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Programs for FITTV on Friday, January 17, 2020
12:00 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive You're Gonna Die in Here (Repeat, TV-PG) After being the target of a thwarted school shooting, a former high school principal struggles to maintain a normal lifestyle after suffering mental trauma. Bray Poor(Narrator)
1:00 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive The Scariest Place on Earth (Repeat, TV-PG) A man faces the possibility of jail time if he fails to get his compulsive hoarding habits under control and clean his house within the next six weeks. Bray Poor(Narrator)
2:00 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive The Mess I've Created (Repeat, TV-PG) A woman is forced to face the potential consequences of her compulsive hoarding behavior when her habit nearly costs her husband his life. Bray Poor(Narrator)
3:00 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive They're Crawling! (Repeat, TV-PG) With the city bearing down and ready to demolish her home, hoarder Kay must clean up her act despite a heavy infestation of diseased rodents. Bray Poor(Narrator)
4:00 AM
Hoarding: Buried Alive: Most Extreme A Humongous Secret (Repeat, TV-PG) Dennis' family thought he cured his alcoholic ways, but his obsession to hoard quickly took over; Monte's collection of couture clothes threatens her family. Bray Poor(Narrator)
5:00 AM
Quints by Surprise Touchdowns and Toddlers (TV-PG) Casey surprises Ethan when she buys tickets for the whole family to go to a college football game, but both parents are worried that kids will disrupt the game. Casey Jones(Participant), Ethan Jones(Participant)
5:30 AM
Quints by Surprise Bikes and Ballet (TV-PG) After Ethan and Casey decide to put Eliot in some activities, the quints decide to follow their big sister with tutus, tumbles and training bikes. Casey Jones(Participant), Ethan Jones(Participant)
6:00 AM
Maternity Ward Multiples Marathon (TV-PG) Medical experts deal with maternity cases at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital in San Diego; a woman pregnant with twins is in pre-term labor.
7:00 AM
Birth Day Induction III (TV-PG) Learn how improvements have given doctors the ability to manage the onset of labor and delivery, resulting in an increase in more successful outcomes.
7:30 AM
Birth Day Pulmonary Atresia (TV-PG) Newborn baby Ryder has a rare heart lesion and must have an operation, but it fails to restore blood flow to the lungs, so follow-up surgery is needed.
8:00 AM
Make Room for Multiples Barton Triplets (TV-G) A married couple, who had struggled to conceive for some time, becomes pregnant with triplets after choosing to undergo an in vitro fertilization procedure.
8:30 AM
Make Room for Multiples Anderson Triplets (TV-G) A couple's second attempt at IVF proves to be extremely successful, providing them with triplets even after the doctor gave them a 5% chance of having twins.
9:00 AM
Mystery Diagnosis The Purple Puzzle (TV-PG) A couple is overjoyed to learn of the woman's pregnancy, but doctors are alarmed about ultrasound results; a veteran high school biology teacher falls ill. David Guion(Narrator)
10:00 AM
Mystery Diagnosis The Girl Who Stopped Growing (TV-PG) A female infant has surgery on her eyes to remove congenital cataracts, but her parents begin to worry when she stops crawling, rolling and talking. David Guion(Narrator), David Scott(Narrator)
11:00 AM
Monsters Inside Me West Nile Attack! (TV-14) A California couple's young son struggles for every breath as they watch helplessly; a Georgia father can't move his legs and is incapacitated in just hours. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
12:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me A Deadly Swim (TV-14) A young girl is hit with severe headaches, nausea, and a bizarre rash on her entire body after swimming, and the cause is shocking to everyone. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
1:00 PM
Diagnose Me Possessed by Demons (Repeat, TV-14) Featured are the stories of a woman who seems to be possessed by demons and a college student who grows fingernails out of her hair follicles.
2:00 PM
Diagnose Me Model Turned Monster (Repeat, TV-14) A beautiful, successful fashion model suddenly starts attacking everyone around her; a man who burps 24 hours a day and cannot stop loses nearly everything.
3:00 PM
Diagnose Me All in Her Head? (Repeat, TV-14) Featured are stories of a father accused of child abuse when doctors discover that his baby has broken bones and a teenage girl unable to eat.
4:00 PM
Hoarding: Buried Alive I'm Dumbfounded (Repeat, TV-PG) After years of filling their house with useless objects, Vickie and Jeff feel as though their marriage is also bursting at the seams. Bray Poor(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Hoarding: Buried Alive Are You Serious? (Repeat, TV-PG) With no family left to help her, Carol looks to help from professionals in order to detoxify her home that is bursting at the seams with useless junk. Bray Poor(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Liver Die (Repeat, TV-PG) A CT scan reveals the consequences of a teen's violent attack during a football game and results in his being rushed into emergency surgery Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
7:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Jaws of Life (Repeat, TV-PG) When a car crashes through a chain link fence, a fence pole shoots through the driver's chest and into the thigh of a passenger in the backseat. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
8:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Grave Diagnosis (Repeat, TV-PG) A teenage girl impales her neck on a fence; a patient fears they are turning into a vampire; a first-year physician tries to save an ill pregnant woman.
9:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Heart Stings (Repeat, TV-14) A woman is impaled through the thigh with rebar; a man's girlfriend needs an STD work-up; an ER doctor fights to save a woman's life.
10:00 PM
My Crazy Birth Story Police Chase Baby (TV-14) A man tapes his wife giving birth on their way to the hospital; a woman gives birth during a high-speed chase; a woman is surprised at an amusement park.
11:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. A Shot in the Dark (Repeat, TV-14) Surgical residents must fight in order to save the life of a mugging victim who was shot in the head and has two bullet wounds in the brain. Armando Valdes-Kennedy(Narrator)
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