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Programs for KMPH-DT2 on Monday, June 17, 2019
12:00 AM
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (TV-14, R, ***+) A transit authority official negotiates with four ruthless criminals who are holding passengers hostage on a subway train for a $1 million-dollar ransom.
2:00 AM
Miami Blues (TV-14, R, **+) A psychotic malcontent plays a dangerous game of "cat and mouse" with a weary policeman after he steals the officer's badge and identification.
4:00 AM
Highway Patrol Desert Town (TV-PG) Dan Matthews wants to find out why the residents of a small town are acting suspicious and anxious to see him leave.
4:30 AM
Sea Hunt Murder at 60 Feet (TV-G) Mike is hired to teach a woman how to scuba dive, unaware that the woman's husband plans to murder her by luring her into an underwater current.
5:00 AM
Bat Masterson The Rage of Princess Anne (TV-PG) Bat works closely with the mine owner Augustus Ulbrecht in order to take advantage and get the money earned from business full of corruption.
5:30 AM
The Avengers Death's Door (TV-PG) British delegates to a European peace conference begin to experience premonitions and nightmares and it's up to Steed and Emma to keep everyone sane and alive.
6:45 AM
The Avengers The 50,000 Pound Breakfast (TV-PG) A ventriloquist's unexpected death results in the exposure of a fortune in gems he was carrying in his stomach; Steed dabbles in blackmail; Emma shops for ties.
8:00 AM
In the Heat of the Night A Woman Much Admired (TV-PG) Georgia Farren uses her status as Gillespie's former lover to manipulate the Chief into assisting her with a host of questionable estate disputes.
9:00 AM
In the Heat of the Night Baby for Sale (TV-PG) Sparta police trace enigmatic evidence from a hardware store robbery back to a couple being blackmailed by the biological father of their newly adopted child.
10:00 AM
The Saint Marcia (TV-PG) After someone attacks a beautiful actress by throwing acid on her face, she unexpectedly kills herself, and The Saint steps in to find who is responsible.
11:00 AM
The Saint The Work of Art (TV-PG) In an attempt to raise money to help fund the Algerian resistance to the French, a rebel leader heads to Paris to sell forged American bearer bonds.
12:00 PM
The Patty Duke Show Simon Says (TV-G) Patty starts to write an advice column for lonely single classmates for the school newspaper, but her advice doesn't work out for her readers.
12:30 PM
Popi (TV-PG, G, **) A single, Puerto Rican father who is worried about his sons' welfare plots to have them pose as Cuban refugees so that they will be adopted by rich Anglos.
3:00 PM
F.I.S.T. (TV-PG, PG, **+) A man organizes a trade-union in the 1930's, and the more power he is granted, the more corrupt he becomes, prompting an investigation into ties with the Mafia.
5:30 PM
Coming Home (TV-14, R, ***) Left alone when her husband goes to Vietnam, a woman volunteers at a veteran's hospital, where she meets a man who is paralyzed from the war and falls in love.
8:00 PM
Love Field (TV-14, PG-13, ***) A Dallas housewife traveling to President John F. Kennedy's funeral in Washington, D.C., meets and falls madly in love with a Northern black man.
10:00 PM
Silverado (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) Four very different gunslingers thrown together by fate travel to the western town of Silverado, where they encounter a corrupt sheriff.
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