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Programs for SHBY-W on Saturday, August 8, 2020
10:30 PM
Minority Report (PG-13, ***+) A detective in the year 2054 attempts to countermand destiny after his department's crime-prediction technology indicates he will commit a murder. Tom Cruise(Actor), Colin Farrell(Actor), Samantha Morton(Actor), Max von Sydow(Actor), Neal McDonough(Actor)
1:00 AM
Red (PG-13, ***+) After a retired black-ops CIA agent and his Social Security caseworker are targeted by high-tech assassins, he reassembles his old team to find out why. Bruce Willis(Actor), Mary-Louise Parker(Actor), Morgan Freeman(Actor), Helen Mirren(Actor), John Malkovich(Actor)
3:00 AM
Eyes Wide Shut (R, ***) When a wealthy doctor learns his wife has a sexual secret, he embarks on an odyssey to find some secrets of his own, but quickly gets in over his head. Tom Cruise(Actor), Nicole Kidman(Actor), Sydney Pollack(Actor), Marie Richardson(Actor), Todd Field(Actor)
5:40 AM
Paranormal Activity 2 (R, **+) A family decides to set up a video surveillance system after a series of bizarre events, only to reveal a malevolent disturbance in the home. Katie Featherstone(Actor), Brian Boland(Actor), Molly Ephraim(Actor), Seth Ginsberg(Actor), Sprague Grayden(Actor)
7:15 AM
The Adderall Diaries (R, **) An author's life is turned upside down when his vindictive and cruel father shows up to question the memoir that he has been writing. James Franco(Actor), Ed Harris(Actor), Amber Heard(Actor), Jim Parrack(Actor), Timothée Chalamet(Actor)
8:45 AM
Spaceballs (PG, ***) The King of planet Druidia hires a mercenary to rescue his kidnapped daughter from a wicked Dark Lord who wants Druidia's clean air. Mel Brooks(Actor), John Candy(Actor), Rick Moranis(Actor), Bill Pullman(Actor), Daphne Zuniga(Actor)
10:30 AM
Parenthood (PG-13, ***) Several siblings who have started families of their own are faced with the challenge of trying to figure out how to keep their families together. Steve Martin(Actor), Tom Hulce(Actor), Rick Moranis(Actor), Martha Plimpton(Actor), Keanu Reeves(Actor)
12:45 PM
The Go-Gos (TV-MA, ****) The Go-Go's became known as the most successful female rock band of all time who played their own instruments and wrote their songs. Charlotte Caffey(Participant), Belinda Carlisle(Participant), Stewart Copeland(Participant), Pleasant Gehman(Participant), Gina Schock(Participant)
2:30 PM
The Sixth Sense (PG-13, ***+) After failing to save a patient who claimed he was being visited by the dead, a psychologist sets out to help a young child who is having similar experiences. Bruce Willis(Actor), Toni Collete(Actor), Haley Joel Osment(Actor), Olivia Williams(Actor), Mischa Barton(Actor)
4:20 PM
Ghost (PG-13, ***+) The spirit of a slain investment banker realizes that his girlfriend is in danger from the men who killed him, and enlists the aid of a phony medium. Patrick Swayze(Actor), Demi Moore(Actor), Whoopi Goldberg(Actor), Tony Goldwyn(Actor), Rick Aviles(Actor)
6:30 PM
Cape Fear (R, ***) A convicted rapist is paroled and hunts down the philandering attorney who served as his public defender in order to exact his calculated revenge. Robert De Niro(Actor), Nick Nolte(Actor), Jessica Lange(Actor), Joe Don Baker(Actor), Robert Mitchum(Actor)
8:45 PM
The Terminator (TV-14, R, ***+) An unstoppable cyborg from the 21st century is sent back in time to assassinate a young woman who lives in L.A. in the 1980s to ensure a machine apocalypse. Arnold Schwarzenegger(Actor), Linda Hamilton(Actor), Michael Biehn(Actor), Paul Winfield(Actor), Lance Henriksen(Actor)
10:45 PM
MI-5 (R, **+) A former MI5 agent is brought back to investigate the supposed suicide of the Head of Counter-Terrorism and finds that he has gone rogue and needs his help. Michael Wildman(Actor), Tuppence Middleton(Actor), Geoffrey Streatfield(Actor), Peter Firth(Actor), Elliot Levey(Actor)
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