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Programs for HeartLd on Thursday, August 13, 2020
12:00 AM
Strong Medicine Cape Cancer (TV-14) Andy and Milo's beach vacation uncovers a town where an unusually high amount of residents have contracted cancer, including a 9-year-old boy.
1:00 AM
Profiler Ties That Bind (TV-14) Sam begins investigating a man involved in a cult who may have been responsible for the stabbing deaths of his parents and others.
2:00 AM
The Division Brave New World (TV-14) Jinny & Magda do a thorough investigation of the involvement of a judge in a woman's brutal murder.
3:00 AM
Family Law Echoes (TV-14) Following a personal attack on a supposed war criminal, Andres and the rest of the firm work to prove that the same man attacked and killed innocent victims.
4:00 AM
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye Billy the Kid (TV-PG) Lucy is suspicious of the man who has fallen in love with her mother; Jack questions the possibility that the discovery of a drug lab got his mentor killed.
5:00 AM
Joan of Arcadia Game Theory (TV-PG) Joan ends up submitting to God's request that she join Adam on a visit to college while trying to convince everyone she doesn't need a higher education.
6:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman The Offering (TV-G) When blankets Sully and Mike give to the Cheyenne, compliments of the government, are contaminated with typhus they go to help, but religous customs interfere.
7:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman The Circus (TV-G) A mother/daughter circus team arrives burdened with issues and Mike is quick to address Atlantis' physical problems, but their emotional bond takes work.
8:00 AM
Touched by an Angel Tough Love (TV-PG) Monica becomes the personal assistant of a famous journalist named Elizabeth Jessup, and she quickly learns that she has a major drinking problem.
9:00 AM
Touched by an Angel Fallen Angela (TV-PG) Monica moves next door to Angela Evans, a woman who once supported herself as a prostitute; Angela is being blackmailed by her former pimp.
10:00 AM
Unforgettable Check Out Time (HD, TV-14) Carrie takes matters into her own hands to uncover the truth concerning a hotel maid is accused of murdering a guest who she claims tried to rape her.
11:00 AM
Medium To Have and to Hold (HD, TV-14) Allison is invited to a house party by one of Joe's prospective employers and she later envisions the disappearance of the host's soon-to-be wed daughter.
12:00 PM
Medium Do You Hear What I Hear (HD, TV-14) The kidnapping of a wealthy deaf girl causes Allison to lose her hearing ability leaving Joe and Cynthia to pick up the slack while Allison copes.
1:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Blood Relatives (HD, TV-14) A former hockey player is implicated in the gruesome triple murder of his wife and two sons; Garrets ex-wife wants to sell land they co-own.
2:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Miracles & Wonders (HD, TV-14) Jordan's religious convictions come into play when the body of a man who claimed to be St. Francis disappears from the morgue.
3:00 PM
Cold Case WASP (HD, TV-14) Lily and the team investigate the 1944 murder of the top pilot of a pioneering group of civilian women who flew non-combat missions during World War II.
4:00 PM
Cold Case Dead Heat (HD, TV-14) The team investigates the 1986 murder of an accomplished Mexican-born jockey who went missing within hours of losing a race he long claimed would be his last.
5:00 PM
Cagney & Lacey Violations (TV-14) After a teen is sent to prison for a petty crime, he is raped, forcing Cagney and Lacey to testify against the inadequacies of the justice system.
6:00 PM
The Closer Out of Focus (HD, TV-14) A photographer mysteriously dies after falling from the balcony of his hotel, leaving a long list of suspects; Brenda grows suspicious of Fritz.
7:00 PM
The Closer Head Over Heels (HD, TV-14) Brenda and her team must piece together clues in the murder of a porn star after her body parts are found in a dumpster; an alarming discovery.
8:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer Do Over (HD, TV-PG) While investigating a haunted hospital morgue, Melinda discovers the spirit of a surgeon that is constantly reliving a failed surgery.
9:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer Cause for Alarm (HD, TV-PG) Melinda helps a paranoid patient of Eli's; Jim and Melinda become concerned when Aiden reveals that he is able to see beings that are neither human nor ghost.
10:00 PM
In Plain Sight Reservations, I've Got a Few (HD, TV-14) When a witness flees to a Native American reservation, Mary and Marshall must receive help from a Native American detective to track their client down.
11:00 PM
The Good Wife The Next Week (HD, TV-14) After finding a webcam being remotely accessed on Alicia's computer, they begin to suspect their old firm is spying them; Will aids one of Alicia's old clients.
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