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Programs for WNDU-DT2 on Saturday, May 26, 2018
11:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Johnny Carson welcomes comedian Dana Carvey, announcer Joe Garagiola and producer David Teitelbaum to the show.
12:30 AM
Becker Parannoyed (TV-PG) After his laundry, mail and apartment appear to be tampered with, Becker begins interrogating his neighbors in order to find the culprit.
1:00 AM
Wings Remembrance of Flings Past, Part 1 (TV-PG) The gang makes preparations for the upcoming high school reunion, but the events unfold in a fashion no one could have ever predicted for the Hackett brothers.
1:30 AM
Growing Pains Ben and Mike's Excellent Adventure (TV-G) Mike agrees to take Ben to the store to buy things he needs for school, but Mike ends up teaching him what he knows about picking up girls.
2:00 AM
The Hogan Family Ex Marks the Spot (TV-G) A widower and his sister raise three boys in the suburbs of Chicago while trying to re-enter the dating scene and deal with everyday family life.
2:30 AM
Head of the Class Be My Baby ... Sitter (TV-G)
3:00 AM
Silver Spoons The House Guest (TV-PG) Rick's friend Brad quickly wears out his welcome by exhibiting extremely annoying behavior when the Strattons agree to host him for a few nights.
3:30 AM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Mars Attracts (TV-G) Sabrina isn't happy when she has to leave Harvey for a family skiing trip to Mars until she meets an attractive ski coach who she has a romantic evening with.
4:00 AM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Johnny Carson welcomes comedian Dana Carvey, announcer Joe Garagiola and producer David Teitelbaum to the show.
5:00 AM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Gracie at Department Store (TV-G) Gracie has an accident after her high heel gets caught in a hole in the rug at a department store while she is out shopping; the manager tries to compensate.
5:30 AM
McHale's Navy Giuseppe McHale (TV-PG) McHale has a reunion with his look-alike Italian cousin, who stands in for him when Binghamton comes by and McHale is away, saving him from an AWOL charge.
6:00 AM
The Joey Bishop Show A Woman's Place (TV-G) Angered by her husband's anti-women in politics comedy routine, Ellie decides to run for office, and Joey agrees to have her on his show to embarrass her.
6:30 AM
Good Morning World Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? (TV-PG)
7:00 AM
Today Weekend (HD, New, TV-G) NBC News provides breaking news stories, interviews, human interest and pop culture stories, and national and local weather reports.
9:00 AM
Get Wild at the San Diego Zoo (TV-G) A variety of animals housed at the San Diego Zoo are featured, allowing viewers to learn about each creature's living habits, nuanced behaviors.
9:30 AM
Wild World at the San Diego Zoo Rhinos, Armadillos and Leafcutter Ants (TV-G) Viewers are invited into the lives of dedicated zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo and the special animals they care for; key facts are presented on each animal.
10:00 AM
The Wildlife Docs Baby Update (HD, TV-G) The wildlife doctors check in on baby animals they've helped and returned to the wild; a check on a baby Gravvy zebra and a baby kangaroo that was hand-raised.
10:30 AM
The Wildlife Docs Flying Fox and The Three Bears (HD, TV-G) A mother black bear and her cubs walked into a populated area while looking for food and now Busch Gardens will be bringing the mother to her new home.
11:00 AM
The Brady Barr Experience Big Bite Challenge (HD, TV-G) Brady Barr is determined to get as close as possible to some of the top predators in the world in order to determine which animal has the most powerful jaw.
11:30 AM
Expedition Wild Grizzly Encounters (HD, TV-G) Enthusiastic animal expert Casey Anderson details the 900-pound Brutus' background while explaining his mission to educate others on eco-safety.
12:00 PM
Food for Thought with Claire Thomas Aussie Classics (TV-G) Host Claire Thomas pays tribute to her Australian heritage and shares some of her favorite Aussie-inspired recipes including hearty and homey Meat Pies.
