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Programs for KGMC-DT5 on Sunday, April 21, 2019
12:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show George Teaches Gracie Not to Start Rumors (TV-G) Gracie reads only part of a telegram that was left by a woman from the Western Union office, but she is under the impression that the woman is dying.
12:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program Jack Casts For a TV Special (TV-G) Jack auditions actors for a one-hour broadcast, provoking many different reactions to different actors; he finds the perfect actor to play his childhood self.
1:00 AM
Hazel The Sunshine Girls Quartet (TV-G) The girls' singing group The Sunshine Girls Quartet enter a music festival, but their audition happens on the same night as Georges reception for Mr. Griffin.
1:30 AM
Dennis the Menace The Pioneers (TV-G) Henry, Dennis and Mr. Wilson set out to prove themselves capable of roughing it to a journalist when they go camping over a weekend together.
2:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Ronnie's Elopement (TV-G) The hotels new cigarette girl catches the attention of all of the men in the building, but a brief encounter makes Gracie think that she is seeing Ronnie.
2:30 AM
McHale's Navy A Letter for Fuji (TV-PG) After learning that a depressed Fuji is missing his home, the boys decide to help him write and deliver a secret letter to his girlfriend in Japan.
3:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show Back in Your Own Backyard (TV-G) Talk show host Joey Barnes faces the trials and tribulations of life as a television star in the lively New York scene, all while balancing his career and ties.
3:30 AM
The Jack Benny Program The Bob Hope Show (TV-G) During Jacks opening monologue, Bob Hope interrupts to trade insults and talk about their careers, including the time that they were a team in vaudeville.
4:00 AM
Father Knows Best A Matter of Pride (TV-G) After winning a popularity contest, being voted the most popular guy in his high school, Bud become completely overwhelmed by the newfound fame.
4:30 AM
Dennis the Menace Dennis and the Radio Set (TV-G) Mr. Wilson mistakenly bids on a busted old radio set at an antiques auction and decides to pass it along to Dennis, who discovers a load of cash stuffed inside.
5:00 AM
Hazel New Man in Town (TV-G) One of the Baxters hires a new chauffeur, of whom both Hazel and Rosie want to catch his attention; both compete to get that attention.
5:30 AM
The Partridge Family Tale of Two Hamsters (TV-G) When the family departs on a tour, no one can be found to baby sit Danny's hamsters, so they are packed into the bus, but a series of mishaps ensue.
6:00 AM
Three's a Crowd King For a Day (TV-PG) When Jacks restaurant gets a good review, it inflates his ego as a chef and business owner; the business starts to attract celebrities due to the review.
6:30 AM
The Ropers Odd Couples (TV-PG) When Jeffrey learns Stanley's kitchen fire was from faulty wiring, he worries it'll affect the community and property values, so he tries to keep them quiet.
7:00 AM
Time in the Word (TV-G)
7:30 AM
Three's Company Look What I Found (TV-PG) The roommates find a kitten, but pets are not allowed in the building; Mr. Furley takes a liking to it, but they must hide it when the building inspector comes.
8:00 AM
Mork & Mindy I Don't Remember Mama (TV-G) An angry Orson does not believe that Mork can handle a job and a family, so he gives him a silver helmet that causes him to forget his life on Earth.
8:30 AM
Mork & Mindy Mork, Mindy and Mearth Meet MILT (TV-G) Mork uses Orkan parts to build a computer for Mearth's school science project, but the power-hungry machine holds Mork & Mindy hostage.
9:00 AM
Gimme a Break! The Second Time Around (TV-PG) An accidental encounter with an old high school friend leads to romance for Carl, and Samantha grows concerned that she may have a new stepmother.
9:30 AM
Gimme a Break! Mom's Birthday (TV-PG) Carl takes the family to dinner to lift everyone's spirits due to it being their deceased mother's birthday, but when their sadness gets the best of everyone.
10:00 AM
The Hogan Family The King and I (TV-G) Sandy's blind date turns out to be a king; David fumes when Mark and Willie horn in on his date.
