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Programs for TMC2XE on Friday, February 28, 2020
11:35 PM
Timeline (PG-13, **+) Modern day archaeology students from Yale University become trapped in medieval France when they travel back in time to retrieve their professor. Paul Walker(Actor), Frances O'Conner(Actor), Gerard Butler(Actor), Billy Connolly(Actor), David Thewlis(Actor)
1:35 AM
Haunter (TV-14, NR, **) A teenager's ghost appears to a girl now living in the house, and together they discover the house was once owned by a serial killer who is now an evil spirit. Abigail Breslin(Actor), Stephen McHattie(Actor), Peter Outerbridge(Actor), Michelle Nolden(Actor), David Hewlett(Actor)
3:15 AM
Bad Girl (TV-MA, NR, **+) A troubled teenaged girl befriends a seemingly normal local girl, but when she discovers her new friend's dark secret, she has to fight for her life. Sara West(Actor), Samara Weaving(Actor), Ben Winspear(Actor), Felicity Price(Actor), Rebecca Massey(Actor)
4:50 AM
Mrs McCutcheon (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A 10-year-old boy who has always felt out of place in his own body faces challenges at his new school after asserting he be known as Mrs. McCutcheon. Alec Golinger(Actor), Wesley Patten(Actor), Nadine Garner(Actor), Virginia Gay(Actor), Shareena Clanton(Actor)
5:10 AM
The Royal Tenenbaums (R, ***+) A former tennis pro, depressed playwright and overprotective father reunite as a family after discovering their neglectful father is terminally ill. Gene Hackman(Actor), Anjelica Huston(Actor), Bill Murray(Actor), Gwyneth Paltrow(Actor), Ben Stiller(Actor)
7:00 AM
American Christmas (TV-MA, NR) After another Christmas dinner is ruined, a woman takes a close look at her family and decides to make each member of the family confront their pasts.
8:30 AM
David Bowie: Finding Fame (TV-14, NR, ***) Musician David Bowie experiences a personal and professional transformation as he goes from David Robert Jones to David Bowie and Ziggy Stardust. David Bowie(Participant), Phil Lancaster(Participant), Denis Taylor(Participant), Geoff MacGormack(Participant), George Underwood(Participant)
10:05 AM
Teddy Pendergrass: If You Don't Know Me (TV-MA, NR, ***+) The life of Teddy Pendergrass, the first male African American artist to record five consecutive platinum albums in 1960s America, is explored. Anthony Samuels(Actor), Kenny Gamble(Participant), Jim Carter(Participant)
12:00 PM
The School of Rock (TV-PG, PG-13, ***) A failed rock star takes a job as a substitute teacher at an uptight private school, where he tricks the students into entering a Battle of the Bands contest. Jack Black(Actor), Joan Cusack(Actor), Mike White(Actor), Sarah Silverman(Actor), Adam Pascal(Actor)
1:50 PM
The Falcon and the Snowman (R, **+) A young man who works as a guard at a CIA message center becomes disillusioned with his country and decides to pass information to the Soviet government. Timothy Hutton(Actor), Sean Penn(Actor), Pat Hingle(Actor), Joyce Van Patten(Actor), Richard Dysart(Actor)
4:05 PM
Beyond Borders (R, **+) A turbulent and dangerous romance develops between a London socialite and a renegade doctor who works for third-world relief programs. Angelina Jolie(Actor), Clive Owen(Actor), Teri Polo(Actor), Linus Roache(Actor), Noah Emmerich(Actor)
6:15 PM
The Making of: 1917 (TV-PG) Award-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes and award-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins join the cast of the war epic "1917" to discuss the making of the film. Sam Mendes(Participant), Roger Deakins(Participant)
6:30 PM
An Acceptable Loss (R, **) When a former security adviser has information that can bring down a ruthless politician, she starts to receive threats from her past. Tika Sumpter(Actor), Jamie Lee Curtis(Actor), Ben Tavassoli(Actor), Deanna Dunagan(Actor), Jeff Hephner(Actor)
8:15 PM
Assassination Games (R) Roland Flint and Vincent Brazil are two of the world's best assassins, but are completely unknown to each other until the two assassins form an alliance. Jean-Claude Van Damme(Actor), Scott Adkins(Actor), Kevin Chapman(Actor), Ivan Kaye(Actor), Valentin Teodosiu(Actor)
10:00 PM
Play or Die (TV-MA, NR) Two passionate gamers decide to participate in a very exclusive escape game, where they soon realize that only one of them will get out alive. Charley Palmer Rothwell(Actor), Roxane Mesquida(Actor), Marie Zabukovec(Actor)
11:30 PM
Dead Ant (TV-MA, NR) A glam-metal band that's been invited to play at Coachella becomes stranded in the desert and must fight for their lives against giant, killer ants. Tom Arnold(Actor), Rhys Coiro(Actor), Jake Busey(Actor), Leisha Hailey(Actor), Sydney Sweeney(Actor)
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