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Programs for HBOSW on Sunday, May 24, 2020
12:00 AM
The Adjustment Bureau (PG-13, ***) An up-and-coming U.S. politician discovers that he is but one of the billions of people whose lives are being secretly coordinated by a shadowy organization. Matt Damon(Actor), Emily Blunt(Actor), Terence Stamp(Actor), Michael Kelly(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor)
1:50 AM
Dying of the Light (R, *+) A CIA agent who is being pushed toward retirement by his bosses resolves to settle one last score by tracking down an old enemy who tortured him 20 years ago. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Anton Yelchin(Actor), Alexander Karim(Actor), Irene Jacob(Actor), Adetomiwa Edun(Actor)
3:25 AM
The Little Stranger (R, **+) When a doctor sees a patient at the home of his mother's former employer, he discovers that the house's inhabitants are dealing with a strange disturbance. Domhnall Gleeson(Actor), Ruth Wilson(Actor), Will Poulter(Actor), Charlotte Rampling(Actor), Kate Phillips(Actor)
5:20 AM
Galveston (TV-MA, NR, **+) When a hitman is diagnosed with cancer, he finds himself being set up by his mobster boss, so he seeks sanctuary in his hometown, where he plots revenge. Ben Foster(Actor), Elle Fanning(Actor), Lili Reinhart(Actor), Adepero Oduye(Actor), Robert Aramayo(Actor)
6:55 AM
Match Point (R, ***+) A social-climbing and engaged British ex-tennis pro falls for an American actress dating his rival, who is soon to be his brother-in-law. Scarlett Johansson(Actor), Jonathan Rhys Meyers(Actor), Matthew Goode(Actor), Penelope Wilton(Actor), Rupert Penry-Jones(Actor)
9:00 AM
Hope Floats (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A former prom queen returns to her hometown to search for true love after her husband admits his love for another woman on national TV. Sandra Bullock(Actor), Harry Connick Jr.(Actor), Gena Rowlands(Actor), Mae Whitman(Actor), Michael Paré(Actor)
10:55 AM
The Zookeeper's Wife (PG-13, ***) When Poland is invaded by Nazis in 1939, the husband and wife that run the Warsaw Zoo secretly begin working with the Resistance to save the lives of hundreds. Jessica Chastain(Actor), Daniel Brühl(Actor), Johan Heldenbergh(Actor), Michael McElhatton(Actor), Iddo Goldberg(Actor)
1:05 PM
Betty The Tombs (TV-MA) Janay is pressed to do the right thing; Kirt could require some self-reflection; Tovah's situation is updated. Dede Lovelace(Actor), Kabrina Adams(Actor), Nina Moran(Actor), Ajani Russell(Actor), Rachelle Vinberg(Actor)
1:35 PM
We're Here Ruston, Louisiana (TV-MA) The trio meets a young gay man who searches for acceptance, a straight ally and a proud lesbian who aims to take her independence back. Bob the Drag Queen(Participant), Eureka O'Hara(Participant), D.J. Pierce(Participant)
2:35 PM
BlacKkKlansman (R, ***+) The first African-American detective in Colorado Springs in the early 1970s sets out on a dangerous mission to infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. John David Washington(Actor), Adam Driver(Actor), Laura Harrier(Actor), Topher Grace(Actor), Ryan Eggold(Actor)
4:50 PM
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (TV-MA) John Oliver talks about how COVID-19 has prompted a sports hiatus and immunologist Dr. Rick Bright's acts as a government whistleblower. John Oliver(Host)
5:25 PM
Run Tell (TV-MA) Ruby and Billy think about their next move while they are left stranded in the middle of nowhere; Laurel makes a disturbing discovery and is visited. Merrit Wever(Actor), Domhnall Gleeson(Actor), Phoebe Waller-Bridge(Actor), Tamara Podemski(Actor), Shaun Brown(Actor)
5:55 PM
Cold Mountain (R, ***) A Confederate soldier seeks to be reunited with the love he was forced to leave behind by the onset of the Civil War as she struggles to survive on her own. Jude Law(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Renée Zellweger(Actor), Eileen Atkins(Actor), Brendan Gleeson(Actor)
8:35 PM
Unbreakable (PG-13, ***) The sole survivor of a horrific train wreck slowly begins to uncover information about his extraordinary abilities with the help of an enigmatic stranger. Bruce Willis(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Robin Wright(Actor), Spencer Treat Clark(Actor), Charlayne Woodard(Actor)
10:25 PM
Another Earth (PG-13, **+) When a duplicate Earth is discovered, a tragic event occurs, bringing together an astrophysicist and an accomplished composer, who begin a love affair. Brit Marling(Actor), William Mapother(Actor), Matthew-Lee Erlbach(Actor), DJ Flava(Actor), Meggan Lennon(Actor)
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