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Programs for FITTV on Wednesday, June 3, 2020
12:00 AM
Body Bizarre My Son Has Super-Sized Legs (Repeat, TV-14) A boy has legs that are so huge he's incapable of moving; triplets with an uncommon condition need a medical operation or their brains could be compressed.
1:00 AM
Body Bizarre My Son is a Giant (Repeat, TV-14) An 11-year-old boy is continually growing; brothers without toes hope innovative technology can aid them; a man without limbs; a teen with a skull deformity.
2:00 AM
Body Bizarre My Tumor Won't Stop Growing (Repeat, TV-14) Medical physicians attempt to restore the face of a young girl with a large facial cleft; a woman's face is slowly destroyed by a tumor.
3:00 AM
Body Bizarre My Gigantic Leg (Repeat, TV-PG) Rapidly aging boys may possess the world's first strain of a formerly unknown syndrome; a man with a tumor that's the size of a basketball gets surgery.
4:00 AM
Body Bizarre My Extra Large Head (Repeat, TV-14) A patient needs medical assistance regarding a rare disorder that makes her constantly eat; a girl with a gigantic tumor in the center of her face.
5:00 AM
Birth Day Placenta (TV-PG) Doctors and nurses explain what the placenta is, how it develops, and its important role in providing everything from oxygen to blood to a developing baby.
5:30 AM
Birth Day Non - Intervention (TV-PG) See a mom attempt a delivery the old fashioned way and what steps are taken when things don't go as planned.
6:00 AM
My Crazy Birth Story Practical Joke Baby (TV-14) A woman's sister refuses to believe she has really gone into labor; firemen help a woman deliver her baby; a couple thinks they made it to the hospital in time.
7:00 AM
A Baby Story Baby Bland (TV-PG) Dana and Shawn have completely opposite personalities but have always worked well together and hope they'll be able to remain a team when Dana does into labor.
7:30 AM
A Baby Story Baby Cabbot (TV-PG) While on a volunteer mission in Thailand, Mark and Renugaa fell in love, and now the couple is expecting their first child together.
8:00 AM
Sextuplets Take New York Out on the Town (TV-G) The family receives the new customized van they have been awaiting the will fit the whole family, and now that they have it, they take a special trip.
8:30 AM
Sextuplets Take New York Change of Plans (TV-G) Parents Victor and Digna make plans to take Jhancarlos and the sextuplets to the amusement park, but an unexpected injury ruins everything.
9:00 AM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Blackout (Repeat, TV-PG) The police arrive with a comatose criminal, and he's either pretending or in serious trouble; a man is brought in who was found passed out in the snow.
10:00 AM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Clueless! (Repeat, TV-14) A man's constipation is actually a life-threatening condition; a doctor learns that she's actually treating two patients in one; a doctor could use some help.
11:00 AM
Trauma: Life in the ER Heart of the Matter (TV-PG) Minnesota's oldest ER has kept up with the times using state-of-the-art equipment and 84 private cubicles to allow treatment without overcrowding. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
12:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Working the ER (TV-PG) At the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, ER doctors routinely make life and death decisions and must work amidst chaotic situations. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
1:00 PM
Mystery Diagnosis The Woman with Unusual DNA (TV-PG) When a young girl doesn't experience puberty, doctors are shocked as to why and even go so far as to hide the truth from the confused girl and her family. David Scott(Narrator)
2:00 PM
Mystery Diagnosis The Woman Whose Flesh Was Eaten Alive (TV-PG) A woman goes in for a breast exam, but just a few short hours later loses one of her breasts and finds herself fighting for her own survival. David Scott(Narrator)
3:00 PM
1000-lb Sisters Meet the Slaton Sisters (TV-14) A pair of 30-year-old sisters who suffer from severe obesity make it their goal to improve their unhealthy lives as they start their weight-loss journey.
4:00 PM
1000-lb Sisters 1,000 Pounds to Freedom (TV-14) Tammy and Amy meet Dr. Proctor in Atlanta, where he gives Tammy a lofty weight loss goal as the dietician delivers bad news to Amy.
5:00 PM
Hoarding: Buried Alive Worst I've Ever Seen (Repeat, TV-PG) Caryn can't let go of her belongings, despite the city's threats to destroy her home; Theresa could lose her children if her bad habits persist. Bray Poor(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Hoarding: Buried Alive A Million Excuses (Repeat, TV-PG) A mother and father with two children struggle to put a stop to their compulsive habits before their hoarding addiction destroys their family. Bray Poor(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Life Support (TV-PG) Doctors at Pittsburgh's Alleghany General recognize the importance of faith, family support and counseling for their patients. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
8:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Going the Distance (TV-PG) Albuquerque's University Hospital is home to the only level-one trauma unit for 400 miles of New Mexico's vast expanses and relies on the Air Rescue Unit. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
9:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Family Forces (TV-PG) The staff Louisville's University Hospital sees a number of domestic violence victims from in from the isolated rural areas surrounding the town. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
10:00 PM
911: The Bronx (TV-14) A disaster alert is issued to deal with the survivors of a building collapse; the staff deals with a patient who fell to the ground from a rooftop.
11:00 PM
911: The Bronx (TV-14) A baby struggles to fight against a serious infection; Dr. Vlasica races to stabilize a man with a bullet wound that passed through his vital organs.
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