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Programs for SHOWOM on Wednesday, August 5, 2020
12:00 AM
Fifty Shades of Black (R, *) When a recent college graduate meets a wealthy businessman, she is immediately drawn to him, and they soon become entangled in a strange sexual relationship. Marlon Wayans(Actor), Kali Hawk(Actor), Affion Crockett(Actor), Fred Willard(Actor), Mike Epps(Actor)
1:35 AM
Compulsion (TV-MA, NR, *+) An erotic novelist is enticed by a former lover to join him and mysterious woman at an Italian Villa, and she soon becomes entangled in a dangerous game. Analeigh Tipton(Actor), Marta Gastini(Actor), Jakob Cedergren(Actor), Jan Bijvoet(Actor), Valentin Merlet(Actor)
3:00 AM
Chokehold (TV-MA, NR) When a young woman deals with the death of her father, she finds herself caught in an underground world of fighting to search for her father's killer. Casper Van Dien(Actor), Lochlyn Munro(Actor), Kip Pardue(Actor), Corinne Van Ryck de Groot(Actor), Melissa Croden(Actor)
4:40 AM
Red Joan (R) When a widow is arrested by the British Secret Service, she finds herself the suspect of a plot to provide details of a bomb to a foreign government. Judi Dench(Actor), Sophie Cookson(Actor), Stephen Campbell Moore(Actor), Tom Hughes(Actor), Ben Miles(Actor)
6:30 AM
Kepler's Dream (TV-PG, NR, **+) A young girl who is forced to spend the summer with her reclusive grandmother searches for a rare book that is missing from her grandmother's collection. Tailinh Agoyo(Actor), Isabella Blake-Thomas(Actor), Ryan Jason Cook(Actor), Leedy Corbin(Actor), Stafford Douglas(Actor)
8:00 AM
Breakin' All the Rules (TV-14, PG-13, **+) Inspired by his fiancée, who dumped him, a man publishes a break-up handbook for men, becoming a bestselling author in the process. Jamie Foxx(Actor), Gabrielle Union(Actor), Jennifer Esposito(Actor), Peter MacNicol(Actor), Morris Chestnut(Actor)
9:30 AM
Beastly (PG-13, **+) An attractive and cruelly behaved New York teen is transformed into a grotesque creature by a witch, but a romantic encounter gives hope. Alex Pettyfer(Actor), Vanessa Anne Hudgens(Actor), Dakota Johnson(Actor), Erik Knudsen(Actor), Mary-Kate Olsen(Actor)
11:00 AM
The Craft (R, **+) When a troubled teen befriends three misfits who practice witchcraft, the fearsome foursome starts wreaking havoc on their ever-so-deserving classmates. Fairuza Balk(Actor), Robin Tunney(Actor), Neve Campbell(Actor), Rachel True(Actor), Skeet Ulrich(Actor)
12:45 PM
Ode to Joy (R, **+) A man suffering from a condition called cataplexy cuts out everything that could trigger his disorder, but things change after a woman falls in love with him. Martin Freeman(Actor), Morena Baccarin(Actor), Jake Lacy(Actor), Melissa Rauch(Actor), Shannon Woodward(Actor)
2:30 PM
Hampstead (PG-13, **+) An American widow searches for her next calling which leads her to the gruff, Irish loner neighbor whose home gets threatened by real estate developers. Diane Keaton(Actor), Brendan Gleeson(Actor), James Norton(Actor), Simon Callow(Actor), Leslie Manville(Actor)
4:15 PM
The Stepford Wives (PG-13, **) After a nervous breakdown at her previous job, the family of a woman moves to a town in Connecticut to get away from it all and recover. Nicole Kidman(Actor), Matthew Broderick(Actor), Bette Midler(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor), Faith Hill(Actor)
6:00 PM
The Impossible (PG-13, ***+) A British family heads to Thailand for their Christmas vacation, but their relaxing stay ends up in tragedy when a strong tsunami rips through the coast. Naomi Watts(Actor), Ewan McGregor(Actor), Tom Holland(Actor), Samuel Joslin(Actor), Oaklee Pendergast(Actor)
8:00 PM
Basic Instinct (R, ***) A police detective with a troubled past investigates the murder of a former rock star and becomes involved in a psychosexual affair with the prime suspect. Michael Douglas(Actor), Sharon Stone(Actor), George Dzundza(Actor), Jeanne Tripplehorn(Actor), Denis Arndt(Actor)
10:10 PM
Under the Skin (R, ***) In Scotland, an alien seductress captures men to harvest their organs, but when she lets a disfigured loner escape out of pity, she suffers an identity crisis. Scarlett Johansson(Actor), Paul Brannigan(Actor), Jeremy McWilliams(Actor), Lynsey Taylor Mackay(Actor), Dougie McConnell(Actor)
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