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Programs for FOODTV on Sunday, August 9, 2020
12:00 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives From Kraut to Cous Cous (Repeat, TV-G) Guy visits a Florida restaurant that has adopted the California concept of fish tacos; a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas, introduces Moroccan food culture. Guy Fieri(Host)
12:30 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Where the Locals Go (Repeat, TV-G) Guy visits a Southern-style cafeteria outside of Atlanta, a bar in Louisiana, and a steakhouse connected to a liquor store in New Mexico. Guy Fieri(Host)
1:00 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives South of the Border (Repeat, TV-G) Host Guy Fieri journeys to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where he encounters numerous local dishes, including octopus tacos with Guadalajaran sauces. Guy Fieri(Host)
1:30 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Comfort Cookin' (Repeat, TV-G) Guy visits a joint in Arizona that makes ham steak with red eye gravy; in San Francisco, a restaurant serves up chili cheddar cornbread. Guy Fieri(Host)
2:00 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Global Comfort (Repeat, TV-G) Mofongo in San Antonio; homemade focaccia and stuffed meatballs in Virginia Beach; cajun meatloaf and chicken-fried chicken in Chicago. Guy Fieri(Host)
2:30 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Big Time Flavor (Repeat, TV-G) Host Guy Fieri journeys to Dallas, Texas, where he investigates pizza with bacon jam and pancetta with pasta and travels to Austin to sample chicken burgers. Guy Fieri(Host)
3:00 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Burgers, Noodles and Quahogs (Repeat, TV-G) Host Guy Fieri journeys to Somerville, Mass., to check out a mac and cheese burger and travels to Middletown, R.I., to sample chorizo-stuffed quahogs. Guy Fieri(Host)
3:30 AM
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives Old Time Favorites (Repeat, TV-G) Host Guy Fieri visits a local joint in Idaho that is serving up big plates; in Portland, a local restaurant is serving grilled cheese and tomato soup. Guy Fieri(Host)
4:00 AM
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4:30 AM
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5:00 AM
The PiYo Craze from Beachbody! Define your body with PiYo. Chalene Johnsons new lower-impact workout series combining the muscle-sculpting benefits of Pilates, Yoga, and fluid motion all-in-
5:30 AM
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6:00 AM
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6:30 AM
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7:00 AM
Giada at Home Family Comfort (Repeat, TV-G) Giada De Laurentiis makes some of her favorite family recipes, including gnocchi with butter thyme sauce, then she makes Veronica's stuffed tomatoes. Giada De Laurentiis(Host)
7:30 AM
Brunch @ Bobby's Apples To Apples Brunch (Repeat, TV-G) Bobby Flay creates a brunch that features apples; he first creates a cheddar black pepper waffle topped with sausages and apples tossed in a sauce, and more. Bobby Flay(Host)
8:00 AM
Barefoot Contessa: Cook Like a Pro Farm Stand (Repeat, TV-G) Ina makes rosemary rack of lamb with tzatziki and parmesan roasted zucchini, corn pancakes and a Tuscan tomato and bread salad with a red wine vinaigrette. Ina Garten(Host)
8:30 AM
Valerie's Home Cooking Valerie Bertinelli: Ingredient Hunter! (Repeat, TV-G) Valerie finds ingredients for plum slab pie, summer vegetable gratin, spicy cucumber calamari salad with spiced yogurt sauce, and frozen espresso. Valerie Bertinelli(Host)
9:00 AM
The Pioneer Woman Best of Summer Mega Salads (Repeat, TV-G) Ree shares some main course summer salads, like her 16-minute chicken taco salad and a healthy kale salad and her portable kale-pasta Mason jar salad. Ree Drummond(Host)
9:30 AM
The Pioneer Woman Kansas Cookin' (Repeat, TV-G) Ree makes breakfast burritos, then she cooks up some braised brisket and vegetables, twice-baked sweet potatoes and chocolate slab ice cream sandwiches. Ree Drummond(Host)
10:00 AM
The Pioneer Woman Breakfast on the Run (Repeat, TV-G) Ree Drummond makes breakfast cookies, a bento box with Amish baked oatmeal, mini fruit kebabs with blueberry yogurt dip and apple granola stackers. Ree Drummond(Host)
10:30 AM
The Pioneer Woman Good Morning Drummond Ranch (Repeat, TV-G) Ree Drummond makes sweet breakfast kabobs with shortcut doughnut holes and honey yogurt dipping sauce, her pancake pockets and an egg in a hole sandwich. Ree Drummond(Host)
