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Programs for KAIL-HI on Monday, December 9, 2019
12:00 AM
Star Trek: Enterprise Storm Front, Part 1 (TV-PG) Archer attempts to restore the fractured past by aiding rebels who are trying overthrow the post-World War II Nazi occupation of America.
1:00 AM
The Dead Zone Revelations (TV-14) A woman comes to town claiming to be Reverend Purdy's daughter, and Johnny learns that the Reverend was once a tent-revival preacher under another name.
2:00 AM
The Dead Zone Into the Heart of Darkness (TV-14) Sarah is abducted by someone in a clear plastic mask who appears to be the Collector, a mad kidnapper who was trying to create the perfect woman.
3:00 AM
Mutant X The Prophecy (TV-14) Genetic mutants are created during a government project and one scientist vows to help them while his partner wants to use them for his own evil purposes.
4:00 AM
Mutant X Cirque des Merveilles (TV-14) Genetic mutants are created during a government project and one scientist vows to help them while his partner wants to use them for his own evil purposes.
5:00 AM
Cheyenne The Return of Mr. Grimm (TV-PG) An angry and inconsolable father seeks revenge against Cheyenne after learning the lawman shot his son to death while doing his duty as a sheriff.
6:00 AM
Maverick A State of Siege (TV-G) Bart investigates the actions of a Mexican aristocrat as he discovers a plan to overthrow the Mexican government, but soon guerillas surround the hacienda.
7:00 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Eager Man (TV-G) A fugitive attempts to negotiate his capture with Josh by offering himself up, but only if his wife is given a share in the bounty for his return.
7:30 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Legend (TV-G) When Josh learns there is gold to be claimed, he goes on the search, but he soon finds himself battling against two desperados wanting it for themselves.
8:00 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Posse (TV-G) After meeting a friendly man while crossing the prairie, Paladin is shocked when that man tells a posse that Paladin is the double murderer they're looking for.
8:30 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel Shot By Request (TV-G) Paladin is faced with a tough decision when an older, gentlemanly gunfighter challenges him to a duel in a desperate bid to retire from gunfighting.
9:00 AM
Rawhide The Pitchwagon (TV-G) Frank is killed by Indians and a collection is taken to help his family with the burial, but Clay suggest a poker game might be the best way.
10:00 AM
The High Chaparral The Last Hundred Miles (TV-G) John and other local merchants agree to finance an El Paso freight line to run through to Tucson, but the deal is thrown in jeopardy by Lucien Charot.
11:00 AM
Nash Bridges Jackpot, Part 1 (HD, TV-14) Nash tries to find out who put a contract on the Chief of Police and turns up some dangerous mobsters and a money laundering operation.
12:00 PM
Nash Bridges Jackpot, Part 2 (HD, TV-14) Nash and Joe travel to Las Vegas to find the wiseguy who killed the Chief of Police and put an end to a drug kingpin's money laundering operation.
1:00 PM
Nash Bridges Rock and a Hard Place (HD, TV-14) Nash's old nemesis breaks out of prison; Joe's new house turns out to be a disaster; Harvey's new partner becomes part of the SIU.
2:00 PM
Nash Bridges Jump Start (HD, TV-14) Nash and the deputy chief clash when he gives Cassidy a dangerous assignment; Joe tries to back out of buying the house; new members join the SIU.
3:00 PM
Nash Bridges Lap Dance (HD, TV-14) Nash discovers that his ex-lover is working for an arms dealer; Joe investigates a symphony conductor; Cassidy struggles when she is asked for a date.
4:00 PM
Nash Bridges Land Pirates (HD, TV-14) Joe and Nash try to track down a robbery ring that preys on socialites; Joe hires Nick to put a speed bump in front of his house; a nun is pregnant.
5:00 PM
Nash Bridges Manhunt (HD, TV-14) Drug dealers break into a DEA warehouse and the team has difficulty tracking them down but when they do Anton has a seizure during a chase.
6:00 PM
Nash Bridges Double Trouble (HD, TV-14) Nash and Joe discover that someone is taking business from their agency and that the impostor has a client that wants Nash dead.
7:00 PM
Nash Bridges End Game (HD, TV-14) Nash develops feeling for a new investigator working on a murder case; participants in a deadly game kill each other.
8:00 PM
Star Trek Operation: Annihilate (TV-PG) The Enterprise investigates a plague of insanity sweeping the galaxy and finds that it is caused by intelligent microbes.
9:00 PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Thine Own Self (TV-PG) Data finds himself on a strange planet with no memory while a deadly plague rages; Troi struggles to pass the Bridge Officer's test.
10:00 PM
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Emissary, Part 2 (TV-PG) The discovery of a nearby wormhole changes everything for Sisko, who fulfills Bajoran prophecy by making contact with the beings that exist inside it.
11:00 PM
Star Trek: Voyager Cold Fire (TV-PG) An array like the one that brought Voyager to the delta quadrant brings Kes into contact with an Ocampan who teaches her how to expand her powers.
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