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Programs for AHC on Monday, December 9, 2019
12:00 AM
Codes and Conspiracies Secret Prisons (Repeat, TV-PG) The dark history of America's secret jails is revealed, exploring the hidden truths of the prison system, from controlling the Nazis to imprisoning terrorists. Dan Nachtrab(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Codes and Conspiracies Gold (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination of where most of today's gold is located, and who holds the ownership rights to this precious metal, long treasured and fought over by man. Dan Nachtrab(Narrator)
2:00 AM
Codes and Conspiracies Civil War (Repeat, TV-PG) A study of how spies determined crucial moments of the Civil War, from a group that met to plot an assassination, to the work of Alan Pinkerton. Dan Nachtrab(Narrator)
3:00 AM
Codes and Conspiracies The Vatican (Repeat, TV-PG) The Vatican is one of the most secretive institutions on earth, protecting not only its elite reputation, but it's faithful members, with reckless abandon. Dan Nachtrab(Narrator)
4:00 AM
America's Zombie Army (Repeat, TV-PG) During the peak of Cold War hysteria, America tries to devise a way of creating a new generation of super soldiers with the ability to use telepathy in battle.
5:00 AM
Apocalypse: Hitler Part 1 (Repeat, TV-14) A detailed telling of Hitler's rise to power, and the role The Great Depression played in aiding his ascension to the Chancellorship of Germany. Doug Rand(Narrator)
6:00 AM
Apocalypse: Hitler Part 2 (Repeat, TV-14) In 1929, the global economic crisis and a fear of the communist "Red Peril" drives millions into Hitler's regime, creating a threat to democracy. Doug Rand(Narrator)
7:00 AM
What History Forgot Top Secret World War II (Repeat, TV-PG) Classified operations of World War II, including covert units, unbreakable codes, underground operation centers, and super-human Navy SEALS, are studied. Joe Moniaci(Host)
8:00 AM
What History Forgot Breaking the Rules (Repeat, TV-PG) An accounting of the rules that were bent and broken pertaining to the Civil War, the CIA, the American Civil Rights movement, and the advent of flight. Joe Moniaci(Host)
9:00 AM
What History Forgot Secrets and Scandals (Repeat, TV-PG) A study of Madison Square Garden and how it came to be the world's most famous arena, as well as an account of the corruption involving Prohibition Bootlegging. Joe Moniaci(Host)
10:00 AM
What History Forgot Fighting for Freedom (Repeat, TV-PG) The fall of Saigon; the origin story of the phrase "go for broke"; the truth behind "The Dirty Dozen"; the masterminds behind top-secret microfilm. Joe Moniaci(Host)
11:00 AM
Chasing Conspiracies The Alien Files (Repeat, TV-PG) Profile of a wide range of theories connected to extraterrestrials, including comments by those who believe contacts have already been established.
12:00 PM
Chasing Conspiracies The Kennedy Killings (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination of the conspiracy theories revolving around the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and the murder of television personality Jill Dando.
1:00 PM
Chasing Conspiracies The Vanished (Repeat, TV-PG) A study of history's famous disappearances, such as union boss Jimmy Hoffa and British publisher Robert Maxwell, as the conspiracy theories they spawned.
2:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies The KKK (Repeat, TV-PG) The most infamous white supremacist group in America is analyzed, once having over a million members, but today just a shadow of its former self. Tom Ward(Narrator)
3:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies The Yakuza (Repeat, TV-PG) The secrets of the violent, sharp-dressing criminal organization in Japan, engaged in an assortment of crimes such as extortion and gambling. Tom Ward(Narrator)
4:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies The Brotherhood of the Blood (Repeat, TV-PG) A dark sect is sworn to protect and preserve the Holy Blood of Christ, leading researchers to examine the methods used by the Brotherhood. Tom Ward(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies The Priory of Sion (Repeat, TV-PG) A secret society, with roots dating back to the 12th century, is rumored to be in possession of evidence regarding the marriage of Jesus Christ. Tom Ward(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies The Order of Assassins (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination of The Assassins, one of the deadliest groups of Medieval times, who used tactics that may have been handed down to today's Islamic terrorists. Tom Ward(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Inside Secret Societies Nazi Occult Societies (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination of the Nazi's strong belief in ancient mysticism, the occult, and even contact with alien life is examined at length. Tom Ward(Narrator)
8:00 PM
Hunting Nazi Treasure Stealing Italy (Repeat, TV-PG) The team try to track down two iconic treasures taken by the Nazis, including $1.5 billion in gold from the Bank of Italy and missing art from Florence. Robert Edsel(Participant), Conor Woodman(Participant), James Holland(Participant)
9:00 PM
Hunting Nazi Treasure City of Loot (Repeat, TV-PG) The team investigates the war loot that was plundered from Paris during the four years of Nazi occupation and were then sent to Berlin and Switzerland. Robert Edsel(Participant), Conor Woodman(Participant), James Holland(Participant)
10:00 PM
Hunting Nazi Treasure Blood Treasure (Repeat, TV-PG) The team hunts for the Amber Room, which was looted by the Nazi army, from the Catherine Palace near Saint Petersburg, Russia, during World War II. Robert Edsel(Participant), Conor Woodman(Participant), James Holland(Participant)
11:00 PM
Hunting Nazi Treasure Missing Masterpiece (Repeat, TV-PG) The team looks for the most valuable treasures that was stolen by the Nazis, many of which still remain lost, such as Raphael's "Portrait of a Young Man." Robert Edsel(Participant), Conor Woodman(Participant), James Holland(Participant)
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