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Programs for GETTV on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
12:00 AM
Hot in Cleveland Elka's Choice (HD, TV-PG) Elka has a difficult time deciding whether to pursue a relationship with her fiancé, her ex-boyfriend or her husband, who she thought was dead. Valerie Bertinelli(Actor), Jane Leeves(Actor)
12:30 AM
Hot in Cleveland Beards (HD, TV-PG) The girls accompany Victoria on an A-list gay cruise, where Victoria and Joy have a difficult time maintaining their fake relationship. Valerie Bertinelli(Actor), Jane Leeves(Actor)
1:00 AM
Married ... with Children The Mystery of Skull Island (TV-14) Bud takes an extreme sports competitor out on a date while Marcy and Jefferson compete in a relationship board game with Peggy and Al. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
1:30 AM
Married ... with Children Just Shoe It (TV-14) Al's pleasant surprise over being picked to star in a coming shoe commercial leads to his getting kicked around by some famous athletes. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
2:00 AM
Married ... with Children Rites of Passage (TV-14) Following the ancient Bundy family tradition of male bonding, Al takes Bud out to the strip bar on the night of his 18th birthday. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
2:30 AM
Married ... with Children The Egg and I (TV-14) Steve returns, but finds out that Marcy remarried; the Bundy family learns Steve is on the run from the police for stealing a rare egg from a national park. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
3:00 AM
Married ... with Children My Dinner with Anthrax (TV-14) Bud wins a "Dinner with Anthrax" contest and sends Al and Peg away on a timeshare vacation to Florida while Anthrax visits the house. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
3:30 AM
Married ... with Children Psychic Avengers (TV-14) Jefferson lets Al in on the secret of his psychic phone scam, but the Bundy family soon takes over the growing business. Ed O'Neill(Actor), Katey Sagal(Actor)
4:00 AM
'Til Death The Garage Band (HD, TV-14) Eddie feels that he has to lie to Joy about his band practices, but he fails to deceive his ever-perceptive wife. Brad Garrett(Actor), Joely Fisher(Actor)
4:30 AM
'Til Death Dream Getaway (HD, TV-14) During a weekend getaway in the mountains, Steph admits that she had an erotic dream about Eddie. Brad Garrett(Actor), Joely Fisher(Actor)
5:00 AM
All in the Family The Blockbuster (TV-PG) Archie considers selling the house after a smooth-talking, unscrupulous black real estate salesman convinces him that minorities may be moving into the area. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor), Rob Reiner(Actor)
5:30 AM
All in the Family Mike's Problem (TV-PG) When Mike can't perform in bed because of stress with school, Gloria discusses her problematic love life with Edith, who subsequently tells Archie. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor), Rob Reiner(Actor)
6:00 AM
Amen Unforgettable (TV-PG) When Deacon Fye lands a date with a beautiful and much younger woman, he discovers she is an environmental activist who is very dedicated to her work. Sherman Hemsley(Actor), Clifton Davis(Actor)
6:30 AM
Amen Ernie And The Sublimes (TV-PG) Deacon Frye reassembles his 1950s doo-wop group in order to perform at a benefit concert. Sherman Hemsley(Actor), Clifton Davis(Actor)
7:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show My Fair Homegirl (TV-PG) Regina starts to watch Steve closely when a girl she hired as a new assistant and gave a makeover to becomes someone who he may make a play for. Steve Harvey(Actor,Producer)
7:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show The Graduates (TV-PG) Steve is head over heels about the students soon to be graduating and celebrates when Lydia is revealed to be the class-valedictorian. Steve Harvey(Actor,Producer)
8:00 AM
Good Times Michael the Warlord (TV-PG) Florida attends a meeting with other worried members of the neighborhood in an effort to stop a gang called the Warlords without knowing Michael is one of them. Esther Rolle(Actor)
8:30 AM
Sanford and Son Hello, Cousin Emma ... Goodbye, Cousin Emma (TV-PG) Visiting from Chicago, Grady's conniving cousin, Emma, manages to swindles everybody into waiting on her hand and foot by feigning an illness. Redd Foxx(Actor)
9:00 AM
Amen A Slight Case of Murder, Part 2 (TV-PG) After helping the woman of his dreams beat a murder charge, Deacon Frye is determined to marry her no matter what stands in his way. Sherman Hemsley(Actor), Clifton Davis(Actor)
9:30 AM
Amen Fear of Flying (TV-PG) Thelma hopes to overcome her flying phobia during a trip to the Bahamas, but her worst fears are realized when the pilot succumbs to food poisoning. Sherman Hemsley(Actor), Clifton Davis(Actor)
10:00 AM
