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Programs for WSJV-DT on Friday, November 16, 2018
12:00 AM
Star Trek: Enterprise Dawn (TV-PG) While on a solo shuttlepod mission, Trip crash lands with a very territorial alien who he must learn to work with in order for both of them to survive.
1:00 AM
NYPD Blue Pilot (TV-14) Sipowicz's continual harrassment of Giardella winds up getting him shot; Marino wants Janice to kill Kelly; the man in apartment 4B gets mugged.
2:00 AM
NYPD Blue 4B or Not 4B (TV-14) Sipowicz regains consciousness but has no memory of the shooting; Janice kills Angelo Marino and his driver; "4B" shoots his mugger.
3:00 AM
Xena: Warrior Princess Chakram (TV-PG) Xena forgets about her life as a warrior after she is brought back to life by Eli, and Ares teams up with another god of war, Kal, to obtain a Chakram.
4:00 AM
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge (TV-PG) With two of the three prophecies that are to bring about the happenings of Ragnarok completed, Hercules does everything he can to prevent the third.
5:00 AM
Cheyenne Born Bad (TV-G) Cheyenne signs on to maintain peace as the sheriff of a small town, but the job becomes complicated by his budding romance with a girl.
6:00 AM
Maverick The Goose-Drowner (TV-14) A torrential rainstorm forces Bart and Gentleman Jack Darby to take shelter in a ghost town, but they are soon taken hostage when an infamous outlaw arrives.
7:00 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive Eager Man (TV-G) A fugitive attempts to negotiate his capture with Josh by offering himself up, but only if his wife is given a share in the bounty for his return.
7:30 AM
Wanted: Dead or Alive The Legend (TV-G) When Josh learns there is gold to be claimed, he goes on the search, but he soon finds himself battling against two desperados wanting it for themselves.
8:00 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel Memories of Monica (TV-G) Years after a sheriff captured a criminal and married his girlfriend, the criminal returns with a vow to get revenge for the lawman's transgressions.
8:30 AM
Have Gun, Will Travel The Predator (TV-G) While Paladin is transporting a captured fugitive across a barren desert, they stop at a shack inhabited by two children, who are being threatened by marauders.
9:00 AM
Rawhide Incident of the Dancing Death (TV-G) A group of gypsies accuse Favor and his trail hands of murder when a stolen horse returns to the drovers with the body of a dead Gypsy prince.
10:00 AM
The High Chaparral Threshold of Courage (TV-PG) Planning to exact revenge on John, Finley Carr and his brother Stacy plan to kidnap Victoria hoping to face off with her husband on the frontier.
11:00 AM
Numb3rs Man Hunt (HD, TV-PG) Don is assigned to recover two extremely violent criminals that managed to flee from authorities following a prisoner transport accident.
12:00 PM
Numb3rs Judgment Call (HD, TV-PG) When a federal judge's wife is found murdered, Don calls for Charlie's help to aid the FBI's search for possible suspects from past cases.
1:00 PM
Numb3rs Better or Worse (HD, TV-PG) Don and Charlie seek the kidnapped wife and daughter of a jewelry store owner before they are killed, but find that the victim isn't entirely forthcoming.
2:00 PM
Numb3rs Obsession (HD, TV-PG) An investigation into a pop princess' stalker case takes a tragic twist when a celebrity photographer turns up dead on her estate.
3:00 PM
Numb3rs Calculated Risk (HD, TV-PG) Don and Charlie search through thousands of potential suspects when the CFO of a bankrupt energy company is mysteriously found murdered.
4:00 PM
Numb3rs Assassin (HD, TV-PG) Charlie attempts to break a secret code in order to track an expert assassin's movements and prevent the murder of a Columbian exile.
5:00 PM
Numb3rs Soft Target (HD, TV-PG) Don and Charlie seek the culprit in a poison gas attack that was apparently intended to demonstrate the city's lack of preparedness.
6:00 PM
Numb3rs Convergence (HD, TV-PG) While seeking the perpetrators in a series of violent robberies in an upscale neighborhood, Charlie wonders if his time could be better spent.
7:00 PM
Numb3rs In Plain Sight (HD, TV-PG) Charlie finds himself obsessed with a photo left behind at a meth lab bust where a bomb blast killed an agent and allowed the kingpin to escape.
8:00 PM
Star Trek Balance of Terror (TV-G) After several outposts are destroyed, the Enterprise pursues a vessel belonging to the Romulans, the Federation's ancient enemy.
9:00 PM
Star Trek: The Next Generation Angel One (TV-PG) The Enterprise finds the crew of a crashed freighter hiding on a planet dominated by women; Picard and other members of the crew become infected by a virus.
10:00 PM
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Circle (TV-PG) Kira struggles with her dismissal, while the senior staff investigates the source of weaponry for the Circle as a coup appears imminent.
11:00 PM
Star Trek: Voyager Innocence (TV-PG) After crash landing on a moon, Tuvok discovers a group of frightened children who claim that a monster has been taking them away one by one.
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