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Programs for HeartLd on Wednesday, August 12, 2020
12:00 AM
Strong Medicine Omissions (TV-14) Dr. Campbell treats a patient for what she believes is alcoholism but she won't admit to her drinking problem; Andy's patient has trouble finding a liver donor.
1:00 AM
Profiler Dying to Live (TV-14) Sam begins examining people who have recently received an organ transplant after two men are killed and their organs delivered to the hospital for donation.
2:00 AM
The Division Welcome Home (TV-14) Jinny and Magda look into and investigate the mysterious death of a man.
3:00 AM
Family Law Family Values (TV-14) Joe and Lynn argue over a case of a patient in need of a kidney transplant being kicked off the recipient list; Randi struggles to adjust to Andres being back.
4:00 AM
Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye The Fugitive (TV-PG) Sue contemplates attending a schoolmate's wedding because her friend ridiculed her; the team searches for five escaped convicts after the prison bus crashes.
5:00 AM
Joan of Arcadia Dive (TV-PG) Joan heeds her divine inspiration and joins the swim team in the hopes of conquering her acrophobia; Will continues his investigation into Judith's death.
6:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman A Christmas Tale - Dr. Mike's Dream (TV-G) Doubt assails Dr. Mike when a patient dies during a routine procedure, prompting a dream in which she is guided through the past, present and future.
7:00 AM
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Crossing the Line (TV-G) A miners' strike makes Matthew and a few others so desperate for money that they become scabs, but a cave-in traps them and Mike and Sully are their only hope.
8:00 AM
Touched by an Angel The Southbound Bus (TV-PG) Recently promoted, Monica rides the southbound bus where she meets a young boy named David, whose mother and sister died in a car accident.
9:00 AM
Touched by an Angel Show Me the Way to Go Home (TV-PG) Monica is assigned to a bitter baseball coach named Earl Rowley whose Vietnam War injury prevented him from playing baseball professionally.
10:00 AM
Unforgettable Heroes (HD, TV-14) Carrie realizes that she cannot keep reliving the memories of her sister's death if she is going to help a young boy that witnessed a murder.
11:00 AM
Medium And Then (HD, TV-14) Allison has visions of a young boy that has been kidnapped and she forges an unusual deal with a private investigator hired by the missing boy's family.
12:00 PM
Medium But for the Grace of God (HD, TV-14) Allison attempts to help an Ameritips investigator locate a missing teenage girl, but a disturbing visual involving her family disrupts her focus.
1:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Blue Christmas (HD, TV-14) Garrett launches a coroner's investigation into a cop killer's death after clues point to a vengeful policeman who went too far in making the arrest.
2:00 PM
Crossing Jordan Wrong Place, Wrong Time (HD, TV-14) Jordan and Garrett investigate a foiled bank robbery that left both a customer and a thief disguised as Bill Clinton dead.
3:00 PM
Cold Case Jurisprudence (HD, TV-14) The team investigates the case of a teenager who was wrongly sent to a juvenile detention center and killed before Valens could get him released.
4:00 PM
Cold Case Soul (HD, TV-14) The team investigates the 1970 murder of a musician who tried to keep his involvement with the Philadelphia soul scene a secret from his strict father.
5:00 PM
Cagney & Lacey Con Games (TV-14) Lacey tries to turn the tables on a gang of con artists; meanwhile, Cagney goes to trial against the superior officer who sexually harassed her.
6:00 PM
The Closer Aftertaste (HD, TV-14) Brenda is having trouble keeping her upcoming 40th birthday off her mind while trying to work on the case of a woman killed in an upscale restaurant.
7:00 PM
The Closer To Protect and Serve (HD, TV-14) When a dead woman is found in Provenza's garage, Brenda helps him investigate while working to ensure that no one on her team suffers for her actions.
8:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer See No Evil (HD, TV-PG) Melinda investigates a mysterious chain email that preys on the citizens of Grandview.
9:00 PM
Ghost Whisperer Till Death Do Us Start (HD, TV-PG) Eli's father suffers a massive heart attack, resulting in a tangled reunion with Eli's mother, who has been deceased for almost 10 years but cannot move on.
10:00 PM
In Plain Sight Four Marshals and a Baby (HD, TV-14) Mary struggles to find adequate child care for her baby; an obsessive hoarder is in need of government protection after bearing witness to a violent murder.
11:00 PM
The Good Wife The Next Day (HD, TV-14) After Alicia and Cary take on a client that left Lockhart/Gardner, Will and Diane take their time turning over case files to another firm.
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