The Steve Harvey Show Nightmare on Steve's Street (TV-PG) Cedric strongly believes there's a spirit haunting the apartment, so he talks Steve, Lovita and Regina into performing a séance to speak with the spirit. Steve Harvey(Actor,Producer)
10:30 AM
The Steve Harvey Show All That Jazz (TV-PG) Steve has a "guardian" custodian who helps him write his song for Black History month; Romeo and Bullethead pretend to live at Regina's. Steve Harvey(Actor,Producer)
11:00 AM
Good Times The End of the Rainbow (TV-PG) The Evans family and Willona finally have good fortune bestowed upon each of them as J.J. receives a job offer and Keith reveals news about his football career. Esther Rolle(Actor)
11:30 AM
Sanford and Son The Surprise Party (TV-PG) In anticipation of Fred's return home from St. Louis, Lamont, Grady and the rest of his friends throw him a big party to celebrate his coming home. Redd Foxx(Actor)
12:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Crusader (TV-14) A murder witness on the run leaves her young son with his estranged father, who is a pro wrestler that has reached the very end of his career. Chuck Norris(Actor)
1:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger In God's Hands (TV-14) Trivette is chasing down a robbery suspect when he believes that he has fired upon a young bystander, and he turns to the bottle to relieve his guilt. Chuck Norris(Actor)
2:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Patriot (TV-14) Ranger Trivette becomes involved in the investigation of his cousin's murder, and a cache of missing weaponry appears to hold the key. Chuck Norris(Actor)
3:00 PM
Walker, Texas Ranger Ghost Rider (TV-14) The son of a notable land developer becomes the primary suspect in an eight-year-old case involving the murder of a Native American. Chuck Norris(Actor)
4:00 PM
Guns of Paradise Avenging Angel (TV-14)
5:00 PM
Guns of Paradise Crossfire (TV-14)
6:00 PM
Good Times Willona's Mr. Right (TV-PG) Willona turns down a wedding proposal from an old boyfriend, since his job would have them moving all the time, but Penny feels differently and runs away. Ja'net DuBois(Actor)
6:30 PM
Good Times The Debutante Ball (TV-PG) J.J.'s infatuated with his new girlfriend and wants to take her to the debutante ball only to learn that her parents do not approve of him. Esther Rolle(Actor), John Amos(Actor)
7:00 PM
Sanford and Son The Copper Caper (TV-PG) After Fred and Lamont have unknowingly purchased stolen copper, they discover that their own plumbing has been stolen also, leading to a confrontation. Redd Foxx(Actor)
7:30 PM
Sanford and Son A Matter of Life and Breath (TV-PG) Fred begins to worry about his health in earnest after he receives devastating test results from his recent check-up at the doctor's office. Redd Foxx(Actor)
8:00 PM
All in the Family Archie Gets the Business, Part 1 (TV-PG) When Edith steadfastly refuses to let Archie take out a mortgage on the house to finance the purchase of Kelsey's bar, Archie takes desperate measures. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor)
8:30 PM
All in the Family Archie Gets the Business, Part 2 (TV-PG) Edith feels betrayed and devastated when she learns that her husband unapologetically forged her signature on the mortgage documents. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor)
9:00 PM
All in the Family Archie Underfoot (TV-PG) With Archie's union striking, Edith struggles to manage the dwindling family income, while Archie is stuck at the house with nothing to do except annoy others. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor), Rob Reiner(Actor)
9:30 PM
All in the Family Edith, the Job Hunter (TV-PG) With the Bunkers' finances in poor condition thanks to Archie's strike, Louise offers Edith a job at George's dry cleaners, but Archie wants her to refuse. Carroll O'Connor(Actor), Jean Stapleton(Actor), Rob Reiner(Actor)
10:00 PM
Sanford and Son Julio and Sister and Nephew (TV-PG) Against his better judgment, Fred allows Julio's sister and nephew to stay with him and Lamont at their house during their visit to town. Redd Foxx(Actor)
10:30 PM
Sanford and Son Fred's Treasure Garden (TV-PG) Grady, who is in charge of Fred's garden while he is in St. Louis, notices a strange plant growing, which Rollo thinks is marijuana. Redd Foxx(Actor)
11:00 PM
Hot in Cleveland Funeral Crashers (HD, TV-PG) When Melanie's dress is lost by her dry cleaner, the ladies must crash a funeral in order to get it back; Elka is reunited with a man from her past. Valerie Bertinelli(Actor), Jane Leeves(Actor)
11:30 PM
Hot in Cleveland Happy Fat (HD, TV-PG) Melanie, Joy, and Victoria offer to provide makeovers to several of their neighbors in Cleveland; Elka attempts to get used to living a fast-paced lifestyle. Valerie Bertinelli(Actor), Jane Leeves(Actor)
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