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Programs for KNSO3-DT on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
12:00 AM
Will & Grace Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine (HD, TV-PG) Will and Grace are horrified to discover that Vince and Nadine are the exact opposites of themselves, and Karen quits her job with Grace.
12:30 AM
Will & Grace Saving Grace Again, Part 1 (HD, TV-PG) Grace decides to enter the dating scene to get her mind off Leo; when Karen and Jack want to meet new people, they decide to set each other up on blinds dates.
1:00 AM
My Favorite Martian Time Out for Martin (TV-G) Martin and Tim use a time machine and accidentally go back to the year 1215 in England where Martin's spaceship blip originally happened.
1:30 AM
My Favorite Martian Portrait in Brown (TV-G) Mrs. Brown transforms into a 2D object; as something organic, the 2D Mrs. Brown will remain lastingly so in 18 hours; Martin needs a compound to restore her.
2:00 AM
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2:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
3:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Finders Keepers (TV-PG) An ex-bank robber helps the Lone Ranger and Tonto escape from an ambush and then proceeds to recover his loot with the help of his gypsy girlfriend.
3:30 AM
The Lone Ranger The Masked Rider (TV-PG) The Lone Ranger poses as an outlaw to rescue a young woman who has run away with an outlaw; the Lone Ranger and Tonto clear up a series of bank robberies.
4:00 AM
The Lone Ranger Old Joe's Sister (TV-PG) Biff Baker escapes from jail and shoots Joe Peters to steal his identity and his gold, but Joe's sister recognizes that something is up and launches a search.
4:30 AM
The Lone Ranger Cannonball McKay (TV-PG) A series of stagecoach robberies have everyone except Boone County's Cannonball McKay running scared, and the Lone Ranger sets out to find out why.
5:00 AM
Magnum, P.I. Compulsion (TV-PG) The District Attorney asks Magnum to find out who is trying to scare her after a series of sinister events; Higgins prepares for a visit from three old friends.
6:00 AM
The Rockford Files The Battle Ax and the Exploding Cigar (TV-PG) Rockford loses big in Vegas and accepts a ride from a stranger, but the man turns out to be a gun-runner in possession of a stolen vehicle.
7:00 AM
Columbo Mind Over Mayhem (TV-PG) The director of a government institute that only employs scientific geniuses is informed that a colleague knows his son plagiarized a dead mans theory.
8:30 AM
Adam-12 Log 124: Airport (TV-PG) A drunk takes an airplane for a joyride; Malloy and Reed go on a search looking for a runaway teenager; the partners try to track down a stolen safe.
9:00 AM
Quincy, M.E. No Way to Treat a Flower (TV-PG) When autopsy results reveal that a teenage girl died of a disease that typically affects older people, Quincy tries to determine how she got the disease.
10:00 AM
Hart to Hart A Question of Innocence (TV-PG) An old woman from Jonathan's building is blackmailed for a murder she claims she did not commit, so Jonathan and Jennifer investigate the situation.
11:00 AM
Murder, She Wrote Deadly Lady (TV-PG) Jessica must solve the murder of wealthy Stephen Earl, and becomes embroiled in family deceit and greed.
12:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Birds of a Feather (TV-PG) Jessica Fletcher is brought to San Francisco for a family wedding where a Bridegroom -to-be must be cleared of murder charges.
1:00 PM
Murder, She Wrote Hooray for Homicide (TV-PG) Jessica travels to Los Angeles in order to protest the film adaptation of her successful mystery book, but winds up leading a murder investigation.
2:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part 2 (TV-PG) Laura helps Adam and Mary open their new school; when Nellie's restaurant consultant starts to leave, she still hasn't admitted she has feelings for him.
3:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder, Part 1 (TV-PG) An amoral land seller cheats Almanzo on a purchase; Laura turns down a teaching position because of her impending marriage and then has second thoughts.
4:00 PM
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder, Part 2 (TV-PG) Almanzo postpones their wedding because he fears he won't be able to provide for Laura, even though she offers to go back to the teaching job she turned down.
5:00 PM
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 1 (TV-PG) Frasier asks a girl out that he read about in a magazine, and when the date goes better than he expected, they decide to head to Bora Bora for a vacation.
5:30 PM
Frasier Adventures in Paradise, Part 2 (TV-PG) Frasier begins getting jealous of seeing his ex-girlfriend Lilith in the bungalow next to his and becomes determined to one-up her with anything that she does
6:00 PM
Frasier Burying a Grudge (TV-PG) Frasier bumps into Martin's old partner, Artie, at the hospital while visiting Maris, and he convinces Martin to patch up their differences.
6:30 PM
Frasier Seat of Power (TV-PG) Frasier calls a plumber to fix his toilet but problems mount when Niles realizes that the plumber is no other than his high school bully that tormented him.
7:00 PM
The Office Pool Party (HD, TV-14) After Robert decides to sell his mansion following his divorce, Kevin convinces him to have an office pool party; Erin tries to make Andy jealous.
7:30 PM
The Office Jury Duty (HD, TV-PG) Jim returns after being away for jury duty and a curious Dwight will not stop questioning Jim about the case; Angela and the Senator welcome their new baby.
8:00 PM
The Office Special Project (HD, TV-14) Dwight is assigned a special project at Sabre headquarters and must decide what other Scranton employees to take with him; Pam returns from her maternity leave.
8:30 PM
The Office Tallahassee (HD, TV-14) As soon as Dwight and his team from Dunder Mufflin arrive in Tallahassee, Dwight competes with his co-workers to get noticed by the special projects president.
9:00 PM
The Nanny That's MidLife (TV-PG) When Maxwell loses a tennis match to Fran, he undergoes an extreme mental crisis that prompts him to adapt a youthful wardrobe and purchase a sports car.
9:30 PM
The Nanny The Cantor Show (TV-PG) Fran attempts to impress a handsome cantor at her mother's temple, but her plan backfires when he suddenly becomes the star of Maxwell's latest musical.
10:00 PM
The Nanny Green Card (TV-PG) Maxwell is upset when Fran accepts a quickie marriage proposal from Brighton's handsome, young French tutor, prompting C.C. to investigate the man's intentions.
10:30 PM
The Nanny Ship of Fran's (TV-PG) Fran believes her psychic's romantic prediction will come true on the cruise vacation she is set to take with Val, which causes Maxwell to become concerned.
11:00 PM
Will & Grace Saving Grace Again, Part 2 (HD, TV-PG) After Will takes Grace out of town to help her forget about Leo, he runs into other problems; Jack meets an actor from an old cocoa commercial.
11:30 PM
Will & Grace Queens for a Day, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Will decides to take Vince's mother on a shopping trip to get to know her better, but when she hurts her foot, he must quickly figure out what to do.
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