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Programs for TMC2XE on Tuesday, January 21, 2020
11:30 PM
Bangkok Dangerous (TV-PG, R, **) A professional hit man travels to Bangkok to kill four people, as he finds a local street kid to be his errand boy and falls in love with a mute pharmacist. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Shahkrit Yamnarm(Actor), Charlie Yeung(Actor), Panward Hemmanee(Actor), Nirattisai Kaljaruek(Actor)
1:10 AM
He Got Game (R, ***) A governor offers clemency to a convicted murderer if he can talk his son, a high-school basketball star, into going to college at the politician's alma mater. Denzel Washington(Actor), Ray Allen(Actor), Milla Jovovich(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Hill Harper(Actor)
3:30 AM
Swung (TV-MA, NR, **) A magazine writer discovers that her boyfriend is using a "Swingers" website which she uses as an opportunity to uncover the polyamorous world in her story. Elena Anaya(Actor), Elizabeth McGovern(Actor)
5:00 AM
Fair Game (PG-13, ***) A woman's identity as a CIA operative is revealed by a Washington Post journalist just days after her husband wrote a critical column about the Iraq War. Naomi Watts(Actor), Sean Penn(Actor), Ty Burrell(Actor), Sam Shepard(Actor), Bruce McGill(Actor)
6:55 AM
That Night (TV-14, NR) Worlds collide when a young man from London meets a young woman from Swansea on a London bus. Alexandra Roach(Actor), James Corden(Actor)
7:15 AM
Secondhand Hearts (TV-14, NR) During a trip to Japan, a photographer falls in love with a fellow American woman, who he soon discovers is his girlfriend's older sister. Ben Isaacs(Actor), Mallory Corinne(Actor), Allie Rae Treharne(Actor), Jericho Lopez(Actor), Ward Wright(Actor)
9:00 AM
Barnyard (TV-PG, PG, **+) The irresponsible son of the farm's sober leader gets a taste of authority when he decides to strike back at a kid who needs to learn how to treat animals. Kevin James(Voice Of), Courteney Cox(Voice Of), Sam Elliott(Voice Of), Danny Glover(Voice Of), Wanda Sykes(Voice Of)
10:30 AM
The King's Speech (R, ***+) After being forced into the crown and on the radio, George VI seeks the help of an unorthodox speech therapist, who helps him overcome his speech impairment. Colin Firth(Actor), Geoffrey Rush(Actor), Helena Bonham Carter(Actor), Derek Jacobi(Actor), Andrew Havill(Actor)
12:30 PM
Beyond White Space (TV-MA, NR, **) When a deep-space vessel makes its last trip of the season, the crew is robbed by a gang of pirates, so the ship's captain decides to hunt for a rare species. Holt McCallany(Actor), Zulay Henao(Actor), Dave Sheridan(Actor), Jim Devoti(Actor), Jocko Sims(Actor)
2:05 PM
Primal Rage (R, ***+) A young couple gets lost in the forests of the Pacific Northwest and find themselves being stalked by a bloodthirsty creature from Native American legend. Casey Gagliardi(Actor), Andrew Joseph Montgomery(Actor), Eloy Casados(Actor), Marshal Hilton(Actor), Justin Rain(Actor)
4:00 PM
Den of Thieves (R, ***) An infamous, elite bank robbery crew tries to execute the ultimate heist, going after $30 million in cash from the Los Angeles division of the Federal Reserve. Gerard Butler(Actor), Pablo Schreiber(Actor), O'Shea Jackson Jr.(Actor), 50 Cent(Actor), Meadow Williams(Actor)
6:25 PM
Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (TV-MA, R, *) The war against the giant killer bugs continues with an elite division of Starship Troopers holed up in a cylinder-like fortress, waiting for the final assault. Richard Burgi(Actor), Colleen Porch(Actor), Billy Brown(Actor), Lawrence Monoson(Actor), Ed Lauter(Actor)
8:00 PM
Jarhead (R, ***) A Marine is chosen for a sniper squad that is sent to the Mideast during the first Gulf War, where he discovers the truth about modern warfare. Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Peter Sarsgaard(Actor), Chris Cooper(Actor), Jamie Foxx(Actor), Katherine Randolph(Actor)
10:05 PM
The Deer Hunter (R, ***+) The lives of three young steelworkers living in Pennsylvania are forever changed after they are enlisted to fight in the Vietnam War. Robert De Niro(Actor), John Cazale(Actor), John Savage(Actor), Meryl Streep(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor)
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