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Programs for MAX-EHD on Thursday, April 2, 2020
11:20 PM
Frequency (HD, PG-13, ***) While tinkering with his late father's old ham radio, a police officer discovers he can communicate with his father three decades in the past. Dennis Quaid(Actor), Jim Caviezel(Actor), Andre Braugher(Actor), Elizabeth Mitchel(Actor), Noah Emmerich(Actor)
1:20 AM
Lifeforce (R, **+) A shuttle sent to survey Halley's Comet returns with three dead humanoids, but its crew is murdered and the humanoids awaken to create a race of zombies. Steve Railsback(Actor), Peter Firth(Actor), Frank Finlay(Actor), Mathilda May(Actor), Patrick Stewart(Actor)
3:05 AM
Leprechaun 3 (R, *+) A student tries to get lucky winnings in Las Vegas but he turns into a tall leprechaun, so the student must destroy the evil leprechaun to return to normal. Warwick Davis(Actor), John Gatins(Actor), Michael Callan(Actor), Caroline Williams(Actor), Lee Armstrong(Actor)
4:40 AM
The Good Son (HD, R, **+) A disturbed child's fascination with death and terrorizing those around him grows more sinister, but his cousin's warnings fall on deaf ears. Macaulay Culkin(Actor), Elijah Wood(Actor), Wendy Crewson(Actor), David Morse(Actor), Jacqueline Brooks(Actor)
6:10 AM
The Last Emperor (PG-13, ***+) The final emperor of the Ching Dynasty in China who was forced into a place of power at the tender age of three deals with the expectations of tradition. John Lone(Actor), Joan Chen(Actor), Peter O'Toole(Actor), Victor Wong(Actor), Dennis Dun(Actor)
8:56 AM
Turistas (HD, R, **) A group of vacationers end up stranded in a Brazilian village with no money or belongings after a bus accident leaves them without any kind of transportation. Josh Duhamel(Actor), Melissa George(Actor), Olivia Wilde(Actor), Desmond Askew(Actor), Beau Garrett(Actor)
10:34 AM
Margin Call (HD, R, ***) After an entry-level analyst discovers important information, the members of an investment firm attempt to handle the early stages of the 2008 financial crisis. Kevin Spacey(Actor), Paul Bettany(Actor), Jeremy Irons(Actor), Zachary Quinto(Actor), Penn Badgley(Actor)
12:25 PM
Enemy of the State (HD, R, ***) An innocent lawyer is framed for a politically motivated murder, which sends him on a race to expose the truth before getting caught by national security. Gene Hackman(Actor), Jon Voight(Actor), Will Smith(Actor), Lisa Bonet(Actor), Regina King(Actor)
2:40 PM
Twilight Zone: The Movie (HD, PG, **+) Four directors remake eerie tales of fantasy and horror from Rod Serling's landmark TV series. Dan Aykroyd(Actor), John Lithgow(Actor), Scatman Crothers(Actor), Vic Morrow(Actor), Stephen Bishop(Actor)
4:25 PM
Bee Season (HD, PG-13, **) A wife and mother begins a downward, emotional spiral, and her husband immerses himself in his 11-year-old daughter's quest to become a spelling bee champion. Richard Gere(Actor), Juliette Binoche(Actor), Flora Cross(Actor), Max Minghella(Actor), Kate Bosworth(Actor)
6:10 PM
Signs (HD, PG-13, ***) A troubled clergyman and his family take shelter in their farmhouse as mysterious symbols indicate that an alien invasion is imminent. Mel Gibson(Actor), Joaquin Phoenix(Actor), Rory Culkin(Actor), Abigail Breslin(Actor), Cherry Jones(Actor)
8:00 PM
Doppelganger (HD, R, *) After accepting an attractive young woman as his roommate, a screenwriter learns that she is haunted by an evil, ghostly double who is killing off her family. Drew Barrymore(Actor), George Newbern(Actor), Dennis Christopher(Actor), Sally Kellerman(Actor), Jaid Barrymore(Actor)
9:45 PM
The Hills Have Eyes (HD, R, **+) A family traveling cross-country is stranded in the New Mexico desert and soon finds themselves under attack from a group of deranged inhabitants. Vanessa Shaw(Actor), Kathleen Quinlan(Actor), Aaron Stanford(Actor), Emilie de Ravin(Actor), Dan Byrd(Actor)
11:35 PM
Strike Back (HD, Repeat, TV-MA) When intelligence from a jihadist soldier leads S20 back to Arianna and Loric Demachi, they get embroiled in a feud that threatens to expedite Zayef's plans. Sullivan Stapleton(Actor), Philip Winchester(Actor), Alin Sumarwata(Actor)
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