12:30 PM
Food for Thought with Claire Thomas Food Allergies (TV-G) Claire is on the search for recipes that her friends and family with food allergies can enjoy; Claire makes gluten-free banana bread and pecan panna cotta.
1:00 PM
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch And the Sabrina Goes To ... (TV-G) Sabrina casts a nasty spell upon her teachers and close friends after believing that none of them are noticing her extensive academic efforts.
1:30 PM
Silver Spoons Poor Evelyn (TV-PG) When Rick's mother arrives and claims she is completely penniless, he pleads with Edward to offer his downtrodden ex-wife a job at the toy company.
2:00 PM
Head of the Class Ode to Simone (TV-G)
2:30 PM
My Two Dads Whose Night Is It, Anyway? (TV-G)
3:00 PM
Family Ties The Harder They Fall (TV-PG) Alex urges his parents to kiss up to his English teacher for a college recommendation, but Elyse punches the teacher when he insults her.
3:30 PM
Growing Pains Carnival (TV-G) Maggie decides to volunteer her services as chairwoman for Ben's school carnival after coming to the realization that she has been neglecting him.
4:00 PM
The Hogan Family You Bet Your Life (TV-G) David's ability to predict the outcome of football games makes him so overconfident that he makes a bet and loses big money.
4:30 PM
Dear John Love and Marriage Louise is surprised when the father of her child asks her for her hand in marriage.
5:00 PM
Murphy Brown The Murphy Brown School of Broadcasting (TV-PG) Murphy's high school mentor in journalism retires and opens a school for journalism using her name.
5:30 PM
Wings Exclusively Yours (TV-PG) Brian finds himself put to the test in his resolve to be committed only to Alex when a group of models flies in for a shoot, while Helen changes her menu.
6:00 PM
Becker It Had to be Ew (TV-PG) John goes to a Neil Diamond concert with Amanda when no one else is up for it and Bob makes insinuations about her motives, but the truth bruises his ego.
6:30 PM
Hazel How to Find Work Without Really Trying (TV-G) Hazel feels sorry for a lonely widower she had just met, who had fallen on hard times when he loses his job and seems to lack the confidence to find a new one.
7:00 PM
Dennis the Menace Junior Astronaut (TV-G) Mr. Wilson is selected to be the next chairman for the local chapter of Junior Astronauts, and his contest allows one lucky winner to meet an astronaut.
7:30 PM
The Joey Bishop Show Ellie, the Talent Scout (TV-G) Joey becomes annoyed when Ellie brings people over to audition in their living room for his show, however, appreciates it when she discovers a talented quartet.
8:00 PM
Good Morning World Where Have You Been, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? (TV-PG)
8:30 PM
McHale's Navy The Battle of McHale's Island (TV-PG) After learning that Binghamton is planning to build a new Officer's Club on his island, McHale and his crew attempt to stop him from succeeding.
9:00 PM
Father Knows Best Short Wave (TV-G) Bud is enthused that his short-wave radio can pick up signals from all over the world, but doesn't know what to do when he hears a distress call from a ship.
9:30 PM
The Jack Benny Program How Jack Found Mary (TV-G) Jack receives a visit from a writer, and he tells his guest the story of how he met Mary in the fall of 1932, when she was working at a department store.
10:00 PM
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Wardrobe Woman Wins Free Trip to Hawaii (TV-G) Gracie attempts to play matchmaker and her wardrobe woman, pairing her with Harry; she doesn't realize that the woman is already married and has two children.
10:30 PM
I Dream of Jeannie Russian Roulette (TV-G) Tony and Roger are assigned to escort Russian cosmonauts around town and when Jeannie learns that one of the visitors is a woman she goes along to spy on Tony.
11:00 PM
Bewitched My Baby, the Tycoon (TV-G) As a gift, Gladys and Abner give baby Tabitha a share of stock which begins to rise rapidly, making the Stephens family richer by the minute.
11:30 PM
Johnny Carson (TV-PG) Comedian Bob Hope visits the show; an interview with actor Michael Landon; actor Freedie Prinze; comedian Don Rickles; actress Carol Wayne.
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