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Programs for GAC-E on Wednesday, June 3, 2020
12:00 AM
Log Cabin Living Finding a North Carolina Cabin (Repeat, TV-G) A family wants their dream log cabin near Boone, N.C., so they're on the hunt for a quaint cabin that allows them easy access to hiking trails. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
12:30 AM
Log Cabin Living Kentucky Country Cabin Search (Repeat, TV-G) Newlyweds from Texas have decided to move to northern Kentucky, where they want to settle down, so they're on the hunt for a rustic log cabin. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Log Cabin Living High Country Hideaway (Repeat, TV-G) A Florida couple has made the choice to purchase a log cabin in Boone, N.C., so they're on the hunt for a rustic cabin that boasts mesmerizing mountain views. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
1:30 AM
Log Cabin Living White Mountains Cabin Hunt (Repeat, TV-G) Outdoor enthusiasts want to relocate from Boston to New Hampshire, so they're on the hunt for a log cabin in the Mount Washington Valley near lakes and trails. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
2:00 AM
Log Cabin Living Finding Rest in Wisconsin (Repeat, TV-G) An engaged couple wants to buy a home on the outskirts of Wausau, Wis., so they're on the hunt for a rustic home with references to nature on the inside. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
2:30 AM
Log Cabin Living Southwest Pennsylvania Log Home (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks a cabin that boasts an open kitchen and plenty of acreage in a rural part of southwestern Pennsylvania that's under a 30-minute commute to work. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
3:00 AM
Log Cabin Living Searching for Seclusion in Knox County, Ohio (Repeat, TV-G) A couple wants to relocate from the suburbs of Ohio to the Knox County area, so they're on the hunt for a quaint cabin with spaces for a garden and carpentry. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
3:30 AM
Log Cabin Living Secluded in Park City, Utah (Repeat, TV-G) A Seattle family wants a home in the small mountain town of Park City, Utah, so they're on the hunt for a remote cabin with a home office and plenty of space. Brian Kelsey(Narrator)
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
5:30 AM
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6:00 AM
RV Nation Adventure on Wheels (Repeat) Cameras follow the building of an RV with extensive luxurious touches to the specifications of a stylish family that is ready for the open road.
6:30 AM
RV Nation Supersized RV (Repeat) Cameras follow a crew that is building a 75-foot-long RV for a family of seven; when it is done it will be just about the biggest thing on the road.
7:00 AM
RV Nation Life in the Fast Lane (Repeat) Tours of several extravagant, custom RVs show the luxury options some musicians and performers are specifying for their rolling five-star hotel rooms.
7:30 AM
RV Nation Traveling Band (Repeat) The Band Perry holds a meeting to decide what features they would like in their new tour bus, including custom bunks and a jam room in the back.
8:00 AM
RV Nation Start Your Engines (Repeat) A racecar driver commissions an RV for him and his family, starting with an 18-wheeler chassis and specifying options for luxury, functionality and mobility.
8:30 AM
RV Nation Got Diesel? (Repeat) At a leading RV factory, workers start with a raw Freightliner big-rig chassis and transform it into a posh RV to its future owner's specifications.
9:00 AM
RV Nation Roll with the Changes (Repeat) A big-name rapper has a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van converted into a luxury cruiser; a retired couple tours the U.S. in a vintage trailer they restored by hand.
9:30 AM
RV Nation The Road Less Traveled (Repeat) An all-terrain RV has the ruggedness it takes to go anywhere; a painstakingly restored vintage trailer retains all the charm of its original design.
10:00 AM
RV Nation From Classic To Contemporary (Repeat) A comparison pits a high-end, supersized motor coach against a less imposing classic design from a family-run company whose goal is maintaining vintage charm.
10:30 AM
RV Nation Mobile Museums (Repeat) Jay Leno shows off his 1961 Flxible bus; three Airstreams are finding new life as a stationary museum, a modernized ice-cream truck and a travelers' sanctuary.
11:00 AM
RV Nation Redesigning Tradition (Repeat) A classic recreational trailer is pulled from the junkyard to receive new life; an innovative RV offers features never before seen in a motor coach.
11:30 AM
RV Nation Curious Cargo (Repeat) A motor coach builder proudly displays an innovative way to carry motorcycles, golf carts or other small vehicles without towing them behind the RV.
12:00 PM
Going RV Fifth Wheel to Call Home (Repeat, TV-G) A couple that is leaving Los Angeles looks for a fifth wheel to be their new home, and they want a large kitchen with wide counters and a carpet-free interior.
