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Programs for TRAVEL on Sunday, June 7, 2020
12:00 AM
The Alaska Triangle Alaska's Most Haunted Building and Curse of the Kushtaka (Repeat, TV-PG) An aggressive spirit attacks guests at a historic hotel in Juneau; a shapeshifting menace could be responsible for thousands of abductions in the Triangle.
1:00 AM
The Alaska Triangle Alaskan Underwater UFOs and Ghost Ships (New, TV-PG) Evidence suggests visitors from another planet are hiding in the unexplored depths of the ocean; experts investigate reports of ghost ships haunting the seas.
2:00 AM
These Woods are Haunted Was It Hunting Us? and It was Something Evil (Repeat, TV-14) Three friends come face-to-face with Bigfoot while hiking in Kentucky; a paranormal tour guide attempts to communicate with spirits on a Civil War battlefield.
3:00 AM
My Paranormal Nightmare Scarred (Repeat, TV-PG) The paranormal leaves its mark on innocent victims; a brother and sister encounter a malicious entity in the basement; a hostile spirit terrorizes a young boy. Sebastian Cluer(Director)
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
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5:30 AM
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6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
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7:00 AM
UFOs: The Lost Evidence Nazi UFO Secrets (Repeat, TV-PG) Evidence reveals the development of secret Nazi weapons after an alleged UFO crashed in Germany's Black Forest in WWII that the US government may have co-opted. Jonny Mars(Director)
8:00 AM
UFOs: The Lost Evidence Police UFO Files (Repeat, TV-PG) UFO researchers investigate what really happened during some of the most incredible and sometimes life-threatening encounters between law enforcement and UFOs. Jonny Mars(Director)
9:00 AM
UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFOs and Sacred Sites (Repeat, TV-PG) New evidence suggests that the holiest religious sites in the world have been deemed sacred because of contact with interstellar travelers in the distant past. Jonny Mars(Director)
10:00 AM
UFOs: The Lost Evidence American UFO Coverups (Repeat, TV-PG) Recent news of the Pentagon's secret UFO program may reveal shocking evidence of what the U.S. military has known for decades about UFO sightings. Jonny Mars(Director)
11:00 AM
UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFO Tech (Repeat, TV-PG) With recent technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence and lasers, evidence suggests that these advances are the result of contact with UFOs. Jonny Mars(Director)
12:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera The Seedy Texas Motel Poltergeist and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A traveling businessman experiences poltergeist activity in his motel room; a UFO is spotted over a holy site; a Sasquatch is spotted in British Columbia.
1:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A UFO Spotted Over the Pentagon and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A pyramid-shaped UFO is spotted over the Pentagon; a father and his children see a ghost on a playground; a security camera captures strange creatures.
2:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera Dire Wolf Attack, Dog vs. Ghost, Gollum-Like Cryptid and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A dog has an encounter with a ghost; a strange creature is spotted deep within a cave in the Alps; UFOs are witnessed during the daytime all over the globe.
3:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera Delaware Ghost Bridge and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A group of friends test a local legend of a haunted bridge; a UFO is spotted from a plane window over California; a horrifying creature is found in Oregon.
4:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera Arkansas Bigfoot Stalks a Father and Son and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A father and son are stalked by a mysterious creature; shrieks strike fear into residents of a Colombian town; the Navy is stumped by an unidentified aircraft.
5:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Fire Smokes Out a Cryptid in Oklahoma and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A brush fire scares a Sasquatch in Oklahoma; a security guard works the night shift at a haunted cemetery; three ghost hunters investigate a battleship.
6:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Ventriloquist Dummy Comes to Life and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A ventriloquist dummy is taken over by an otherworld entity; a haunted hotel gives a ghost hunter a fright; a woman's apartment is invaded by a shadow creature.
7:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Haunted Bar and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A destructive spirit wreaks havoc on a bar; three boys encounter a Sasquatch-like creature in the woods; dozens of worm-shaped UFOs appear over South America.
8:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Haunted Farmhouse in Maine and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A ghost hunter communicates with trapped spirits inside a 19th-century farmhouse, hundreds of UFOs are spotted off the coast of Florida.
9:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Ghost Hunt in a Haunted Prison & More (Repeat, TV-PG) A paranormal team gets the shock of their lives while investigating an abandoned Illinois prison; a UFO gets dangerously close to two commercial jets.
10:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera Jinn on the Prowl and More (Repeat, TV-PG) A ghost hunter is pushed to the brink by a demonic jinn; a shadow person invades a home in the U.K.; a creepy doll haunts a suburban basement.
11:00 PM
Paranormal Caught on Camera A Ghost Attacks & More (Repeat, TV-PG) The spirit of a witch attacks a team of paranormal investigators; a cryptid is on the hunt for children; a poltergeist smashes counters at a vape shop.
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