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Programs for HGTV on Friday, July 10, 2020
12:00 AM
Flipping Across America Water vs. Fire (Repeat, TV-G) Mina and Karen of "Good Bones" make an Indianapolis home profitable; Lindsey and Eric of "Desert Flippers" restore a fire-damaged abode. Alison Victoria(Host), Mina Starsiak(Participant), Karen Jensen(Participant), Lindsay Bennett(Participant), Eric Bennett(Participant)
1:01 AM
House Hunters Mom Knows Best in Colorado Springs (Repeat, TV-G) A woman has decided to move to Colorado Springs, Colo., and buy a home, so she's on the hunt for a condominium near the downtown area. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
1:31 AM
House Hunters Hunting for a Cabin in Broken Bow (Repeat, TV-G) A Texas couple seeks a vacation cabin in Broken Bow, Okla., but while he wants a home that boasts plenty of space, she prefers a smaller abode. Andromeda Dunker(Narrator)
2:01 AM
Design At Your Door Rooms on Fire! (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara Day helps clean up and redesign a young Minnesota family's drab basement; Tiffany Brooks helps a woman revamp her mother-in-law's guest room. Tamara Day(Participant), Tiffany Brooks (Participant)
2:31 AM
Design At Your Door The Big Chill ... Rooms (Repeat, TV-G) Jenny and Dave of "Fixer to Fabulous" turn a family's back porch into a tranquil space; Alison Victoria of "Windy City Rehab" revamps a bedroom for newlyweds. Jenny Marrs(Participant), Dave Marrs(Participant), Alison Victoria(Participant)
3:00 AM
Flip or Flop Midcentury Money Pit (Repeat, TV-G) Hosts Tarek and Christina flip a house in the city of Fullerton, Calif., that's directly across the street from the former's very first house flip. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host)
3:30 AM
Flip or Flop Small House, Big Problems (Repeat, TV-G) Contractor Izzy Battres helps Tarek with flipping a small house in Fullerton, Calif., but the project becomes more difficult when they remove a wall. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host), Izzy Battres(Participant)
4:00 AM
Flip Or Flop Cracked Flip (Repeat, TV-G) Tarek and Christina find a home in Yorba Linda, Calif., with an owner eager to sell quickly, so they do not have much time to inspect the property. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host)
4:30 AM
Flip or Flop A Dinky Flip (Repeat, TV-G) Tarek and Christina are sent a tip about a small property in Downey, Calif., that appears to be a fast, cosmetic flip, so they purchase the home. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host)
5:00 AM
Flip or Flop Toxic Flip (Repeat, TV-G) A small, neglected house could hold rags or riches. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host)
5:30 AM
Flip or Flop Thrifty vs. Glitzy (Repeat, TV-G) Tarek and Christina receive a tip from a friend concerning a home in Orange, Calif., that is simply in need of a little cosmetic work and should be a fast sell. Tarek El Moussa (Host), Christina El Moussa (Host)
6:00 AM
Mountain Life Finding the Perfect Rocky Mountain Retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado (Repeat, TV-G) A Texas couple wants to move to Breckenridge, Colo., so they're on the hunt for a turnkey home with huge windows and incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. Brian West(Narrator)
6:30 AM
Mountain Life Boulder Colorado Mountain Home (Repeat, TV-G) An active couple from California begins looking for homes in the mountains of Boulder, Colo., with a home office, great kitchen and access to hiking trails. Brian West(Narrator)
7:00 AM
Mountain Life Blue Ridge Retreat (Repeat, TV-G) An Atlanta couple with a $500,000 budget is ready to leave the crowded city behind and move to the expansive Blue Ridge Mountains. Brian West(Narrator)
7:30 AM
Mountain Life Mountain Home Hunt in Coeur D'alene, Idaho (Repeat, TV-G) New parents with a $550,000 budget want a property in the resort town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, with plenty of space and a stunning view of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Brian West(Narrator)
8:00 AM
Lakefront Bargain Hunt Diving Into a Deep Water Deal (Repeat, TV-G) A couple seeks a home along the shores of Lake Hartwell, S.C., that boasts an affordable price, plenty of space, and a dock for their boat. John F. Beach(Narrator)
8:30 AM
Lakefront Bargain Hunt All in the Family Lake House (Repeat, TV-G) A large extended family seeks a vacation house in the Holiday Lakes region of Ohio that boasts an affordable price and plenty of space. John F. Beach(Narrator)
9:00 AM
Lakefront Bargain Hunt Chasing the Dream (Repeat, TV-G) A couple who has seven children seeks a lakefront abode on the Clermont chain of Lakes in Florida, which is orientated from southeast to northwest. John F. Beach(Narrator)
9:30 AM
Lakefront Bargain Hunt Happy Wife, Happy Lake Life (Repeat, TV-G) A family of six seeks a lake house retreat on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, but while he wants a home they can afford, she wants to be able to dock their boat. John F. Beach(Narrator)