12:30 PM
Going RV First Time Full-Timers (Repeat, TV-G) An Atlanta family is trying out RV living in hopes of simplifying their lives, and they want a well-appointed Class A with two bathrooms for year-round living.
1:00 PM
Going RV Fifth-Wheel for Financial Firm (Repeat, TV-G) A young couple looks to trade in their home for an RV in hopes of finding one with plenty of living space and a workspace to grow their new business.
1:30 PM
Going RV Kid-Friendly Bunkhouse (Repeat, TV-G) A Georgia couple that believes in family traditions such as camping looks for an RV upgrade that will meet their whole family's needs.
2:00 PM
Going RV Motorhome for Motorcycles (Repeat, TV-G) A couple with four children seeks a motorhome, and it must have an engine strong enough to tow a trailer full of bicycles and motorcycles.
2:30 PM
Going RV Interim RV Living (Repeat, TV-G) A family of five from Washington searches for an RV with an open floor plan and separate master bedroom to move into while their dream house is being built.
3:00 PM
Going RV RV For Retirement (Repeat, TV-G) A married couple plans to retire and spend their new free time traveling the country, but first they need to find a motorhome to take with them.
3:30 PM
Going RV Bunks for Brothers (Repeat, TV-G) A family decides it's time to upgrade their travel trailer to an RV and are looking to find one with a bunkhouse for the kids and plenty of sleeping space.
4:00 PM
Going RV ATV Toy Hauler (Repeat, TV-G) A Nevada couple searches for an RV that will allow them to camp out on overnight ATV trips and are hoping to find one with an open floor plan and a garage.
4:30 PM
Going RV Easing Into Camping (Repeat, TV-G) A Texas couple wants to ease their two daughters into outdoor living by purchasing an RV so they can spend more family time together.
5:00 PM
Going RV New Priorities, New RV (Repeat, TV-G) When a couple is faced with a serious health scare, they decide to prioritize spending time together and look to purchase an RV to create family memories.
5:30 PM
Going RV Luxury On Wheels (Repeat, TV-G) A couple who loves adventure but has different tastes in camping looks to find an RV that will cater to his rugged camping style and her glamorous one.
6:00 PM
Going RV Fifth-Wheel for Fifty States (Repeat, TV-G) A family of three has decided to take their life on the road and are looking for the perfect RV to accomplish their goal of visiting all 50 states.
6:30 PM
Going RV RV for Horse Shows (Repeat, TV-G) A competitive horse rider and her husband have decided to trade in expensive hotel rooms for a well-equipped RV with plenty of space and a good AC unit.
7:00 PM
Going RV Bear-Proof RV (Repeat, TV-G) A couple searches for their first RV and are hoping to find a bear-proof unit with plenty of space for their family of five and a king-sized bed.
7:30 PM
Going RV Full-Time RV for Vegas Couple (Repeat, TV-G) After facing a scary four-wheeler accident, a Las Vegas couple re-evaluates what's important in their RV home life, so they search for a rig with more room.
8:00 PM
Going RV His Toy Hauler or Her Bunkhouse (Repeat, TV-G) A couple searches for their first travel trailer so they can give their young daughter camping memories, but they can't seem to agree on what kind to get.
8:30 PM
Going RV Travel Trailer to Motorhome (Repeat, TV-G) A New Jersey couple searches for their third RV to transition to a motorhome, and they hope to find one with a residential fridge, large bunks and more.
9:00 PM
Going RV RV for More Family Time (Repeat, TV-G) A couple has decided to sell everything and move into an RV so they can spend more time with family, but they can't seem to agree on a floorplan.
9:30 PM
Going RV Sleeping for 10 (Repeat, TV-G) A couple that has recently adopted their three nieces searches for a motorhome that can accommodate their now family of 10 and provide enough space.
10:00 PM
Going RV Class A for a Sporty Family (Repeat, TV-G) A sporty family searches for a luxurious class A motorhome for their outdoor adventures, and they're hoping to find one with a 450-horsepower engine.
10:30 PM
Going RV An RV With Elbow Room (Repeat, TV-G) A couple searches for a fifth wheel big enough for their growing sons, and they hope to find one with extra space, a private master bedroom and a bunkhouse.
11:00 PM
Going RV The RV Tradition (Repeat, TV-G) A Georgia couple searches for a motor home that's easy to drive and is within their $150,000 budget to continue their camping tradition with their daughters.
11:30 PM
Going RV Out With the Old RV and In With the New (Repeat, TV-G) A Texas couple is ready to find the perfect upgrade to replace their old travel trailer that was stolen, and they hope to find one with an outdoor kitchen.
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