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Programs for AHC on Thursday, April 9, 2020
12:00 AM
Codes and Conspiracies Deadly Cults (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination is presented into some of the world's most iconic and clandestine institutions, featuring a look into some of America's most infamous cults. Dan Nachtrab(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Unabomber: 20 Years of Terror (Repeat, TV-14) The Unabomber kept America terrified with mail bombs, until his own brother realized who was behind the mayhem, and made the decision to turn him in.
2:00 AM
Waco Standoff: As We Watched (Repeat, TV-14) An account of the events of April 19, 1993, as FBI agents raided the compound of a small, devoted religious cult, resulting in the deaths of 76 people.
3:00 AM
Manson: The Prison Tapes (Repeat, TV-14) A recap of the horrific Tate/LaBianca murders, and the media circus that enveloped the trials of cult leader Charles Manson and his "Family" of killers.
4:00 AM
Inside Secret Societies The Priory of Sion (Repeat, TV-PG) A secret society, with roots dating back to the 12th century, is rumored to be in possession of evidence regarding the marriage of Jesus Christ. Tom Ward(Narrator)
5:00 AM
Inside Secret Societies The Order of Assassins (Repeat, TV-PG) An examination of The Assassins, one of the deadliest groups of Medieval times, who used tactics that may have been handed down to today's Islamic terrorists. Tom Ward(Narrator)
6:00 AM
Apocalypse: Stalin Part 1 (Repeat, TV-14) In 1941, Hitler commits his forces into battle against Stalin; in 1917, Stalin's role as a Georgian member of Lenin's Bolshevik party is examined. Doug Rand(Narrator)
7:00 AM
Apocalypse: Stalin Part 2 (Repeat, TV-14) Stalin blocks the Germans outside of Moscow, but must brace the country for the second assault in Stalingrad, sacrificing men, women and children. Doug Rand(Narrator)
8:00 AM
Apocalypse: Stalin Part 3 (Repeat, TV-14) Marching to Berlin, the Russians see the full horror of Hitler's extermination camps; in the 1920s, Stalin transforms Russia, using all means at his disposal. Doug Rand(Narrator)
9:00 AM
Project Nazi: The Blueprints Of Evil A Culture of Control (Repeat, TV-14) Hitler, in an attempt to change the people's perceptions, creates a new Nazi form of art and culture, assuming control of the film industry and radio. Simon Wilkinson(Narrator)
10:00 AM
Project Nazi: The Blueprints Of Evil Himmler's Empire of Terror (Repeat, TV-14) The SS used surveillance, detention and murder in support of Hitler's thirst for power, defeating his political enemies and enacting his ideas of racial purity. Simon Wilkinson(Narrator)
11:00 AM
Project Nazi: The Blueprints Of Evil Retreat from Reality (Repeat, TV-14) With a determination to fight until the bitter end, no matter the cost to millions of Germans, Adolf Hitler devotes his trust to new, advanced weaponry. Simon Wilkinson(Narrator)
12:00 PM
FutureWeapons Guns (TV-PG) From the rapid-fire cannon being used heavily by the United States military, to a personal weapon of defense, FutureWeapons tackles all forms of guns. Richard Machowicz(Host)
1:00 PM
FutureWeapons Future Warrior (TV-PG) In Ohio, Richard "Mack" Machowicz checks out an armored vehicle, various ways to defend against guns, rockets and improvised explosive devices, and more. Richard Machowicz(Host)
2:00 PM
Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World Gatling and the A-10 (Repeat, TV-PG) Wil Willis tests a Gatling gun from the Spanish-American War and flies in an F16 as its M61 Vulcan sprays 6,000 rounds per minute. Wil Willis(Host)
3:00 PM
Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World Spec Ops Pistols (Repeat, TV-PG) Host Wil Willis explores the last line of defense for today's best warriors, the Spec Ops Pistol, testing the Navy Seal Sig Sauer P226 and its predecessors. Wil Willis(Host)
4:00 PM
Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World Combat Shotguns (Repeat, TV-PG) Host Wil Willis explores the history of the deadly Combat Shotgun, testing the Blunderbuss, the modern Benelli M4 and the Mossburg 590. Wil Willis(Host)
5:00 PM
Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World The Abrams Tank (Repeat, TV-PG) Wil Willis tracks the development of the M1 Abrams Tank through its forerunners, including the M18 Hellcat and the Soviet T-55 tank. Wil Willis(Host)
6:00 PM
Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World The Ma Deuce (Repeat, TV-PG) Wil Willis recreates the moment that won Audi Murphy a Medal of Honor in World War II and explores the M2 machine gun, which can fire 600 rounds per minute. Wil Willis(Host)
7:00 PM
World War II: Witness to War Fall of Berlin (Repeat, TV-14) Survivors remember the horrors encountered and the strength needed to withstand the merciless environment of Germany's concentration camps. Liam Teeling(Narrator)
8:00 PM
World War II: Witness to War Eastern Front (Repeat, TV-14) Germany's war effort includes the opening of an Eastern front, as the war nears a critical turning point, with German soldiers battling a crippling climate. Liam Teeling(Narrator)
9:00 PM
World War II in Color The Island War (Repeat, TV-PG) American forces are discussed in relation to the invention of new wartime tactics, which resulted from attacks that turned the tide of WWII in the Pacific. Robert Powell(Narrator)
10:00 PM
World War II: Witness to War Final Victory (Repeat, TV-14) An exploration of the thought-provoking reactions to some of World War II's most tragic and poignant moments and events are shared, as hostilities end. Liam Teeling(Narrator)
11:00 PM
World War II in Color Victory in the Pacific (Repeat, TV-PG) Archived material and expert commentary is brought together to provide proper perspective for Japan's dire situation during the mid-1940's. Robert Powell(Narrator)
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