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Programs for 5STMAX on Sunday, March 29, 2020
11:09 PM
Black Knight (PG-13, **) An employee at a shabby medieval theme park is mistaken for an envoy from Normandy after he is mysteriously transported back in time to 14th-century England. Martin Lawrence(Actor), Marsha Thomason(Actor), Tom Wilkinson(Actor), Vincent Regan(Actor), Daryl Mitchell(Actor)
12:46 AM
The Mask (PG-13, ***) A kind, shy bank clerk discovers a mysterious mask that transforms him into a daring trickster with superhuman abilities and an over-the-top personality. Jim Carrey(Actor), Peter Riegert(Actor), Peter O. Greene(Actor), Amy Yasbeck(Actor), Cameron Diaz(Actor)
2:28 AM
Date Movie (PG-13, *) A young woman with a weight problem wants to find the man of her dreams and get married, and when she does, her path to happiness is full of potholes. Alyson Hannigan(Actor), Adam Campbell(Actor), Jennifer Coolidge(Actor), Eddie Griffith(Actor), Fred Willard(Actor)
3:52 AM
Everybody's All-American (R, **+) A former Louisiana football star marries his high school sweetheart and deals with the harsh realities of married life and adulthood. Jessica Lange(Actor), Dennis Quaid(Actor), Timothy Hutton(Actor), John Goodman(Actor), Carl Lumbly(Actor)
6:00 AM
Made (R, **+) A boxer's plan to keep a low profile while running an errand in a money laundering scheme for a mobster is ruined by his obnoxious best friend. Vince Vaughn(Actor), Jon Favreau(Actor), Famke Janssen(Actor), Peter Falk(Actor), Joe Goossen(Actor)
7:35 AM
Keeping the Faith (PG-13, **+) A priest and a rabbi who have been best friends since childhood find their friendship tested when they fall in love with the same woman. Ben Stiller(Actor), Edward Norton(Actor), Jenna Elfman(Actor), Anne Bancroft(Actor), Eli Wallach(Actor)
9:45 AM
Knock Knock (R, **) When two stranded young women show up at a family man's door asking for help, he soon realizes that they have a sinister agenda in mind. Keanu Reeves(Actor), Lorenza Izzo(Actor), Ana de Armas(Actor), Ignacia Allamand(Actor), Aaron Burns(Actor)
11:25 AM
The Hurt Locker (R, ***+) The members of an Army bomb squad try to survive the final days of their rotation in Iraq after they are saddled with a reckless new leader. Jeremy Renner(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor), Brian Geraghty(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Ralph Fiennes(Actor)
1:37 PM
The First Purge (R, **) A new political party gains power to implement a social experiment to ensure that the crime rate is low for the year by giving the residents 12 hours of lawless Y'Lan Noel(Actor), Lex Scott Davis(Actor), Joivan Wade(Actor), Steve Harris(Actor), Marisa Tomei(Actor)
3:15 PM
I Am Sam (PG-13, ***+) A developmentally disabled father must prove that he is capable of raising his own daughter in a loving and emotionally stable home. Sean Penn(Actor), Michelle Pfeiffer(Actor), Dakota Fanning(Actor), Dianne Wiest(Actor), Loretta Divine(Actor)
5:28 PM
In Bruges (R, ***+) Two Irish hitmen holed up in a Belgian city after a job gone wrong become involved with the local underworld while awaiting further orders. Colin Farrell(Actor), Brendan Gleeson(Actor), Ralph Fiennes(Actor), Clemence Posey(Actor), Thekla Reuten(Actor)
7:15 PM
The Rundown (PG-13, **+) A mob boss' retrieval expert is sent to the Amazon to retrieve the boss' ne'er-do-well son, who is searching for a priceless treasure. Dwayne Johnson(Actor), Seann William Scott(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor), Ewen Bremner(Actor)
9:00 PM
Tag (R) A group of friends playing a 30-year game of tag must join forces to take down the game's only undefeated player during the weekend of his wedding. Ed Helms(Actor), Jake Johnson(Actor), Annabelle Wallis(Actor), Hannibal Burress(Actor), Isla Fisher(Actor)
10:42 PM
Alfie (R, **+) An encounter with a feminist prompts an unapologetic, British womanizer who drives a limousine to rethink his outlook on life and his treatment of women. Jude Law(Actor), Marisa Tomei(Actor), Renee Taylor(Actor), Omar Epps(Actor), Jane Krakowski(Actor)
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