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Programs for KMPH-DT2 on Sunday, March 24, 2019
12:00 AM
The Cider House Rules (TV-14, PG-13, ***) Never adopted, a young man leaves the orphanage where he was raised by a compassionate doctor in order to learn about life and love on his own terms.
2:30 AM
Evelyn (TV-PG, PG, **+) An Irish mother leaves her family, and the government takes her three children away from the father and places them in a Catholic orphanage.
4:30 AM
Mackenzie's Raiders Indian Agent (TV-G) A dishonest Indian agent provokes young Indian braves to ambush white settlers; Colonel Mackenzie doubts the Indian agents loyalty.
5:00 AM
Alice (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) A spoiled housewife begins having back problems after falling for a local saxophone player and learns it is caused by her conflicted feelings.
7:00 AM
Radio Days (TV-PG, PG, ***) A teen boy grows up with a house full of chaotic relatives in Brooklyn during the 1940's or radio's golden age where he deals with daily life through radio.
9:00 AM
The Patty Duke Show This Little Patty Went to Market (TV-G) Patty notices that the stocks that her father had bought for her had increased in value and decides to form a new company so that she may sell stock herself.
9:30 AM
Mister Ed Don't Laugh at Horses (TV-G) When Wilbur and Paul wear a two-man horse costume to a costume party, Ed is offended and decides to go on strike, demanding an apology from Wilbur.
10:00 AM
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Malaysian Tiger Cubs and Polar Bears (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
10:30 AM
Eco Company Oysters, Coffee & Cars (TV-G) Riley takes a trip to the Hog Island Oyster Company where they are observing the oysters to see what can be done about the acidification of the ocean.
11:00 AM
Missing (HD, TV-PG) Investigative journalist Alex Paen follows a series of cases in an effort to help law enforcement agencies locate missing persons across North America.
11:30 AM
The Pink Panther (TV-PG, PG, ***) Obsessed with capturing a jewel thief who is after the famous "Pink Panther" diamond, a bumbling, disaster-prone inspector invades a Swiss ski resort.
2:00 PM
A Shot in the Dark (TV-PG, PG, ***) A bumbling detective investigates a murder, and even though the evidence points to a beautiful maid as the killer, he becomes convinced that she is innocent.
4:00 PM
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (TV-PG, PG, **+) A bumbling inspector returns to stop his demented and determined former boss from obliterating the world and its people with a stolen laser gun.
6:00 PM
Revenge of the Pink Panther (TV-PG, PG, ***) A drug lord attempts to kill Clouseau, and when the death of the inspector is publicly announced, he uses the opportunity to find out who tried to kill him.
8:00 PM
In the Heat of the Night Trundel's Will Be Done (TV-PG) Determined to spare her nephew the corrupting influence of the Trundel family, Harriet DeLong readies herself for a lengthy custody battle with Trundel's widow.
9:00 PM
In the Heat of the Night Moseley's Lot (TV-PG) When a degenerate gambler returns to Sparta to escape a pair of tenacious loan sharks, his father and brother clash bitterly over the correct course of action.
10:00 PM
In the Heat of the Night Family Reunion (TV-PG) Sparta police trace the grisly murder of an insurance investigator to a recently released convict looking to reclaim a stolen fortune from his estranged family.
11:00 PM
In the Heat of the Night Sanctuary (TV-PG) Chief Gillespie and Detective Tibbs struggle against the scruples of a priest determined to harbor an escaped fugitive seeking sanctuary in the town of Sparta.
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