayed by a small town sheriff.
8:00 PM
The Old Dark House (NR, **) A car salesman is asked to deliver a car to an eccentric client in Wales, but when he arrives at his customer's home, he discovers the man was murdered.
10:00 PM
Star Trek By Any Other Name (TV-G) Aliens take control of the Enterprise in order to travel back to their own Galaxy, but are defeated by their human forms.
11:00 PM
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century The Hand of Goral (TV-PG) While exploring a mysterious planet, Wilma, Hawk and Buck encounter the apparent lone survivor of a wrecked spacecraft, and a series of peculiar events ensue.
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