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Programs for KAIL-HI on Wednesday, January 23, 2019
12:00 AM
Star Trek: Enterprise Terra Prime (TV-14) Capt. Archer and his crew attempt to stop a radical human isolationist leader who plans to destroy Starfleet Command if aliens remain on Earth.
1:00 AM
NYPD Blue Lost Israel, Part 2 (TV-14) The prime suspect in a young child's murder is the father, and tempers flare between the detectives, whose rage toward the father threatens to ruin the case.
2:00 AM
NYPD Blue Rememberance of Humps Past (TV-14) Sipowicz is asked by an old friend to investigate the murder of his daughters bisexual lover, as her love triangle has ended with her lovers murder.
3:00 AM
Xena: Warrior Princess Orphan of War (TV-PG) Xena returns to the Centaurs to fight Dagnine, who has tapped into the evil power of the Ixion Stone, and encounters the son she left with them years ago.
4:00 AM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Cave of Echoes (TV-PG) Hercules and Iolaus agree to try and rescue Elopius' young daughter who has been taken by an unseen being into the Cave of Echoes.
5:00 AM
Cheyenne Retaliation (TV-G) The residents of a town are actually pleased when their bank is robbed because the thieves mostly got away with the fortunes of an unpopular businessman.
6:00 AM
Maverick Three Queens Full (TV-14) A wealthy rancher's three sons are getting married to three women traveling from San Francisco, and Bart is hired to chaperone the brides.
7:00 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Railroaded (TV-G) In spite of his claims of innocence, charges are filed against a youth for the murder of a local detective, but Josh hopes to prove the boy right.
7:30 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Double Fee (TV-G) Due to an opera star's plotting, Josh finds himself in the middle of a kidnapping case, forcing him to not only save the victim, but his reputation as well.
8:00 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Return of Roy Carter (TV-G) An ex-convict wants to repay the chaplain who helped save his life, so he teams up Paladin to search for the chaplain in the mountains where he went missing.
8:30 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Sons of Aaron Murdock (TV-G) After a concerned father learns that his errant son has escaped from prison, he hires Paladin to hunt down the escapee and return him to justice.
9:00 AM
Rawhide The Little Fishes (TV-G) Favor is told that panic is stirring east and that he needs to cut the drive short by at least 10 days; a fishbreeder is running a fever.
10:00 AM
The High Chaparral The Reluctant Deputy (TV-PG) After being tricked by a practical joke, Blue is forced to become the town's temporary lawman when the current marshal leaves town unexpectedly.
11:00 AM
JAG Going After Francesca (TV-14) After his daughter, Francesca, is kidnapped in Italy, Chegwidden meets with his ex-wife and her husband to find out about Francesca's friends and enemies.
12:00 PM
JAG The Martin Baker Fan Club (TV-14) Harm decides to volunteer to defend a psychotic Vietnam veteran who is being accused of aiding the suicide of a fellow veteran affairs patient.
1:00 PM
JAG Act of Terror (TV-14) Harm is given the difficult task of defending a Marine guard who shot an arrested terrorist on live television, while millions of viewers were watching.
2:00 PM
JAG Angels 30 (TV-14) Harm and Mac are put on an investigation when a fighter pilot claims he heard the voice of God tell him not to fire on an attacking Iraqi fighter.
3:00 PM
JAG Mr. Rabb Goes to Washington (TV-14) Harm is sent to Washington, D.C., where he is supposed to join a committee compiled to judge the power of a recent, shocking television report.
4:00 PM
JAG People vs Mac (TV-14) Mac is arrested and placed on trial for a major felony that could result in long prison terms if convicted, along with her former mentor, Colonel John Farrow.
5:00 PM
JAG The Black Jet (TV-14) Harm and Mac's original mission is to represent a Navy flier, but the pilot slips Harm a message indicating that the $80 million plane didn't crash.
6:00 PM
JAG Jaggle Bells (TV-14) A girl claiming to be Mac's sister suddenly shows up at JAG headquarters, where she claims that she has run away from her abusive stepfather.
7:00 PM
JAG Webb of Lies (TV-14) Harm and Mac accidentally uncover a rogue government spy agency when they set out to find C.I.A. Agent Clayton Webb's killer after his body is found.
8:00 PM
Star Trek The Mark of Gideon (TV-G) Kirk wanders a seemingly abandoned Enterprise, while he is unwittingly being used to solve a planet's serious overpopulation problem.
9:00 PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Menage a Troi (TV-PG) Riker, Troi, and her mother are kidnapped by a pair of Ferengi, who wish to study the mysterious telepathic abilities of the two women.
10:00 PM
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Little Green Men (TV-PG) Quark's new ship malfunctions while en route to Starfleet Academy, leaving him, Rom and Nog stranded in Roswell during the 1940s.
11:00 PM
Star Trek: Voyager Drone (TV-PG) A transporter accident involving the Doctor's mobile emitter and Seven of Nine's nanoprobes creates a dangerous new Borg life-form.
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