10:30 AM
The Hogan Family Skip III: The Bailout (TV-G) Michael's old friend takes him and David for a ride in a small airplane, but things go badly and they are forced to bail out.
11:00 AM
Head of the Class The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming! (TV-G)
11:30 AM
Head of the Class Valentine's Day (TV-G)
12:00 PM
Family Ties Birth of a Keaton, Part 1 (TV-PG) The Keatons prepare for the annual WKS telethon, and an already complicated situation gets crazier when Elyse goes into labor while singing live on the air.
12:30 PM
Family Ties Birth of a Keaton, Part 2 (TV-PG) Elyse prepares to give birth in Steven's office when a snowstorm leaves her trapped at the station, and Steven heads to the hospital.
1:00 PM
Silver Spoons Second Best (TV-PG) Rick becomes exhausted with constantly being outdone by his overachieving girlfriend who appears to be more talented than him in several areas.
1:30 PM
Silver Spoons Who's the Boss (TV-PG) Kate's new promotion to president of Eddie Toys proves successful for the company but threatens to tear the Stratton household apart.
2:00 PM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch First Kiss (TV-G) Sabrina faces a difficult decision when she finds out there is a possibility that she could turn Harvey into a frog if she kisses him.
2:30 PM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Sweet Charity (TV-G) Sabrina impersonates Libby at a senior citizen home; Zelda meets a younger guy at the library; Hilda makes a potion that will help grow her hair rapidly.
3:00 PM
Becker Really Good Advice (TV-PG) Becker receives too much information about dealing with women, especially from Reggie who gets him into trouble; Jake and Bob change jobs.
3:30 PM
Becker Get Me Out of Here (TV-PG) After hurting his shoulder, Becker eventually takes Valium to finally undergo an MRI; Linda expresses interest in dating twins, but they want her to choose.
4:00 PM
Coach Just Short of the Goal (TV-PG) Luther tries to write about Hayden's unsuccessful season with the Breakers without Hayden's aid and discovers that the subject is living with losing.
4:30 PM
Coach Last Tango in Orlando (TV-PG) Doris finds a Brazilian soccer player to become the Breaker's kicker and Luther is suspicious of the good-looking man's intention toward Doris.
5:00 PM
My Two Dads The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers (TV-G) When Michael and Joey continuously pester Nicole, she happily finds an attractive new neighbor to keep her dads preoccupied and out of her business.
5:30 PM
My Two Dads Crushed (TV-G)
6:00 PM
Growing Pains Happy Halloween: Part 1 (TV-G) The Seaver family decides to trade frightening ghost stories with each other together in their house on a particularly dark and ominous Halloween night.
6:30 PM
Growing Pains Happy Halloween: Part 2 (TV-G) When rain interferes with the Seaver family's Halloween plans, they decide it would be a fun idea to tell each other their most frightening ghost stories.
7:00 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) The host sits down with actor McLean Stevenson, Gene Hackman, George Carlin, and Gloria DeHaven.
8:30 PM
Coach My Cup Runneth Over (TV-PG) Hayden begins wearing a special device in an effort to increase his sperm count, but it causes problems when he goes on Christine's TV show.
9:00 PM
Wings All for One and Two for Helen (TV-PG) Joe is unable to join Brian and Helen on a trip to Boston, and after they don't return when he expects, he begins to question their relationship.
9:30 PM
Wings The Puppetmaster (TV-PG) Brian asks an actor to woo Helen and pretend to be a pilot to break her of her own dating rules, but the two end up more in love than he planned.
10:00 PM
Dear John Second Time Around (TV-PG) John receives an unexpected phone call from a familiar voice from his past.
10:30 PM
Dear John The Last Dance (TV-PG) Ralph attends the community center ball and his dancing skills catches the attention of the other attendees, making him the partys dance star.
11:00 PM
Murphy Brown Reaper Madness (HD, TV-PG) Murphy asks the FYI gang to help her explain the concept of death to Avery.
11:30 PM
Murphy Brown It's Not Easy Being Brown (HD, TV-PG) Murphy hires a publicist and goes on a children's show to improve her image.
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