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Programs for MAXEAL on Saturday, July 11, 2020
12:00 AM
Life on the Line (R, **) When a terrible storm approaches their Texas town, a crew of electrical workers must work together to keep the electric grid up and going for their community. John Travolta(Actor), Kate Bosworth(Actor), Devon Sawa(Actor), Julie Benz(Actor), Gil Bellows(Actor)
1:40 AM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) The PBI find themselves running in circles; Teliha's true role in the exchange begins to reveal itself; shocking information about Flea's death comes to light.
2:40 AM
The General's Daughter (R, **+) A captain, the daughter of the base commander, is found murdered, and a pair of Army detectives investigates as senior officers urge them to speed the inquiry. John Travolta(Actor), Madeleine Stowe(Actor), James Woods(Actor), James Cromwell(Actor), Timothy Hutton(Actor)
4:40 AM
Ghoulies (PG-13, *+) Inheriting his Satanist father's mansion, a young man becomes fixated with black magic and manipulating demons that have been summoned to carry out evil deeds. Peter Liapis(Actor), Lisa Pelikan(Actor), Scott Thomson(Actor), Keith Joe Dick(Actor), Michael des Barres(Actor)
6:05 AM
The Ladykillers (R, **+) A charming, eccentric Southern professor and his gang of thieves try to silence an elderly widow, who has discovered their plans to rob a casino. Tom Hanks(Actor), Irma P. Hall(Actor), Marlon Wayans(Actor), J. K. Simmons(Actor), Tzi Ma(Actor)
7:50 AM
Walk of Shame (R, **+) A reporter's one night stand leaves her stranded without a phone, a car, an ID or money, and she only has eight hours before an important job interview. Elizabeth Banks(Actor), James Marsden(Actor), Gillian Jacobs(Actor), Sarah Wright(Actor), Ethan Suplee(Actor)
9:25 AM
Keeping up with the Steins (PG-13, **) A boy prepares for his bar mitzvah and does not know its meaning while facing his overbearing father, leading him to invite his grandfather to change things. Jami Gertz(Actor), Jeremy Piven(Actor), Daryl Hannah(Actor), Garry Marshall(Actor), Doris Roberts(Actor)
10:55 AM
The Dead Don't Die (R, **+) In a quiet, small town, the residents in the area begin to get concerned as strange events occur, but no one suspects that the dead will rise from their graves. Bill Murray(Actor), Adam Driver(Actor), Tilda Swinton(Actor), Chloƫ Sevigny(Actor), Steve Buscemi(Actor)
12:40 PM
The Rundown (PG-13, **+) A mob boss' retrieval expert is sent to the Amazon to retrieve the boss' ne'er-do-well son, who is searching for a priceless treasure. Dwayne Johnson(Actor), Seann William Scott(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor), Ewen Bremner(Actor)
2:25 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) In rural South Africa, a man reluctantly embarks on a smuggling operation; Cape Town's Presidential Bureau of Intelligence investigates a terrorist plot.
3:20 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) As Lemmer, Lourens and Flea drive on, Lemmer notices a car on their tail; Milla proves to be a valuable asset; an American is violently carjacked in Cape Town.
4:10 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) Lucas grills Inkunzi for answers; Lemmer finds himself a few steps behind Inkunzi in tracking down Flea; Janina considers seeking help from the CIA.
5:10 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) Lucas becomes the PBI's primary suspect; Janina finally seeks the CIA's help; Lemmer continues his search for Flea and his gun; the PBI find an unexpected lead.
6:05 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) Daoud takes the lead on the diamond exchange; Flea pleads with Lemmer for backup; after saying goodbye, Milla discovers that the PBI are surveilling her.
7:00 PM
Trackers (Repeat, TV-MA) The PBI find themselves running in circles; Teliha's true role in the exchange begins to reveal itself; shocking information about Flea's death comes to light.
8:00 PM
Shutter Island (R, ***+) In 1954, a U.S. Marshal searches an insane asylum on a remote island for a missing inmate, discovering that the institution has closely guarded secrets. Leonardo DiCaprio(Actor), Mark Ruffalo(Actor), Sir Ben Kingsley(Actor), Michelle Williams(Actor), Emily Mortimer(Actor)
10:20 PM
Replicas (PG-13) When a biologist attempts to bring his family back to life after a car accident kills his loved ones, he finds himself against the plans of a government lab. Keanu Reeves(Actor), Alice Eve(Actor), Thomas Middleditch(Actor), John Ortiz(Actor)
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