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Programs for HBOF-W on Sunday, July 12, 2020
11:35 PM
POKÉMON Detective Pikachu (PG, ***) When an ace detective goes missing, his 21-year-old son goes on a mission to find out what happened with help from his father's wise-cracking Pokémon partner. Justice Smith(Actor), Kathryn Newton(Actor), Bill Nighy(Actor), Ken Watanabe(Actor), Chris Geere(Actor)
1:20 AM
Shazam! (PG-13, ***) An orphan's attempt at finding his lost mother leads him to a wizard who chooses him to be a champion to save the world from an evil enemy. Zachary Levi(Actor), Mark Strong(Actor), Asher Angel(Actor), Jack Dylan Grazer (Actor), Djimon Hounsou(Actor)
3:35 AM
She's the Man (PG-13, **+) With her twin brother skipping school, a teenage girl attends a prestigious boarding school disguised as him and falls for one of her soccer teammates. Amanda Bynes(Actor), Channing Tatum(Actor), Laura Ramsey(Actor), Vinnie Jones(Actor), David Cross(Actor)
5:20 AM
Yesterday (PG-13) After a bus accident causes a mysterious global blackout, a singer-songwriter wakes up in a world where the Beatles band never existed. Himesh Patel(Actor), Lily James(Actor), Kate McKinnon(Actor), Ed Sheeran(Actor), Joel Fry(Actor)
7:20 AM
Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) Johnny English serves as the last line of defense when all of Britain's active undercover agents' identities are exposed by a cyberattack. Rowan Atkinson(Actor), Ben Miller(Actor), Olga Kurylenko(Actor), Emma Thompson(Actor), Jake Lacy(Actor)
8:50 AM
El Perro y El Gato Juntos Otra Vez, Together Again: Vacation (TV-Y) A hyperactive dog and an easygoing cat teach pre-school aged kids about animals and nature, while also teaching them vocabulary words in English and Spanish.
9:00 AM
A Little Curious Slippery Sticky Mirror (TV-Y) A collection of zany everyday objects, such as a rubber ball and mop, delight in the world around them as they teach and learn basic words, phrases and ideas. Cameron Bowen(Voice Of), Rafael Ferrer(Voice Of), Bob Kaliban(Voice Of), Mandy Kaplan(Voice Of), Marilyn Pasekoff(Voice Of)
9:30 AM
Sesame Street Fourth of July Celebration (TV-Y) Alan explains how to best celebrate July Fourth before he, Elmo, Abby and Rudy come together to collect trash and plant in the garden. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Violet Tinnirello(Actor), Carroll Spinney(Voice Of)
10:00 AM
Sesame Street Let's Go Camping (TV-Y) Chris and Elmo are greeted by all sorts of animals while they camp out in the woods, where Chris tries to plan a special dinner for everybody to have. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Suki Lopez(Actor), Violet Tinnirello(Actor), Bindi Irwin(Actor)
10:30 AM
Pinky Dinky Doo Pinky Dinky Rex; Puppy-Go-Seek (TV-Y) Daddy Dinky Rex is anxious about eating the new kinds of food his vegetarian neighbors will cook; Pinky isn't quite what happened to Daffinee's poodle.
11:00 AM
Sesame Street Dirtballs (TV-Y) Oscar decides to ruin Sesame Street, so he and two other punks team up and start a company dedicated to transforming the clean streets into a dirty mess. Alan Muraoka(Actor), Roscoe Orman(Actor), Christopher Lawrence Knowings(Actor), Loretta Long(Actor), Emilio Delgado(Actor)
12:00 PM
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child The Bremen Town Musicians (TV-Y) Four barn animals who have been kicked out by the rest of the group decide to visit the famed Bremen Town in hopes of becoming singers. Denzel Washington(Actor), Jenifer Lewis(Voice Of), Dionne Warwick(Voice Of), Gladys Knight(Voice Of), George Clinton(Voice Of)
12:30 PM
The Electric Company Limerick Slam (TV-G) Jessica and Manny face off against one another while reciting humorous poetry during a yearly competition to see who is better at following the rhyming scheme. Priscilla Star(Actor), Jenni Barber(Actor), Josh Segarra(Actor), Ricky Smith(Actor), Ashley Morris(Actor)
1:00 PM
Smallfoot (PG, ***) When a yeti becomes convinced that the legend of the Smallfoot is real after seeing a human, he uses the help of his friends to prove the existence of humans. Channing Tatum(Voice Of), James Corden(Voice Of), Zendaya(Voice Of), Common(Voice Of), LeBron James(Voice Of)
2:35 PM
Alpha and Omega (PG, **) Two young wolves from different ends of the social order are taken away from their home in Canada, sending them on a dangerous journey back home. Justin Long(Voice Of), Hayden Panettiere(Voice Of), Dennis Hopper(Voice Of), Danny Glover(Voice Of), Christina Ricci(Voice Of)
4:05 PM
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (PG, ***) While still attempting to get back to New York, zoo animals end up in the city of Monte Carlo, where they attract the attention of Animal Control. Ben Stiller(Voice Of), Chris Rock(Voice Of), David Schwimmer(Voice Of), Jada Pinkett-Smith(Voice Of), Sacha Baron Cohen(Voice Of)
5:40 PM
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (PG, *+) A ritzy dog becomes stranded in Mexico after accidentally getting left behind by her wealthy owner, and she must find a way to get back home. Piper Perabo(Actor), Jamie Lee Curtis(Actor), Manolo Cardona(Actor), José María Yazpik(Actor), Maury Sterling(Actor)
7:10 PM
Santa Buddies (G, *+) A boundless collective of talkative puppies embark upon a quest to restore the spirit of Christmas to a world that is slowing forgetting how. George Wendt(Actor), Quinn Lord(Actor), Christopher Lloyd(Actor), Danny Woodburn(Actor), Zachary Gordon(Voice Of)
8:40 PM
The Little Penguin: Pororo's Racing Adventure (G) A curious little penguin and his friends learn to race from a group of turtles before they compete in an important race in a place to the north. Rob Schneider(Voice Of), Drake Bell(Voice Of), Anthony Anderson(Voice Of), Jon Heder(Voice Of), Jerry Trainor(Voice Of)
10:00 PM
The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina (G, *+) Tom Thumb goes on an adventure to find others of his size but after meeting Thumbelina she is captured and it's up to him to save her from the Mole King. Jennifer Love Hewitt(Voice Of), Elijah Wood(Voice Of), Peter Gallagher(Voice Of), Jon Stewart(Voice Of), Michael Chiklis(Voice Of)
11:15 PM
Everyone's Hero (G, **+) A determined boy sets out on a cross-country quest to recover Babe Ruth's stolen bat, help the Yankees win the World Series, and restore his father's good name. William H. Macy(Voice Of), Rob Reiner(Voice Of), Raven-Symoné(Voice Of), Whoopi Goldberg(Voice Of), Ritchie Allen(Voice Of)
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