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Programs for TDC-E on Wednesday, May 27, 2020
12:00 AM
Deadliest Catch The Russian Front (Repeat, TV-14) Junior takes a gamble crossing into Russian waters; co-captains Johnathan and Jake seek a partnership with Keith Colburn; Wild Bill seeks work in Russia. Mike Rowe(Narrator), Scott Campbell(Participant), Sig Hansen(Participant), Johnathan Hillstrand(Participant), Andy Hillstrand(Participant)
2:00 AM
NASA & Space X: Countdown to Launch (Repeat, TV-PG) Elon Musk and the minds of SpaceX and NASA create and test innovative technology that may eventually make space travel commonplace.
3:00 AM
Moonshiners: Outlaw Cuts (TV-14) As extra footage, tweets and facts are presented, people in the Appalachian Mountains reveal the efforts they put into carrying on a 200-year-old tradition. Jeremy Schwartz(Narrator), Tim Smith(Participant), Tickle(Participant), Marvin "Popcorn" Sutton(Participant), Jeff(Participant)
4:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Global Game Show (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh decides to be a game show host as he quizzes people at some of the most remote places on Earth; viewers will also been shown never-before seen footage. Josh Gates(Host)
5:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Global Game Show: American Legends (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh Gates travels across America to give contestants a chance to win up to $500 as they test their knowledge about the country's most notorious outlaws. Josh Gates(Host)
6:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Yamashita's Gold (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh Gates travels to the Philippines looking for Yamashita's gold which has been lost for years; a cave fills with water which could trap him. Josh Gates(Host)
7:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Kalahari Desert's Lost City (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh Gates searches for a city in the deserts of Botswana that has been a mystery for almost 200 years as he tries to figure out if the ruins are real. Josh Gates(Host)
8:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Cloning The Woolly Mammoth (Repeat, TV-PG) While visiting a working Canadian gold mine, Josh excavates ancient bones; Josh goes into a sinkhole in Liberia to uncover frozen DNA. Josh Gates(Host)
9:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Journey to the Ice Age (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh Gates recovers bone samples from the large Batagay crater, then sets out far upriver to a location in the Siberian wilderness. Josh Gates(Host)
10:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Hunt for the Ruby Slippers (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh Gates investigates the theft of the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland in 1939's "The Wizard of Oz," which were stolen from a museum in Grand Rapids, Mich. Josh Gates(Host)
11:00 AM
Expedition Unknown Samurai Sword of Power (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh makes his way to Japan in order to try and uncover the Honjo Masamune samurai sword that is believed to have supernatural powers. Josh Gates(Host)
12:00 PM
NASA & Space X: Countdown to Launch (Repeat, TV-PG) Elon Musk and the minds of SpaceX and NASA create and test innovative technology that may eventually make space travel commonplace.
2:00 PM
Space Launch LIVE: America Returns to Space (TV-PG) SpaceX and NASA partner in an attempt to conduct the first crewed orbital mission launched from the United States in nearly a decade.
5:00 PM
Expedition Unknown Viking Sunstone (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh travels to Norway in order to delve beneath the surface of a cathedral to investigate a crypt and a silver mine that is 37 miles long. Josh Gates(Host)
6:00 PM
Expedition Unknown Secrets Of Shangri-La (Repeat, TV-PG) Josh travels to a remote area in the Mustang region of Nepal as they will explore the Sky Caves with his team as they will go to three different cave areas. Josh Gates(Host)
7:00 PM
Expedition Unknown: Unearthed The Real Robin Hood (New, TV-PG) Josh chronicles his adventure roaming the English countryside as he explores the humble beginnings of Robin Hood; bonus content is added. Josh Gates(Host)
8:00 PM
Expedition Unknown: Unearthed The Quest for King Arthur (New, TV-PG) Josh visits England, Wales and Scotland to experience their history and legends as he seeks some hard evidence of the real King Arthur; bonus content is added. Josh Gates(Host)
9:00 PM
Expedition Unknown (New, TV-PG) Josh Gates scours the globe in search of answers to some of the planet's most enigmatic tales and makes an attempt distinguish fact from fiction. Josh Gates(Host)
10:07 PM
Mysteries of the Deep The Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy (New, TV-PG) Jeremy examines the Bermuda Triangle, a region in the North Atlantic Ocean, where a multitude of ships and airplanes have seemingly vanished.
11:08 PM
Expedition Unknown England's Vanished Crown Jewels (Repeat, TV-PG) Explorer and adventurer Josh Gates embarks on an adventure to search for King John of England's legendary lost treasure, which was swept away from a tide. Josh Gates(Host)
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