11:00 AM
Girl Meets Farm New Classics (Repeat, TV-G) Molly Yeh puts her own spin on her favorite dishes, including her Chicago dog meatloaf with mustard glaze, a salt-and-vinegar potato galette and wedge salads. Molly Yeh(Host)
11:30 AM
Valerie's Home Cooking Everything Retro Is New Again (Repeat, TV-G) Valerie and her husband reminisce about old times as she prepares a chopped iceberg salad with Roquefort dressing and tuna noodle casserole. Valerie Bertinelli(Host)
12:00 PM
Guy's Ranch Kitchen Taco Fusion (Repeat, TV-G) Aarti Sequeira makes Vietnamese spring roll tacos; G. Garvin elevates a nacho dish with grass-fed rib-eye steak; Richard Blais makes Greek-inspired lamb tacos. Aarti Sequeira(Guest), G. Garvin(Guest), Richard Blais(Guest), Eric Greenspan(Guest), Guy Fieri(Host)
12:30 PM
Symon's Dinners Cooking Out Italian Feast on Fire (New, TV-G) Michael creates an Italian feast with fettuccine with smoked tomato sauce; his wife Liz mixes up creamy ricotta, lemon and herbs for stuffed squash blossoms. Michael Symon(Host)
1:00 PM
The Kitchen Al Fresco Feast (Repeat, TV-G) The hosts share meals to enjoy outside, including honey bourbon chicken pops and summer orzo salad; Alex Guarnaschelli makes summer berry carpaccio. Sunny Anderson(Host), Jeff Mauro(Host), Marcela Valladolid(Host), Katie Lee Joel(Host), Geoffrey Zakarian(Host)
2:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Ultimate Chicken Challenge (Repeat, TV-G) Four chefs make a fried chicken combination on a $17 budget, then they get a list of ingredients that they must feature in their international chicken dish. Guy Fieri(Host)
3:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Teen Chefs (Repeat, TV-G) Guy Fieri has 4 talented teen chefs flip a chicken pot pie into a high-end dinner, then a roll of the dice decides the parameters of their international dishes. Guy Fieri(Host)
4:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Summer Grillin' Games Part 1 (Repeat, TV-G) Eight winners return for a summer grilling tournament and one chef will be awarded "Best Dish," win $5,000 and move on to the next week's competition. Guy Fieri(Host)
5:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Summer Grillin' Games Part 2 (Repeat, TV-G) Guy Fieri's summer grilling tournament continues with only seven winners remaining, as the chefs make summer seafood dishes and spicy seaside sandwiches. Guy Fieri(Host)
6:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Summer Grillin' Games Part 3 (Repeat, TV-G) Guy Fieri gives the chefs a funnel cake-sized twist by putting them in pairs to make a fried sweet and savory duo and a cheesy carnival classic. Guy Fieri(Host)
7:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Summer Grillin' Games, Part 4 (Repeat, TV-G) Guy treats the remaining five chefs to a vacation, and one chef's destination dinner has a chance to earn Best Dish, an instant $5,000 and a spot in the finale. Guy Fieri(Host)
8:00 PM
Guy's Grocery Games Summer Grillin' Games Finale (Repeat, TV-G) A beach ball determines which aisles the chefs shop for their summertime guilty pleasure, then they find feature ingredients for their ultimate grilled feast. Guy Fieri(Host)
9:00 PM
Chopped Beat Bobby Flay: Battle 1 (New, TV-G) A sweet sandwich and seafood await the champs in the first basket, round two involves an unusual beef jerky product and a twist on hummus. Ted Allen(Host)
10:01 PM
Beat Bobby Flay Going Global (New, TV-G) Chef Richard Blais recruits Laura Vitale to try to beat Bobby Flay, and they enlist the help of chef Reza Setayesh and chef Andy Gaynor to beat Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay(Host)
10:31 PM
Beat Bobby Flay Have Merci! (Repeat, TV-G) French caterer Gui Alinat and Dallas caterer Kevin Ashade battle each other for a chance to battle Bobby Flay; Josh Capon and Alex Guarnaschelli will judge. Bobby Flay(Host)
11:01 PM
Beat Bobby Flay Do or Die (Repeat, TV-G) Chef Gregory Webb and Chef Peter Morris battle for bragging rights, with New York City Chefs Scott Conant and Geoffrey Zakarian deciding who faces Bobby. Bobby Flay(Host), Gregory Webb(Participant), Peter Morris(Participant)
11:31 PM
Beat Bobby Flay All in the Family (Repeat, TV-G) Miami chef Mika Leon goes up against Atlanta chef Michael Bertozzi; Carla Hall and Jesse Tyler Ferguson decide who has what it takes to beat Bobby Flay. Bobby Flay(Host), Mika Leon(Participant), Michael Bertozzi(Participant)
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