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Programs for HeartLd on Saturday, December 14, 2019
12:00 AM
Strong Medicine Heartbeats & Deadbeats (TV-14) Andy and Milo debate what procedure to use on a woman with an enlarged heart; Lana and Peter search the city for a woman whose aorta is in danger of bursting.
1:00 AM
Profiler Ring of Fire (TV-14) The team begins the search for the person behind devastating arsons striking three different cities; Sam learns that Jack now knows where she lives.
2:00 AM
The Division Extreme Action Figures (TV-14) A high school senior dies due to a blow to the head; Kate discovers steroids were in his body; Jinny wonders why God took her mom away.
3:00 AM
Family Law Children of a Lesser Dad (TV-14) Joe and Viveca help an old friend avoid drunk driving charges, meanwhile Rex watches over Rupie as a favor to Lynn; Joe begins to worry about being a father.
4:00 AM
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Assassins (TV-PG) A former Taliban fighter who later became a diplomat is targeted by European terrorists; Lucy thinks about transferring to a different department.
5:00 AM
Joan of Arcadia No Bad Guy (TV-PG) Joan defends a classmate and contends with an embarrassing picture of herself that gets passed around the school.
6:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Safe Passage (TV-G) Mike tries to mediate a peace treaty between Black Cloud's braves and the cavalry, in spite of trouble with notorious Indian hater, Maj. Samuel Morrison.
7:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Point Blank (TV-G) A stranger harboring a grudge against doctors shoots Mike point blank and she survives due to life-saving emergency surgery, but is left with emotional scars.
8:00 AM
Touched by an Angel A Rock and a Hard Place (TV-PG) The angels find themselves in the path of a large meteor that is headed straight towards Earth.
9:00 AM
Touched by an Angel The Sixteenth Minute (TV-PG) An overworked and underappreciated insurance man gets a boost from an angelic P.R. agent; a dog walker falls into an open mine shaft.
10:00 AM
Unforgettable Up in Flames (HD, TV-14) Carrie's memory of a glimpse into the crime scene becomes the only clue to a murder when the room destroyed in an explosion to cover up any evidence left.
11:00 AM
Medium The Man in the Mirror (HD, TV-14) Allison falls into a coma while investigating a case, and her spirit makes its way into a middle-aged man who wants to carry on living like nothing happened.
12:00 PM
Medium The First Bite Is the Deepest (HD, TV-14) Allison has dreams about a kidnapping victim who was rescued years earlier by a private investigator she has worked with previously.
1:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Fall From Grace (HD, TV-14) Woody realizes that Jordan made a mistake in the investigation of a pregnant woman's murder; Macy tries to show young criminals the meaning of life.
2:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Faith (HD, TV-14) Jordan and Woody piece together puzzling clues to locate a missing school bus of kids; a "Santa" body is found in the morgue; Jordan's secret becomes public.
3:00 PM
Cold Case Street Money (HD, TV-14) Lily and the team reopen the 2005 slaying of an up-and-coming politician who had vowed to rid his lower-class neighborhood of drug dealers.
4:00 PM
Cold Case Wings (HD, TV-14) The remains of a stewardess who disappeared in 1960 as she was attempting to organize a union are found in an old hotel undergoing renovation.
5:00 PM
Cagney & Lacey Entrapment (TV-G) Lacey faces an ethical dilemma after Cagney witnesses a drug dealer committing a crime, and asks Lacey to back up her story even though she wasn't there.
6:00 PM
The Closer Heart Attack (HD, TV-14) After closely observing Brenda's recent actions, Detective Ramsky decides to test Brenda's abilities by having the squad investigate a string of recent murders.
7:00 PM
The Closer Off the Hook (HD, TV-14) Pope wants to restore the police department's reputation after a parole board member is murdered, but he must first rely on Brenda to find the culprit.
8:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer The Curse of the Ninth (HD, TV-PG) Melinda meets a former rock star who is constantly terrorized by his father's ghost and believes that it is because wanted his son to be a classical musician.
9:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer Giving Up the Ghost (HD, TV-PG) The ghost of a former pro-baseball player, who died in a car crash, tries to take over the body of a young pitcher during a very critical game.
10:00 PM
In Plain Sight All's Well That Ends (HD, TV-PG) Mary finds herself being torn between protecting a witness and dealing with her family, which has gathered in town for an unexpected reunion.
11:00 PM
The Good Wife Lifeguard (HD, TV-14) A judge overturns a simple plea deal Alicia arranged, causing her to investigate his motivation for doing so; Diane is made an offer she cannot refuse.
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