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Programs for TMC2XE on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
12:00 AM
Attrition (R) A former special ops solider who's haunted by his past comes out of retirement for one final mission when a string of young girls go missing.
1:25 AM
The Happytime Murders (R, **) A detective puppet rejoins the police department and reunites with his former human partner to investigate the murders of puppets from an old TV show. Melissa McCarthy(Actor), Brian Henson(Director)
3:00 AM
Palm Swings (TV-MA, NR, **+) Following their recent move to Palm Springs, a young married couple finds their relationship tested when they discover that their new neighbors are swingers. Stephanie Beard(Actor), Sean Hoessli(Director)
4:35 AM
Urban Myths Backstage at Live Aid (TV-14, NR) The stories about what went on behind the scenes of Live Aid concert is explored, which includes egos clashing and hair being sprayed. Jonas Armstrong(Actor)
5:30 AM
It's Me, Sugar (TV-PG) The story of the making of the film "Some Like It Hot" is told, where Marilyn Monroe was required by director Billy Wilder to repeatedly say a line 47 times. Gemma Arterton(Actor), Adam Brody(Actor), Alex Pettyfer(Actor), James Purefoy(Actor), Sean Foley(Director)
6:00 AM
Hampstead (PG-13, **+) An American widow searches for her next calling which leads her to the gruff, Irish loner neighbor whose home gets threatened by real estate developers. Diane Keaton(Actor)
7:45 AM
The Man Who Invented Christmas (PG, ***) Charles Dickens combines events from real-life with his extravagant imagination to create the unforgettable characters and scenes of "The Christmas Carol." Dan Stevens(Actor), Bharat Nalluri(Director)
9:30 AM
Zero Days (TV-14, PG-13) The complete story of the computer virus Stuxnet is examined, which was used by the United States and Israel as a covert attack on an Iranian nuclear facility. David Sanger(Participant)
11:30 AM
An Acceptable Loss (R, **) When a former security adviser has information that can bring down a ruthless politician, she starts to receive threats from her past. Tika Sumpter(Actor), Joe Chapelle(Director,Screenwriter)
1:15 PM
The Reckoning (**) After a detective finds video footage of his colleague's death, he investigates a pair of runaway teenagers to determine if they are behind the murder. Jonathan LaPaglia(Actor), Luke Hemsworth(Actor), Viva Bianca(Actor), Hanna Mangan Lawrence(Actor), Alex Williamson(Actor)
4:40 PM
Dick (PG-13, **+) Two teenage girls witness the 1972 burglary of the Watergate building, and President Nixon hires them as his official dog-walkers to keep them quiet. Kirsten Dunst(Actor), Andrew Fleming(Director,Screenwriter)
6:15 PM
Mean Girls (PG-13, ***) A girl raised in the African bush learns all about high-school hierarchies when she makes a hit with the A-list girl clique, then runs afoul of them. Lindsay Lohan(Actor), Lorne Michaels(Producer)
8:00 PM
Hampstead (PG-13, **+) An American widow searches for her next calling which leads her to the gruff, Irish loner neighbor whose home gets threatened by real estate developers. Diane Keaton(Actor)
9:45 PM
Letters to Juliet (TV-PG, PG, **+) A young, American woman living in Verona, Italy, answers letters left by the lovelorn for Shakespeare's Juliet, and one reply sparks a truly romantic quest. Amanda Seyfried(Actor), Ellen Barkin(Producer)
11:30 PM
The Vanishing of Sidney Hall (R, ***) When a controversial author disappears without a trace, a detective searches for the missing author after his books are connected to a string of crimes. Logan Lerman(Actor)
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