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Programs for HGTV on Tuesday, May 26, 2020
12:00 AM
Home Town Town or Country: Extended Scenes (Repeat, TV-G) Ben and Erin are enlisted by a couple who owns rental properties, and they customize an airstream travel trailer given to them by Chris and Morgane Stapleton. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
1:30 AM
Home Town Home Away From Home (Repeat, TV-G) A couple has decided to buy a vacation home that's large enough to entertain guests, so Ben and Erin revamp a home with a chef's kitchen for them. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
2:30 AM
House Hunters Searching the Sacramento Suburbs (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks their first home in Sacramento, Calif., but while she wants a turnkey abode, he prefers a fixer-upper home that boasts a large shop. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
3:00 AM
Home Town Everybody Wants a Porch (Repeat, TV-G) A couple is moving to Mississippi, so they're seeking a home that boasts historic Southern architecture and a spacious kitchen that Ben and Erin can remodel. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
4:00 AM
Home Town A Quiet Place to Call Home (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Ben and Erin modify a spacious home for a pastor with the addition of bright colors, a chef's kitchen and a custom-built gardening bench. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
5:00 AM
Home Town Small Town Sophistication (Repeat, TV-G) In Mississippi, hosts Ben and Erin renovate a couple's newly-bought home with a custom table for outdoor dining and a pergola area. Erin Napier(Host), Ben Napier(Host)
6:00 AM
Fixer to Fabulous Historic Home Overhaul (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Dave and Jenny turn a family's historic 1893 abode into a family home by transforming an attic space into a two-bedroom suite and redesigning the kitchen. Dave Marrs(Host), Jenny Marrs(Host)
7:00 AM
Fixer to Fabulous A Bigger Kitchen for a Growing Family (Repeat, TV-G) The hosts revamp an expectant couple's outdated 1970s abode by turning it into an ideal space that boasts an open, airy kitchen for their growing family. Dave Marrs(Host), Jenny Marrs(Host)
8:00 AM
Fixer to Fabulous From Nightmare Cabin to Family Dream Home (Repeat, TV-G) The hosts conduct a renovation project on a couple's log cabin that features the addition of a custom live-edge bar, a brand-new porch and an outdoor shower. Dave Marrs(Host), Jenny Marrs(Host)
9:00 AM
Fixer to Fabulous Century-Old Farmhouse Becomes New Forever Home (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Dave and Jenny Marrs transform a century-old farmhouse into a family home that boasts a contemporary style that still maintains its quaint country charm. Dave Marrs(Host), Jenny Marrs(Host)
10:00 AM
Fixer to Fabulous Classic Colonial Meets Modern-Day Makeover (Repeat, TV-G) The hosts overhaul a historic Dutch Colonial home for a couple who has two young children with the addition of an open-concept kitchen and a unique playroom. Dave Marrs(Host), Jenny Marrs(Host)
11:00 AM
HGTV Smart Home 2020 (Repeat, TV-G) A comprehensive look is taken at the HGTV Smart HomeĀ® 2020, a technological Pittsburgh abode that boasts a blend of industrial and Craftsman styles. Tiffany Brooks (Host), Jason Pickens(Host)
12:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Cistern Act (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara adds a half bath to a 1910 Victorian farmhouse she bought, and then she adds a master suite and a spacious kids' bedroom to its second floor. Tamara Day(Host)
1:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Catwalk Craziness (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day begins renovations on a 1900 Kansas City Shirtwaist-style home containing a living room with a catwalk instead of a ceiling. Tamara Day(Host)
1:30 PM
Bargain Mansions When One Barn Door Closes (Repeat, TV-G) After restoring a fourth bedroom in the 3100-square-foot Shirtwaist home, Tamara works on creating a reading nook and closet to complete the room. Tamara Day(Host)
2:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Raise The Roof (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day gets creative while renovating an expansive 1950 ranch-style home by updating the exterior with faux stone and adding another floor. Tamara Day(Host)
2:30 PM
Bargain Mansions Stairway To Master Suite Heaven (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day uses a 1,400-square-foot second-story addition to build three new bedrooms in a 1950 ranch home before gutting the master suite. Tamara Day(Host)
3:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Tamara's Tudor Tutorial (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day renovates a 1927 Tudor by expanding the existing small kitchen and outfitting it with a large island and eating nook. Tamara Day(Host)
3:30 PM
Bargain Mansions Shower Showstopper (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara tackles a large 1927 Tudor house, but while she admires the home's original details, her dad discovers a problem that could get in the way. Tamara Day(Host)
4:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Out with the Old, in with the Bold (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara updates an old-fashioned Tudor home that was built in the 1970s, a project that includes revamping the home's kitchen and first floor living spaces. Tamara Day(Host)
5:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Tidal Wave of Tile (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day updates the kitchen, parlor and breakfast nook of a neoclassical Colonial property and converts the home's unfinished attic as well. Tamara Day(Host)
6:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Classic Meets Modern Farm (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day converts an old farmhouse into a country living-style home that boasts an open floor plan, a rustic master suite and plenty of charming details. Tamara Day(Host)
7:00 PM
Bargain Mansions From Old to Bold (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara revamps a 100-year-old home by accenting its original woodwork, relocating its small kitchen to the dining room, and utilizing bold design choices. Tamara Day(Host)
8:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Lady and the Damp (Repeat, TV-G) In Kansas City, Mo., Tamara revamps a water-damaged French Provincial home by overhauling its basement, adding French style, and creating an open floor plan. Tamara Day(Host)
9:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Posthaste in a Shirtwaist (New, TV-G) Host Tamara Day revamps an abandoned 1908 Shirtwaist abode by fabricating a custom range hood and making a quaint den area by utilizing wainscoting and tile. Tamara Day(Host)
10:01 PM
House Hunters Dream Vacation Home in Florida (New, TV-G) A couple from New Jersey seeks a vacation property on Amelia Island in Florida, but while she wants a home near the ocean, he prefers an abode further inland. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
10:31 PM
House Hunters International Engineering a Life Without Carpet in Auckland (Repeat, TV-G) A man has decided to move to Auckland, New Zealand, where he's accepted a job offer, so he's on the hunt for a suitable home with the help of his girlfriend. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
11:01 PM
House In a Hurry Taking Chances in Tucson (Repeat, TV-G) A California couple is moving to Tucson, Ariz., so they're on the hunt for a remarkable family home that boasts plenty of space for their children.
11:31 PM
House Hunters Beer and Loathing (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks a spacious home in Puyallup, Wash., but while he wants to keep their costs low so they can afford a cellar, she prefers a brand new build. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
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