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Programs for CRIMEINVHD on Saturday, July 4, 2020
12:00 AM
Gotti: Godfather & Son Kid Christmas (#101); A Made Man (#102) (HD, TV-14) A crime family's successes and failures are shown and closely discussed through the use of personal accounts as well as previously unreleased footage. John Gotti Jr.(Participant), Peter Gotti(Participant), Angel Gotti(Participant), Shira Scheindlin(Participant), Larry Mazza(Participant)
2:00 AM
Gotti: Godfather & Son Fathers and Sons (#103); Sins of the Father (#104) (HD, TV-14) Gotti's underboss, Sammy Gravano, agrees to testify for the government, and this ensures that John Senior is issued a sentence of spending his life in prison. John Gotti Jr.(Participant), Peter Gotti(Participant), Angel Gotti(Participant), Shira Scheindlin(Participant), Larry Mazza(Participant)
4:00 AM
American Justice A Deadly Dose (HD, TV-PG) Viewers get to determine Brian Eftenoff's verdict based on his own words in a police interrogation video. Bill Kurtis(Host)
5:00 AM
American Justice Kidnapped (HD, TV-PG) In examining the increasing trend of abductions, an athlete's mysterious vanishing is explored and an oil company executive goes missing. Bill Kurtis(Host)
6:00 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
6:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
7:00 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
7:30 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
8:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Leavenworth (TV-PG) An exploration into the first federal prison of the United States, including the stories of escapes, riots and the infamous criminals hosted therein. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
9:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Maze Prison (TV-PG) Several inmates at a North Ireland correctional facility exhibit their refusal to wear assigned uniforms by donning bed sheets and staging a hunger strike. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
10:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Florida State at Raiford (TV-PG) A Southern U.S. prison is nicknamed "The Rock" due to its formidable reputation formed by a bevy of stabbings, assaults and one case involving decapitation. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
11:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America L.A. County Jail (TV-PG) A look is offered into the largest prison system in the free world, which hosts rival gang members alongside its frequent celebrity guests. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
12:00 PM
Rookies Tampa: Class Begins (HD, TV-14) A rookie sees his first dead body and begins to wonder if he chose the right profession; an English teacher decides to pursue a career in law enforcement.
12:30 PM
Rookies Tampa: The Birth of a Rookie (HD, TV-14) Rookie Dennis Cooper's wife prepares to give birth; Dennis restrains a mourning husband after a hit and run accident.
1:00 PM
Rookies Jefferson: Rookie Love (HD, TV-14) An FTO expresses his concerns when a female rookie, who is 10 weeks into her field training, makes a fatal mistake while chasing an armed suspect.
1:30 PM
Rookies Tampa: It's a 'Deadly' Profession (HD, TV-14) A rookie must go on two dead body calls involving human bones and a five day old corpse complete with flies, maggots and a putrid stench.
2:00 PM
Look Who's Stalking Pilot (HD, TV-14) Over the course of 11 years, a young man obsessively stalks a female classmate, and he eventually breaks into her home and photographs her.
3:00 PM
Look Who's Stalking (HD, TV-14) A man transmits hundreds of disturbing messages and more than 40 videos with his online social media accounts, targeting an old high school classmate.
4:00 PM
Look Who's Stalking (HD, TV-14) After a man stalks a woman and frightens her to death he vanishes a man plants cameras in his ex-girlfriend's bedroom and installs software on her computer.
5:00 PM
Crime 360 Deadly Rendezvous (HD, TV-14) Detectives discover the body of a middle-aged man who was shot to death behind an abandoned building that is nowhere near where he lives.
6:00 PM
Crime 360 Blunt Force Killer (HD, TV-14) After two men are found beaten to death in their bedrooms, detectives discover that the victims had recently been harassed for being homosexual.
7:00 PM
Crime 360 Bad Blood (HD, TV-14) Detectives are called to the scene of a possible homicide where the coroner finds a dead man who appears to have a severe head injury.
8:00 PM
Crime 360 Killing Field (HD, TV-14) Following a raucous July 4th gunfire celebration, a body is discovered in a nearby forsaken lot surrounded by more than 60 spent shell casings.
9:00 PM
Crime 360 Gilpin Court Shooting (HD, TV-14) Detective Bayness investigates a homicide involving a man who ran 100 yards, calling for help, before falling and dying in the grass.
10:00 PM
Crime 360 Overkill (HD, TV-14) Investigators Cathy Lucci and Dave Salvatore attempt to discover who stabbed a 49-year-old man to death and covered him with a blanket.
11:00 PM
Crime 360 Payback (HD, TV-14) When a victim is found shot to death in a van, investigators must use all of their available resources to find a possible suspect.
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