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Programs for ESCAPE on Sunday, May 24, 2020
10:00 PM
Deadly Dentist (TV-PG) A kindly dentist's ex-wife accuses him of murdering seven people under his care in exchange for money.
12:30 AM
Corrupt Crimes Angel of Death (HD, TV-14) Investigators look into a string of unexpected deaths at California hospitals; a bride-to-be uses deception to try to find a way out of her upcoming nuptials. Tim Clemente(Participant), Loni Coombs(Participant), Steve Moore(Participant), Mike Cavalluzzi(Participant), Jim Clemente(Participant)
1:00 AM
The Interrogators Baptism by Fire (TV-PG) A detective and a sergeant hope to uncover more information about a man's burning death by interviewing the victim's estranged girlfriend and her lover.
2:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) Correspondent Elizabeth Smart interviews a fertility doctor accused of impregnating several patients with is own sperm; a woman talks about being buried alive. Elizabeth Smart(Correspondent), Chris Hansen(Host)
3:00 AM
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3:30 AM
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4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
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5:30 AM
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6:00 AM
Fatal Honeymoon (HD, TV-PG, NR, **) While on vacation to Australia for their honeymoon, a newly married couple's scuba diving adventure turns deadly when the wife drowns. Harvey Keitel(Actor), Amber Clayton(Actor), Billy Miller(Actor), Gary Sweet(Actor), Liz Alexander(Actor)
8:00 AM
13 Seconds: The Kent State Shootings (TV-PG) On May 4, l970 members of the Ohio National Guard fired into a crowd of Kent State University demonstrators, killing four and wounding nine students.
9:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) A millionaire's affair results in a road rage incident; a man is arrested after claiming to be one of Gotti's henchman. Chris Hansen(Host)
10:00 AM
Crime Watch Daily (HD, TV-PG) A trained shooter upholds their claim of self-defense after a lover is shot and killed; a young woman is accused of killing her father and throwing a party. Chris Hansen(Host)
11:00 AM
OJ25 This Was a Great Witness
12:00 PM
OJ25 How About THAT, Mr. Fung?
1:00 PM
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Deadly Black Gold Riches (HD, TV-PG) A man who intends to become rich in the North Dakota oil fields by embezzling money leaves nothing to chance, hiring hit men to kill anyone in his way. Stacy Keach(Narrator)
2:00 PM
Michael Jackson: Chase the Truth (TV-14, NR)
3:30 PM
The Circle (PG-13, **) After getting a job at the most powerful tech and social media company, a woman is encouraged by the company's founder to take part in an experiment. Emma Watson(Actor), Tom Hanks(Actor), John Boyega(Actor), Karen Gillan(Actor), Ellar Coltrane(Actor)
6:00 PM
Forensic Files Insulated Evidence (HD, TV-14) A college student is found choked and burned to death, and detectives call in trace evidence aces who find the murder weapon on the premises. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
6:30 PM
Forensic Files Screen Pass (HD, TV-14) A 13-year old girl's missing from her CO home, and the only clue to the kidnapper's identity is three prints on a screen; two years later, a breakthrough. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Forensic Files Pressed for Crime (HD, TV-14) Police detectives are confounded by a murder with several suspects and a mountain of conflicting evidence, but forensic evidence offers them one clue to go on. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
7:30 PM
Forensic Files Good As Gold (HD, TV-14) In 2004 police discover the bodies of Leslie Mazzara and Adriane Insogna of Napa, CA dead in their home, and it appeared they had died in their sleep. Peter Thomas(Narrator)
8:00 PM
The First 48 The Last Yard; Root of All Evil (HD, TV-14) The deadly shooting of a college football player is investigated; a cross-state manhunt develops after a married couple is shot to death in their home. Dion Graham(Narrator)
9:00 PM
The First 48 Blackout (HD, TV-14) Detectives travel across the country to question a suspect possibly responsible for tying up and murdering three young men by shooting them during a robbery. Dion Graham(Narrator)
10:00 PM
The First 48 Frenzy; Hard Truth (HD, TV-14) Officers try to find the missing roommate of two murdered men; detectives hope that the victim of a shooting will be able to identify the person who shot him. Dion Graham(Narrator)
11:00 PM
Crime Stories The Murderous Mastermind (TV-PG) In Edmonton, a business owner is found shot to death in his place of business, and police investigate the scene to find a number of suspicious clues.
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