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Programs for MAXEAL on Thursday, July 2, 2020
11:25 PM
Tomcats (R, **) Seven bachelors set up a fund for the last one who remains single, and with two men left, one of them tries to get the other hitched because he needs the money. Shannon Elizabeth(Actor), Jerry O'Connell(Actor), Jake Busey(Actor), Horatio Sanz(Actor), Jaime Pressly(Actor)
1:00 AM
Rollerball (PG-13, *) An athlete hoping to become a professional hockey player gets introduced to the world of an extremely dangerous sport that combines roller derby and basketball. Chris Klein(Actor), Jean Reno(Actor), LL Cool J(Actor), Rebecca Romijn-Stamos(Actor), Naveen Andrews(Actor)
2:40 AM
Jobs (PG-13, **+) An impressionable college dropout started out as a technician at Atari before slowly rising to become a revered entrepreneur after co-founding Apple Inc. Ashton Kutcher(Actor), Dermont Mulroney(Actor), Josh Gad(Actor), Lukas Haas(Actor), J. K. Simmons(Actor)
4:50 AM
Chronicle (PG-13, ***) After gaining superpowers, three high school friends embrace the darker side of their powers, causing their lives to spin out of control. Dane DeHaan(Actor), Alex Russell(Actor), Michael B. Jordan(Actor), Michael Kelly(Actor), Ashley Hinshaw(Actor)
6:15 AM
After Hours (R, ***+) A hapless New Yorker finds himself trapped in an escalating series of comic disasters as he attempts to make his way across town on one crazy night. Rosanna Arquette(Actor), Verna Bloom(Actor), Tommy Chong(Actor), Griffin Dunne(Actor), Linda Fiorentino(Actor)
7:55 AM
The Family Man (PG-13, ***) A workaholic, Wall Street bachelor wakes up to discover what his life would have been like had he married his college sweetheart 13 years earlier. Nicolas Cage(Actor), Téa Leoni(Actor), Don Cheadle(Actor), Jeremy Piven(Actor), Saul Rubinek(Actor)
10:00 AM
Life on the Line (R, **) When a terrible storm approaches their Texas town, a crew of electrical workers must work together to keep the electric grid up and going for their community. John Travolta(Actor), Kate Bosworth(Actor), Devon Sawa(Actor), Julie Benz(Actor), Gil Bellows(Actor)
11:40 AM
Time Bandits (PG, ***) A young boy is swept up in an unpredictable journey through time by a group of renegade dwarves who have stolen a time-traveling map. John Cleese(Actor), Sean Connery(Actor), Shelley Duvall(Actor), Katherine Helmond(Actor), Ian Holm(Actor)
1:40 PM
The Hurt Locker (R, ***+) The members of an Army bomb squad try to survive the final days of their rotation in Iraq after they are saddled with a reckless new leader. Jeremy Renner(Actor), Anthony Mackie(Actor), Brian Geraghty(Actor), Guy Pearce(Actor), Ralph Fiennes(Actor)
3:55 PM
Mary Queen of Scots (R, ***) When Mary Stuart returns home to Scotland to claim her throne, she finds herself immediately pitted against the powerful Queen Elizabeth. Saoirse Ronan(Actor), Margot Robbie(Actor), Jack Lowden(Actor), Joe Alwyn(Actor), David Tennant(Actor)
6:00 PM
The Hoax (R, ***) Struggling author, Clifford Irving, is desperate to make money, so he make a salacious claim that he has Howard Hughes' cooperation to write his biography. Richard Gere(Actor), Alfred Molina(Actor), Hope Davis(Actor), Marcia Gay Harden(Actor), Stanley Tucci(Actor)
8:00 PM
Keeping up with the Steins (PG-13, **) A boy prepares for his bar mitzvah and does not know its meaning while facing his overbearing father, leading him to invite his grandfather to change things. Jami Gertz(Actor), Jeremy Piven(Actor), Daryl Hannah(Actor), Garry Marshall(Actor), Doris Roberts(Actor)
9:30 PM
Little Boy (PG-13, ***) A 7-year-old boy who is small for his age will do whatever it takes to bring his father home from World War II , even if it means using a little magic. Emily Watson(Actor), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa(Actor), Michael Rapaport(Actor), David Henrie(Actor), Eduardo Verastegui(Actor)
11:20 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) Lucas becomes the PBI's primary suspect; Janina finally seeks the CIA's help; Lemmer continues his search for Flea and his gun; the PBI find an unexpected lead.
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