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Programs for KFRE-TBD on Saturday, March 23, 2019
12:00 AM
Best of the Week (TV-14)
12:30 AM
Best of the Week (TV-14)
1:00 AM
While You Were... (TV-PG)
1:30 AM
While You Were... (TV-PG)
2:00 AM
This Week in Fails (TV-14)
2:30 AM
This Week in Fails (TV-14)
3:00 AM
Going Attractions: The Definitive Story of the American Drive-in Movie (TV-PG, NR)
5:00 AM
Big Red Lazor (TV-PG)
5:30 AM
10 UP (TV-14)
6:00 AM
Spellslingers (TV-PG)
6:30 AM
Spellslingers (TV-PG)
7:00 AM
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Cosmic Contest (TV-Y7, FV) The Overlords are awakened from their Space Nap Supreme by sounds of a Pointyhead battle royale and devise a plan for them so they can get some sleep.
7:30 AM
Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures That Smarts! (TV-Y7, FV) Pac eats Brain Berry in order to help save the day from an indestructible robot created by Dr. Buttocks, but the plan may make Pac too smart for his own good.
8:00 AM
Angry Birds Toons (TV-G) A heated rivalry between birds and pigs results in the two animals partaking in a number of battles with one another that involve unorthodox tactics.
8:30 AM
Pink Panther and Pals The Pink, the Bad and the Ugly; Anti-Ant Trance; Shorely Pink (TV-Y7) Bandit Big Nose and his gang manage to steal the entire town's money; Aardvark tries to cure his craving for ants; Pink Panther enters a strongman competition.
9:00 AM
Transformers: Cybertron Champions (TV-Y7) Koby has no choice but to enter the tournament as Hot Shot's driver after Hot Shot sustains critical injuries during his last race.
9:30 AM
Oggy and the Cockroaches Olivia; Run, Olivia, Run!; The Lighthouse Keeper (TV-G) Oggy becomes infatuated with his new neighbor; Oggy's neighbor runs a marathon; the cockroaches interfere with Oggy and Jack's work at the lighthouse.
10:00 AM
The Real Winning Edge (TV-G) Sports celebrities present the stories of teen athletes who have overcome their obstacles to find success in a special sport or activity they excel in.
10:30 AM
Cheddar Explains (TV-PG)
11:00 AM
Caters TV (TV-14)
11:30 AM
Dust (TV-14)
12:30 PM
Because Science (TV-PG)
1:00 PM
Corridor Digital: Maxed Out! (TV-14)
1:30 PM
The Extreme World Of Devin Super Tramp (TV-PG)
2:00 PM
The Extreme World Of Devin Super Tramp (TV-PG)
2:30 PM
React (TV-PG)
3:00 PM
Puppy Love
3:30 PM
Puppy Love
4:00 PM
Puppy Love
4:30 PM
Puppy Love
5:00 PM
Puppy Love
5:30 PM
Puppy Love
6:00 PM
Puppy Love
6:30 PM
Puppy Love
7:00 PM
Puppy Love
7:30 PM
Puppy Love
8:00 PM
Puppy Love
8:30 PM
Puppy Love
9:00 PM
Puppy Love
9:30 PM
Puppy Love
10:00 PM
Puppy Love
10:30 PM
Puppy Love
11:00 PM
Best of the Week (TV-14)
11:30 PM
Best of the Week (TV-14)
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