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Programs for FITTV on Friday, August 14, 2020
12:00 AM
Paramedics Critical Care (TV-PG) In Reno, Nev., medical physicians and other emergency staff treat people with injuries, as well as people suffering from other extreme medical conditions.
1:00 AM
Paramedics Silicon Valley Saviors (TV-PG) The growth of San Jose's countryside has brought big-city problems to the paramedic community who see the flip side of this pristine high-tech oasis.
2:00 AM
Paramedics No Limits (TV-PG) In New Orleans, medical physicians and other emergency staff treat people with injuries, as well as people suffering from other extreme medical conditions.
3:00 AM
Paramedics Kansas City Blues (TV-PG) Many of the Metropolitan Ambulance Services Truse, or MAST, paramedics have come from all over the country for the unit's highly regarded EMS training.
4:00 AM
Paramedics Everyday Heroes (TV-PG) Shootings, stabbings and car crashes are unfortunately routine for the paramedics of Mecklenberg Country in Charlotte, North Carolina.
5:00 AM
Birth Day Easy Births (TV-PG) Monica Dalton feels pressure just 30 minutes after her epidural, signaling that her baby is ready to deliver. Meconium is found in her amniotic fluid.
5:30 AM
Birth Day Fetal Heart Rate; Brada Cardia (TV-PG) See how a baby's heart rate often fluctuates during labor, and learn why this condition, called bradycardia, signals that the baby is in distress.
6:00 AM
Maternity Ward Labors of Love (TV-PG) A woman worries when she starts bleeding heavily while in her 27th week of pregnancy; a new mother patiently waits to give birth to her triplets.
7:00 AM
Maternity Ward The Human Touch (TV-14) Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus becomes a good place for young families; a mother is induced due to her unborn child's large size.
8:00 AM
Bringing Home Baby World Traveler's Baby (TV-G) World travelers, Gary and Alyssa, have their second baby, thus starting their next big adventure, apart from traveling.
8:30 AM
Bringing Home Baby Soldier's Baby (TV-G) Becky and David were married only two months before she was pregnant, and when the Marine husband was deployed to Iraq, she moved in with family.
9:00 AM
A Baby Story Baby Fedorka (TV-PG) Sergeant Pete and his wife Abby are expecting their first child; almost a week past her due date, her labor will be induced; Pete reassures Abby.
9:30 AM
A Baby Story Baby Frasca (TV-PG) Marco and Kiki have a family of three healthy boys and as they are expecting another addition to the family tree, they hope the new arrival will be a girl.
10:00 AM
Mystery Diagnosis The Woman Who Couldn't Cry (TV-PG) For over half a century, a woman has suffers from an incredible assortment of maladies, and as she continues her trek from specialists to doctor to hospital. David Guion(Narrator)
11:00 AM
Mystery Diagnosis Too Young To Be Sick (TV-PG) A worried family's newest addition is born healthy but begins to suffer a mysterious transformation; a woman's body is pushed to the brink of starvation. David Scott(Narrator)
12:00 PM
Killer Outbreaks Terrorist Within (TV-PG) Hundreds of wounded soldiers who return from the Middle East carry very vigorous, mutant bacteria back; many children are diagnosed with a dangerous disease. Philippe Denham(Director)
1:00 PM
Killer Outbreaks The Every Day Turns Devastating (TV-14) The Centers for Disease Control, the New York Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation work together in order to respond to biological anthrax. Philippe Denham(Director)
2:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Deadly Sore Throat (Repeat, TV-PG) A woman is rushed to the hospital after having trouble breathing, but the doctors have a hard time figuring out what is causing her to wheeze.
3:00 PM
Untold Stories of the E.R. Exorcism in the E.R. (Repeat, TV-14) An outwardly tough man is secretly terrified of needles; a client has managed to stab himself with a Ninja sword; a patient believes she needs an exorcism.
4:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Cross Currents (TV-PG) A look inside the daily operations and methods used to save lives at the Level One Trauma Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
5:00 PM
Trauma: Life in the ER Amazing Grace (TV-PG) When tragedy strikes families close ranks in the traditional Southern town of Memphis, Tennessee, which has grown into a hub for technology. Mike McGlone(Narrator)
6:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me My Hands are Falling Off (TV-14) A man develops a mysterious and painful rash, a woman experiences periods of piercing throat pain, and a teenage girl has spells of dizziness and fatigue. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
7:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me My Daughter's Going Crazy (TV-14) Three women from three locations have life threatening encounters such as a young Tennessee girl, who may have inflammation of the brain. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
8:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me The Backyard Killer (TV-14) Doctors bypass a teen's lungs until they can find what's stopping his breathing; a commonly eaten item causes rashes and nerve pain for a personal trainer. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
9:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me Suicide Attackers (TV-14) A dance instructor is stricken by abdominal pains and a mass in her colon; a vacationer has seizures; a scientist's skin and eyes play host to parasites. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
10:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me Stowaways (TV-14) Parasites attach themselves to the inside of a man's eye upon his return from a trip to Africa, prompting doctors to locate and extract the culprits. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
11:00 PM
Monsters Inside Me There's Something Living in My Knee?! (TV-14) A seven-year-old boy in California and a four year-old boy in Georgia, experience strange symptoms that baffle their doctors and frighten loved ones. Justin Peed(Narrator), Dan Riskin(Host)
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