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Programs for HGTV on Tuesday, August 4, 2020
12:00 AM
Love It or List It House of Heirlooms (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts David and Hilary help a couple, who has a quaint house with dated interior elements, decide between redesigning it and moving to a new home. David Visentin(Host), Hilary Far(Host)
1:01 AM
House Hunters Home is Where the Horse is in Denver (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks a home in Denver, but while he wants a cozy home with a three-car garage, she prefers a farmhouse-style home that boasts plenty of space. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
1:31 AM
House Hunters From a Trailer to a House for Eight (Repeat, TV-G) In Oceanside, Calif., a family of eight, who has been living in a recreational vehicle to save money for a house, is on the hunt for a home. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
2:01 AM
Love It or List It Betting the Horse Farm (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts David and Hilary help a couple, who owns a spacious horse farm that's over five acres, decide between redesigning it or moving to a new home. David Visentin(Host), Hilary Far(Host)
3:00 AM
Love It or List It A One Story Story (Repeat, TV-G) A woman wants to stay in the community she lives in since shes made friends there, but her husband wants to move to a new house to prepare for the future. David Visentin(Host), Hilary Far(Host)
4:00 AM
Love It or List It A Family Affair (Repeat, TV-G) A woman, her husband and her mother all live together in a home inherited from her grandparents that she loves, but her mother believes they need more space. David Visentin(Host), Hilary Far(Host)
5:00 AM
Love It or List It Lakeside Bungalow (Repeat, TV-G) A couple believed they had found a perfect home when they bought a lakeside bungalow, but it did not take long for problems such as a faulty basement to arise. David Visentin(Host), Hilary Far(Host)
6:00 AM
Home Town A House with History (Repeat, TV-G) Ben and Erin assist a family in tracking down a forever home, featuring a large house lacking personality and a smaller home with plenty of character. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
7:00 AM
Home Town Porch Dreams (Repeat, TV-G) A woman returns to Mississippi after living in San Antonio for years, and she's on the hunt for a historic home with a front porch and space for entertaining. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
8:00 AM
Home Town A Little Rough, A Little Refined (Repeat, TV-G) A woman and her husband are moving back to their hometown so she can follow her dream of opening a men's store, and after finding a home, they renovate. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
9:00 AM
Home Town An Old Familiar Place (Repeat, TV-G) Erin designs a home with an elegant style for a woman who wants to live in her home town, and then Ben makes a laundry shoot and a custom screen door for it. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
10:00 AM
Home Town Bachelor's Paradise (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Ben and Erin help a man, who has spent years traveling, find a cottage that boasts plenty of space, lots of resale potential and a quaint front porch. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
11:00 AM
Hot Mess House Small Space, Big Mess (Repeat, TV-G) Cassandra revamps a couples apartment, as well as creates a new, organized space for a couple raising young children while working from home. Cassandra Aarssen(Host)
11:30 AM
Hot Mess House Hide the Clutter (Repeat, TV-G) Host Cas Aarssen helps a couple organize their messy home, and later, she helps another couple create a space they can enjoy and use. Cassandra Aarssen(Host)
12:00 PM
Hot Mess House Basement and Playroom Hot Mess (Repeat, TV-G) Cas helps a woman clean up her basement, which is overflowing with stuff, and later, she helps a couple organize their messy playroom. Cassandra Aarssen(Host)
12:30 PM
Hot Mess House Hot Mess to Less Stress (Repeat, TV-G) Organizer Cassandra Aarrssen helps a military family organize their possessions and revamp their home with a new, organized style. Cassandra Aarssen(Host)
1:00 PM
Good Bones Updated Victorian in Old Southside (Repeat, TV-G) In the Old Southside neighborhood of Indianapolis, the hosts transform a hoarder house filled with garbage into a remarkably updated Victorian abode. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
2:00 PM
Good Bones Eyesore Overhaul (Repeat, TV-G) Karen and Mina renovate an unattractive home that's painted with three tones of brown paint and has a maze-like layout by making its layout more appealing. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
3:00 PM
Good Bones Making Space in the Suburbs for a Large Family (Repeat, TV-G) Mina and Karen agree to take on a couple hoping to renovate their house in the suburbs of Indianapolis to make room for their 23 children and grandchildren. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
4:00 PM
Good Bones Historical Hot Mess (Repeat, TV-G) Karen and Mina renovate a corner lot property in the historical neighborhood of Fletcher Place in Indianapolis, but several issues may push them over budget. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
5:00 PM
Good Bones The Shabbiest Townhouse (Repeat, TV-G) The hosts renovate an outdated townhouse that has maroon carpeting, peach wall paper and bird nests with the addition of a new layout after a swift demolition. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
6:00 PM
Good Bones Fountain Square Flashback (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Mina and Karen E. Laine return to the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis to renovate a bungalow with a California-modern style for a homeowner. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
7:00 PM
Good Bones The Brickyard Brick House (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Karen and Mina add more square footage to a historic brick house in an upcoming area in southern Indianapolis with the addition of a second story. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
8:00 PM
Good Bones Big Money in Fountain Square (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Mina and Karen conduct a sweeping renovation project at a large, halfway-built house that was abandoned by its previous investors. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
9:00 PM
Good Bones MJ's Dream Home (New, TV-G) A couple who purchased a home enlists hosts Mina and Karen to revamp the property with a new style that boasts a mix of traditional and modern features. Karen Jensen(Host), Mina Starsiak(Host)
10:00 PM
House Hunters A Second Home in Palm Springs (New, TV-G) A couple wants to purchase a second home in Palm Springs, Calif., so theyre on the hunt for an abode that boasts plenty of outdoor space to entertain. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
10:30 PM
House Hunters International A Fling with the Melbourne Thing (New, TV-G) A pair of friends seeks an abode that boasts an open concept, two bedrooms, an updated kitchen and plenty of wardrobe space in the city of Melbourne, Australia. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
11:00 PM
House Hunters From NYC to Green Acres (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks a in Wayne County, Pennsylvania, but while one of them prefers a place that require little maintenance, the other wants a home with lots of land. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
11:30 PM
House Hunters International Fitness and Fairy Tales in Odense, Denmark (Repeat, TV-G) A fitness trainer has made the choice to relocate to Odense, Denmark, so hes on the hunt for a suitable home with his wife that boasts plenty of space. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
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