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Programs for 5STMAX on Saturday, March 28, 2020
10:56 PM
Nocturnal Animals (R, ***+) A woman is shaken upon receiving a manuscript, a violent thriller, written by her former husband, and as she reads it, she begins to view it as a threat. Amy Adams(Actor), Jake Gyllenhaal(Actor), Michael Shannon(Actor), Aaron Johnson(Actor), Isla Fisher(Actor)
12:53 AM
The Crow: Salvation (R, *+) A young death row inmate is brought back from the dead by a crow to solve the murder of his girlfriend and receives help from her sister. Eric Mabius(Actor), Kirsten Dunst(Actor), Jodi Lyn O'Keefe(Actor), William Atherton(Actor), Fred Ward(Actor)
2:36 AM
Contagion (PG-13, ***) When a deadly, airborne virus begins to spread throughout the world, a team of international doctors attempts to discover a cure and stop the outbreak. Marion Cotillard(Actor), Matt Damon(Actor), Laurence Fishburne(Actor), Jude Law(Actor), Gwyneth Paltrow(Actor)
4:23 AM
Ulee's Gold (R, ***) A widower rescues his drug-addicted daughter-in-law and is threatened by his son's buddies, who believe he is hiding money from a robbery they committed. Peter Fonda(Actor), Patricia Richardson(Actor), Jessica Biel(Actor), J. Kenneth Campbell(Actor), Vanessa Zima(Actor)
6:15 AM
Stay (TV-14, R, ***) A man tells a psychiatrist that he plans to commit suicide on his 21st birthday, and the doctor who is trying to save him winds up questioning his own sanity. Ewan McGregor(Actor), Naomi Watts(Actor), Ryan Gosling(Actor), Janeane Garofalo(Actor), Bob Hoskins(Actor)
7:55 AM
Little Fockers (PG-13, **) A man takes a new job at a pharmaceutical company and focuses on caring for his family, but his untrusting father-in-law wreaks havoc on his life. Robert De Niro(Actor), Ben Stiller(Actor), Owen Wilson(Actor), Blythe Danner(Actor), Teri Polo(Actor)
9:34 AM
A Good Year (PG-13, ***) A banker from London spends some time in France after learning he has inherited an uncle's chateau where he spent much of his childhood. Russell Crowe(Actor), Abbie Cornish(Actor), Freddie Highmore(Actor), Albert Finney(Actor), Archie Panjabi(Actor)
11:32 AM
Life Is Beautiful (PG-13, ****) A loving Jewish father protects his son from the horrors of the Holocaust by pretending that their brutal concentration camp is an elaborate game. Roberto Benigni(Actor), Nicoletta Braschi(Actor), Giustino Durano(Actor), Giorgio Cantarini(Actor), Sergio Bini Bustric(Actor)
1:29 PM
Gimme Shelter (PG-13, ***) A street-smart teen whose escaped her mother's physical abuse and found refuge with her father is back out on the street after she discovers she's pregnant. Vanessa Anne Hudgens(Actor), James Earl Jones(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Brendan Fraser(Actor), Stephanie Szostak(Actor)
3:11 PM
Michael Clayton (R, ***) An attorney with a prestigious New York firm is drawn into a web of corruption and murder after a fellow lawyer suffers from a nervous breakdown in court. George Clooney(Actor), Tom Wilkinson(Actor), Tilda Swinton(Actor), Sydney Pollack(Actor), Michael O'Keefe(Actor)
5:12 PM
Meet the Fockers (PG-13, **+) Hilarity ensues when Greg Focker takes his fiancée and straight-laced future in-laws down to meet his eccentric parents in Florida. Robert De Niro(Actor), Ben Stiller(Actor), Dustin Hoffman(Actor), Barbra Streisand(Actor), Blythe Danner(Actor)
7:08 PM
Night School (PG-13, **+) When a high-school dropout finds himself unemployed and in debt, he meets a group of misfits set on doing everything to pass their GED exam. Kevin Hart(Actor), Tiffany Haddish(Actor), Rob Riggle(Actor), Taran Killam(Actor), Romany Malco(Actor)
9:00 PM
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (PG-13, ***) Owen and Claire return to Isla Nublar to save the dinosaur species set to be extinct after the island's previously dormant volcano becomes active. Chris Pratt(Actor), Bryce Dallas Howard(Actor), Rafe Spall(Actor), Justice Smith(Actor), Daniella Pineda(Actor)
11:09 PM
Black Knight (PG-13, **) An employee at a shabby medieval theme park is mistaken for an envoy from Normandy after he is mysteriously transported back in time to 14th-century England. Martin Lawrence(Actor), Marsha Thomason(Actor), Tom Wilkinson(Actor), Vincent Regan(Actor), Daryl Mitchell(Actor)
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