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Programs for CRIMEINVHD on Saturday, August 15, 2020
12:00 AM
Twisted Fate Nothing's Perfect (HD, TV-14) Tensions begin to boil over as a family that has been at sea for nearly two years finds an unforeseen source of strength in the South Pacific. Columbia McCaleb(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Twisted Fate Point of No Return (HD, TV-14) A woman must be strong when she learns that her ex-husband has taken her children to the Middle East; a man is transformed from a felon into a millionaire. Columbia McCaleb(Narrator)
2:00 AM
Twisted Fate Shattered Truth (HD, TV-14) An Iraqi woman begins to rethink her ingrained hatred of America; an attorney begins to experience repressed memories during a courtroom trial. Columbia McCaleb(Narrator)
3:00 AM
Twisted Fate At Close Range (HD, TV-14) A teen girl reassesses her life after two of her classmates gun down everyone around her; a young man becomes a victim of a brutal 4-hour home invasion. Columbia McCaleb(Narrator)
4:00 AM
American Justice The Monster Inside (HD, TV-PG) When two female college students are murdered, police suspect Rex Allen Krebs, a convicted rapist, which ultimately questions the treatment of sexual predators. Bill Kurtis(Host)
5:00 AM
American Justice Framed (HD, TV-PG) A west Texas man describes the events that led to his arrest and conviction for a murder he didn't commit and the time he spent on death row until his release. Bill Kurtis(Host)
6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
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7:00 AM
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7:30 AM
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8:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Folsom (TV-PG) The bloody story of Folsom Prison, designed for habitual felons and incorrigibles doing hard time. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
9:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Montana State Prison (TV-PG) Prisoners work as ranch hands while serving time in a western U.S. penitentiary that doubles as a modernized, high-security correctional facility and a ranch. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
10:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America Colorado State (TV-PG) A guard makes the rounds shaking down prisoners while an inmate anticipates his upcoming release date in a security facility located near the Rocky Mountains. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
11:00 AM
The Big House: Prisons in America L.A. County Jail (TV-PG) A look is offered into the largest prison system in the free world, which hosts rival gang members alongside its frequent celebrity guests. Paul Sorvino(Narrator)
12:00 PM
Rookies Tampa: There's a New FTO in Town (HD, TV-14) A female rookie has trouble accomplishing simple tasks like driving a car, so her FTO begins to wonder how much this affects her performance.
12:30 PM
Rookies Jefferson: The Lost Rookie (HD, TV-14) A rookie, who was a ranking officer in the military for several years, has a know-it-all attitude that infuriates his FTO and fellow officers.
1:00 PM
Rookies Tampa: Finding the Cop Voice (HD, TV-14) A rookie trying to find his police voice participates in a narcotics hit, a robbery case and helps disperse a group of disorderly kids.
1:30 PM
Rookies Jefferson: Toy Gun (HD, TV-14) A female rookie tries to prove her worth to the other officers, but her overworking could backfire; a rookie deals with a dangerous gunman.
2:00 PM
Monstresses Katie Bellflower & Brandita Taliano (HD, TV-14) In Livermore, Calif., after a high school student begins an affair with a classmate's husband, two murders occur; a married man's wife is killed.
3:00 PM
Monstresses Diana Haun & Morgan Hughes (HD, TV-14) In Ventura, Calif., a supermarket clerk engages in a torrid affair with a co-worker, and she'll do whatever is necessary to ensure his wife is no longer around.
4:00 PM
Monstresses Elizabeth Reynolds & Linda Henning (HD, TV-14) In Kingsville, Texas, a man is not happy to learn that the woman he is involved with is still married, however when he tries to end it, she forms a plan.
5:00 PM
Crime 360 Trial By Fire (HD, TV-14) An apartment fire rages through a first floor bedroom and as a detective nears a victim he notices evidence of severe injury to the charred remains.
6:00 PM
Crime 360 At Death's Door (HD, TV-14) Rochester investigators interview witnesses to a murder, but none of the people know the killer's name or his possible whereabouts.
7:00 PM
Crime 360 Killing Spree (HD, TV-14) After a serial robber kills two of his victims, Little Rock detectives up the stakes and attempt to hunt down the murderer before he kills again.
8:00 PM
Crime 360 Bad Blood (HD, TV-14) Detectives are called to the scene of a possible homicide where the coroner finds a dead man who appears to have a severe head injury.
9:00 PM
Crime 360 Gilpin Court Shooting (HD, TV-14) Detective Bayness investigates a homicide involving a man who ran 100 yards, calling for help, before falling and dying in the grass.
10:00 PM
Crime 360 Fatal Feud (HD, TV-14) During a quarrel between neighbors, one is shot to death, prompting the investigators to interview each man's girlfriend; one woman claims it was self-defense.
11:00 PM
Crime 360 Senseless (HD, TV-14) When two parents and their three children are found dead in their own home, detectives are sent in to investigate and discover who the killer is.
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