10:00 AM
Bargain Mansions From Old to Bold (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara revamps a 100-year-old home by accenting its original woodwork, relocating its small kitchen to the dining room, and utilizing bold design choices. Tamara Day(Host)
11:00 AM
Bargain Mansions Classic Meets Modern Farm (Repeat, TV-G) Host Tamara Day converts an old farmhouse into a country living-style home that boasts an open floor plan, a rustic master suite and plenty of charming details. Tamara Day(Host)
12:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Cistern Act (Repeat, TV-G) Tamara adds a half bath to a 1910 Victorian farmhouse she bought, and then she adds a master suite and a spacious kids' bedroom to its second floor. Tamara Day(Host)
1:00 PM
Bargain Mansions Lady and the Damp (Repeat, TV-G) In Kansas City, Mo., Tamara revamps a water-damaged French Provincial home by overhauling its basement, adding French style, and creating an open floor plan. Tamara Day(Host)
2:00 PM
Color Splash Green Design: Bringing the Outside In (Repeat, TV-G) Host David Bromstad takes a look back at some of his earliest projects to see if his various designs have endured the test of time. David Bromstad(Host)
3:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Tasty Treats and a Texan Rub (Repeat, TV-G) Host David Bromstad discusses a recipe for homemade protein bars, as well as prepares his mother's apple crisp recipe for the first time. David Bromstad(Host)
4:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Winning the Location Lottery (Repeat, TV-G) David reminisces on his favorite travel destinations and vacations, featuring a look back at visits to Iceland and Amsterdam, and more. David Bromstad(Host)
5:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Beauty by David (Repeat, TV-G) David uses the items available in his refrigerator to make homemade face and hair conditioning masks, and then he shares beauty tips with a few winners. David Bromstad(Host)
6:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Lucky in Las Vegas (Repeat, TV-G) A man, who won some money in the city of Las Vegas on his wife's birthday, seeks a home far away from the Vegas Strip with David Bromstad's help. David Bromstad(Host)
6:30 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Four-Million-Dollar Smile (Repeat, TV-G) In the city of Kankakee, Ill., a man who won $4 million checks out a variety of remarkable properties as he searches for his ideal home with David Bromstad. David Bromstad(Host)
7:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Beginner's Luck (Repeat, TV-G) A woman who won $1 million off a scratch-off lottery ticket seeks the perfect place to retire with her husband in Florida with the help of David Bromstad. David Bromstad(Host)
7:30 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Papa's Palace (Repeat, TV-G) In Roanoke, Va., a grandfather, who won $1 million, has decided to buy a new home, so he's on the hunt for an ideal property that boasts a spacious backyard. David Bromstad(Host)
8:00 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Finding the Perfect Lake House (Repeat, TV-G) A New York couple who won $1 million lottery prize has decided to buy a second home on Oneida Lake, so they're on the hunt for an ideal lakeside home. David Bromstad(Host)
8:31 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Lucky in Lafayette (Repeat, TV-G) A Louisiana man, who won $2 million by way of a lottery ticket, checks out a variety of properties in Lafayette, La., as he searches for his ideal party home. David Bromstad(Host)
9:01 PM
Color Splash Architectural Elements (New, TV-G) David discusses ways to add architectural features to an abode that he thinks are fun, and later, he reassesses a few of his design choices from the past. David Bromstad(Host)
10:02 PM
My Lottery Dream Home South Shore Score (Repeat, TV-G) Host David Bromstad helps his 14th set of Massachusetts lottery winners find a property that boasts a spacious yard in the city of Boston. David Bromstad(Host)
10:32 PM
My Lottery Dream Home A Place on Pamlico Sound (Repeat, TV-G) A woman and her husband seek a lavish property on the shores of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina with host David Bromstad after winning the lottery. David Bromstad(Host)
11:02 PM
My Lottery Dream Home A Hero's Reward (Repeat, TV-G) A retired firefighter checks out a variety of remarkable properties in the Lakeland region of Florida as he searches for his ideal home with David Bromstad. David Bromstad(Host)
11:31 PM
My Lottery Dream Home Waterfront Windfall (Repeat, TV-G) A couple who won a $1 million lottery has made the decision to pack their belongings and relocate to Nova Scotia, Canada, so they're on the hunt for a home. David Bromstad(Host)
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