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Programs for KFTV-DT3 on Monday, March 18, 2019
12:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) A husband says his wife tried committing suicide, but she disagrees and claims that he tried to kill her.
1:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) The case against the convicted rapist policeman Daniel Holtzclaw is shown; special guest Nancy Grace.
2:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) Reporters provide information on unsolved criminal investigations, featuring a man who wrote the script for a horror movie then proceeded to commit murder.
3:00 AM
Without a Trace Fall Out, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) After Samantha is shot, Jack arranges a deal with her captor in order to switch places with her and get her some medical attention.
4:00 AM
Without a Trace The Bus (HD, TV-PG) When a group of kidnappers hijack a school bus full of students, the team is called to search for the missing class, but greed starts to overcome the abductors.
5:00 AM
Boston Legal ...There's Fire! (HD, TV-14) Denny Crane's new wife demands an annulment and half of his worth after catching him with another woman just three hours into their marriage.
6:00 AM
Boston Legal Shock and Oww! (HD, TV-14) Denny takes on the case of a man accused of electrocuting a burglar to keep his mind off his failed marriage; nude photos of Shirley are put up for auction.
7:00 AM
Boston Legal Stick It (HD, TV-14) Alan takes on his secretary's case when she is arrested for tax evasion; Paul wants Brad's help in staging an intervention for his drug-using daughter.
8:00 AM
Without a Trace Snatch Back (HD, TV-14) When the 2-year-old daughter of a friend of Jack's suddenly vanishes at a park, the team tries its best to establish a timeline for the missing toddler.
9:00 AM
Without a Trace Little Big Man (HD, TV-14) When a bullied teenager disappears in a bad neighborhood, Jack and the team uncover clues that lead to the missing boy's troubled brother.
10:00 AM
Without a Trace In Extremis (HD, TV-14) When a Saudi Arabian doctor vanishes following some personal setbacks, the team has internal struggles involving a suspicion of terrorism-related behavior.
11:00 AM
Law & Order Purple Heart (HD, TV-14) The detectives' investigation into a local taxi driver's murder involves a loan shark, a missing plumber and the victim's own wife.
12:00 PM
Law & Order Switch (HD, TV-14) Suspects in a psychiatrist's murder include the victim's ex-husband, a patient suffering from multiple-personality disorder and her obstructive father.
1:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Blackjack Cheaters (HD, TV-PG) A Vietnamese-American couple uses hidden microphones and computer programs to determine the order of blackjack and baccarat cards before they are dealt.
2:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals The Mormon Madoff (HD, TV-PG) A father and son used their memberships in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to win investors' trust and built a Ponzi scheme.
3:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes Murder of a Fashion Icon (HD, TV-PG) Serial killer Andrew Cunanan was accused of murdering fashion icon Gianni Versace; Tyco's former top brass stole millions of dollars from the company.
3:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes The Starlet Murder (HD, TV-PG) A young actress who had recently become famous was shot and killed by an obsessed fan; "The Mayflower Madam" ran an escort service in New York.
4:00 PM
Corrupt Crimes A Death on Staten Island (HD, TV-PG) An NYPD officer put a man from Staten Island into an illegal chokehold and killed him; Kevin Mitnick, a notorious computer hacker, was captured by the FBI.
4:30 PM
Corrupt Crimes The War Criminal (HD, TV-PG) A government official ordered the capture of 1,400 Jews and had them sent to Nazi concentration camps, where they were murdered.
5:00 PM
Forensic Files Reel Danger (HD, TV-14) Two young boys are brutally attacked in a pond, the severity of the assaults prove that the intent was to murder; authorities suspect a band of bullies.
5:30 PM
Forensic Files Who's Your Daddy? (HD, TV-14) A clue barely bigger than a human hair offers investigators important evidence regarding the case of a woman who was strangled and dumped in an icy river.
6:00 PM
Forensic Files The Alibi (HD, TV-14) When a popular student is raped and killed police ask all of her male friends for DNA samples but everyone is shocked when her best friend is linked to scene.
6:30 PM
Forensic Files A Clutch of Witnesses (HD, TV-14) An unconscious man is run over in an alley outside a bar and when police arrive they discover that the body and the vehicle are no longer on the scene.
7:00 PM
Forensic Files Scout's Honor (HD, TV-14) Investigators depend on the use of insects and a forensic entomologist to figure out the time when a murder victim was killed.
7:30 PM
Forensic Files A Touching Recollection (HD, TV-14) A clever Ohio girl remembers to leave fingerprints on her kidnapper's vehicle when she is abducted which aids police in their search along with a tire imprint.
8:00 PM
The FBI Files Deadly Threat (HD, TV-14) Agencies provide much needed help when a DEA building is bombed and investigators examine evidence to find the culprits.
9:00 PM
The FBI Files Evil Intent (HD, TV-14) Agents search for a women they suspect was abducted by a convicted rapist and hope to find that she is still alive.
10:00 PM
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Two parents believe their son was murdered, even after the police concluded that his dead was a suicide; a composite artist's career is profiled.
11:00 PM
Scandal A Stomach for Blood (HD, TV-14) When the events that lead up to election night are shared from Abby's perspective, she reveals a thirst for power and a shocking secret she has been keeping.
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