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Programs for LMNHD on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
12:00 AM
Sleeping with My Student (HD, TV-14) A headmaster is unaware that her 18-year-old fling seeks revenge as he believes that she played a role in separating his family that led to his father's death. Gina Holden(Actor), Jessica Belkin (Actor), Mark L. Lester(Producer)
2:00 AM
The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom (HD, TV-MA, NR) A devoted wife and mother, who found out that her emotionally abusive husband was having an affair, rediscovers herself by utilizing online dating sites. Ashley Jones(Actor)
4:00 AM
Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
4:30 AM
Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:00 AM
Grow Hair Fast! Discover the science behind rapid hair growth with ScalpMED.
5:30 AM
Paid Program (HD, TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
6:00 AM
Mommy's Secret (HD, TV-PG) A teenage girl discovers that her own mother is the criminal behind a number of bank robberies, so she decides to help her mother take responsibility. Charisma Carpenter(Actor)
8:00 AM
Sins & Seduction (HD, TV-14) A progressive minister helps a guy because she fears that he is being abused by his wife, who suddenly disappears without a trace.
10:00 AM
Your Family or Your Life (HD, TV-14) After a woman's civil-attorney husband dies from an apparent suicide, she and her daughter make a discovery and must protect themselves from danger. Jennie Garth(Actor), Alexander Carroll(Actor), Luca Bella(Actor), Alexandra LeMosle(Actor)
12:00 PM
Dating a Sociopath (HD, TV-14) While a young woman grieves over her parents' breakup and recovers from a vehicle accident, she becomes suspicious about her mother's new boyfriend. Jessalyn Gilsig(Actor)
2:00 PM
Framed by My Fiancé (HD, TV-14) A lawyer gets into a tragic car accident with his fiancé, which leads her to try to convince the wife of the vindictive deceased driver that she's innocent. Katrina Bowden(Actor), Jason-Shane Scott(Actor), Fred Olen Ray(Director,Producer)
4:00 PM
Left for Dead (HD, TV-14, NR) After a woman temporarily loses her memory, she finally remembers that her daughter is missing, so she tries to lead the cop's to her kidnappers. Chelsea Hobbs(Actor), Mark Famiglietti(Actor), William McNamara(Actor)
6:00 PM
I Almost Married a Serial Killer (HD, TV-14) A single mother and her daughter enter witness protection to avoid a serial killer, but their attempt to escape danger puts their lives at risk even more. Krista Allen(Actor)
8:00 PM
Was I Really Kidnapped? (HD, TV-14) A woman is abused by her abductor and released on the side of the road, but detectives suspect that she might not be telling the truth. Michelle Mylett(Actor), Jacob Blair(Actor), Anna Hardwick(Actor), Scott Gibson(Actor), Jodi Larratt(Actor)
10:00 PM
Her Deadly Reflections (HD, TV-14) A woman wakes up in the hospital with memory fragmentation following a vehicle crash and is unsure if she can trust those closest to her.
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