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Programs for HBOSW on Thursday, August 13, 2020
12:00 AM
War of the Worlds (PG-13, ***) A father tries to keep his resentful son and precocious daughter alive as they flee from a surprise attack launched by a relentless, alien foe. Tom Cruise(Actor), Dakota Fanning(Actor), Miranda Otto(Actor), Tim Robbins(Actor), Justin Chatwin(Actor)
2:00 AM
Winter's Bone (R, ***) A teenage girl living in the Ozarks defies social conventions in order to track down her drug dealing father after he posted bail using the family's home. Jennifer Lawrence(Actor), John Hawkes(Actor), Kevin Breznahan(Actor), Garret Dillahunt(Actor), Dale Dickey(Actor)
3:40 AM
Die Hard with a Vengeance (R, ***) A New York cop acquires an unwilling partner as he races against time to stop a mad bomber from using his deadly skills against the city and its residents. Bruce Willis(Actor), Jeremy Irons(Actor), Samuel L. Jackson(Actor), Graham Greene(Actor), Colleen Camp(Actor)
5:50 AM
Things Never Said (R) A woman in an abusive marriage turns to writing poetry and plans grace an infamous New York stage for the spoken word, and she may find romance along the way. Shanola Hampton(Actor), Omari Hardwick(Actor), Elimu Nelson(Actor), Tamala Jones(Actor), Michael Beach(Actor)
7:45 AM
Forces of Nature (PG-13, **) When their plane is forced to land, an engaged man and the quirky woman he met onboard decide to take a road trip to their destination instead. Ben Affleck(Actor), Sandra Bullock(Actor), Maura Tierney(Actor), Steve Zahn(Actor), Blythe Danner(Actor)
9:35 AM
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (PG-13, ***) A London governess becomes a social secretary for an aspiring American entertainer, and soon she must help her with career and romantic decisions. Frances McDormand(Actor), Amy Adams(Actor), CiarĂ¡n Hinds(Actor), Lee Pace(Actor), Shirley Henderson(Actor)
11:10 AM
A Monster Calls (PG-13, ***+) A 12-year-old boy is surprised to find a Monster at his bedroom window, and together, the two embark on a fantastic journey of courage, faith and truth. Sigourney Weaver(Actor), Felicity Jones(Actor), Toby Kebbell(Actor), Lewis MacDougall(Actor), Liam Neeson(Actor)
1:00 PM
Tumbledown (R, ***) When a professor wants to write a biography about a folk singer who attracted a cult following, he decides to collaborate with a grieving widow. Rebecca Hall(Actor), Jason Sudeikis(Actor), Dianna Agron(Actor), Blythe Danner(Actor), Griffin Dunne(Actor)
2:45 PM
Enemy of the State (R, ***) An innocent lawyer is framed for a politically motivated murder, which sends him on a race to expose the truth before getting caught by national security. Gene Hackman(Actor), Jon Voight(Actor), Will Smith(Actor), Lisa Bonet(Actor), Regina King(Actor)
5:00 PM
Green Lantern (PG-13, **+) After being selected to wear a mysterious ring, a pilot is granted superpowers and admittance into an intergalactic order protecting the universe. Ryan Reynolds(Actor), Blake Lively(Actor), Peter Sarsgaard(Actor), Mark Strong(Actor), Angela Bassett(Actor)
6:55 PM
Perry Mason Chapter 8 (TV-MA) Della attempts to make her case for placing Emily on the stand; Mason, Strickland, Della and Drake prepare for their futures as the trial comes down to a close. Matthew Rhys(Actor), Juliet Rylance(Actor), Chris Chalk(Actor), Shea Whigham(Actor), Tatiana Maslany(Actor)
8:00 PM
Room 104 Avalanche (TV-MA) A retired professional wrestler is aided by therapeutic dolls to reflect on a special match that went awry, as well as other repressed, haunting memories. Batista(Actor)
8:25 PM
Yusuf Hawkins: Storm Over Brooklyn (TV-MA, NR) Outrage spreads across New York City in 1989 when a Black teenager is murdered by a group of young white men, which leads to widespread racial tension. Diane Hawkins(Participant), Freddy Hawkins(Participant), Amir Hawkins(Participant), Darlene Brown(Participant), Felicia Brown(Participant)
10:05 PM
Hanna (PG-13, ***) A teenager has been raised by her ex-CIA agent father to become a trained killer, but her mission becomes complicated by opposing forces. Saoirse Ronan(Actor), Eric Bana(Actor), Cate Blanchett(Actor), Vicky Krieps(Actor), Paris Arrowsmith(Actor)
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