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Programs for MMX-W on Wednesday, April 8, 2020
12:00 AM
Devil (PG-13, **+) Five strangers get trapped inside an elevator, and as horrifying events begin to occur, they discover that the Devil in human form is in their presence. Chris Messina(Actor), Logan Marshall-Green(Actor), Jenny O'Hara(Actor), Bojana Novakovic(Actor), Bokeem Woodbine(Actor)
1:20 AM
A Good Year (PG-13, ***) A banker from London spends some time in France after learning he has inherited an uncle's chateau where he spent much of his childhood. Russell Crowe(Actor), Abbie Cornish(Actor), Freddie Highmore(Actor), Albert Finney(Actor), Archie Panjabi(Actor)
3:20 AM
The Prestige (PG-13, ****) Two talented stage magicians become involved in a dangerous competition as each of them produces their own version of a startling new trick. Hugh Jackman(Actor), Christian Bale(Actor), Michael Caine(Actor), Piper Perabo(Actor), Scarlett Johansson(Actor)
5:30 AM
Shame (NC-17, ***) A 30-something New Yorker satisfies his sexual addiction in his private life, but when his sister moves in, his life begins to spiral out of control. Michael Fassbender(Actor), Carey Mulligan(Actor), Mari-Ange Ramirez(Actor), James Badge Dale(Actor), Nicole Beharie(Actor)
7:15 AM
The Rundown (PG-13, **+) A mob boss' retrieval expert is sent to the Amazon to retrieve the boss' ne'er-do-well son, who is searching for a priceless treasure. Dwayne Johnson(Actor), Seann William Scott(Actor), Rosario Dawson(Actor), Christopher Walken(Actor), Ewen Bremner(Actor)
9:00 AM
Griff the Invisible (PG-13, **+) To escape from the monotony of life, an ordinary man working in an office during the day assumes the role of a superhero when the sun goes down. Ryan Kwanten(Actor), Maeve Dermody(Actor), Patrick Brammall(Actor), Toby Schmitz(Actor), Marshall Napier(Actor)
10:35 AM
Fathers' Day (PG-13, **) A woman enlists the help of two former lovers in locating her missing teen-age son by tricking them into believing each is the boy's father. Robin Williams(Actor), Billy Crystal(Actor), Julia Louis-Dreyfus(Actor), Nastassja Kinski(Actor), Charlie Hofheimer(Actor)
12:15 PM
Can't Buy Me Love (PG, ***) A nerdy high school student hoping to change his social status pretends to date the most popular girl in school, but soon learns the real price of popularity. Patrick Dempsey(Actor), Amanda Peterson(Actor), Courtney Gains(Actor), Katrina Caspary(Actor), Seth Green(Actor)
1:50 PM
Tanner Hall (R, **) At an all-girl boarding school in New England, a normally reasonable girl begins to take risks as she develops a complicated relationship with a family friend. Tricia Mara(Actor), Georgia King(Actor), Brie Larson(Actor), Amy Ferguson(Actor), Tom Everett Scott(Actor)
3:25 PM
Kiss of the Dragon (R, ***) A police officer turns to a prostitute for assistance after learning of a vice operative's connection to a Chinese drug lord. Jet Li(Actor), Bridget Fonda(Actor), Tchéky Karyo(Actor), Max Ryan(Actor), Ric Young(Actor)
5:05 PM
The Crow (R, ***+) A murdered rock guitarist comes back from the dead to take revenge on the violent people that took the lives of him and his fiancée. Brandon Lee(Actor), Rochelle Davis(Actor), Ernie Hudson(Actor), Michael Wincott(Actor), Bai Ling(Actor)
6:50 PM
Final Destination 5 (TV-14, R, **+) After having a premonition about a terrible accident, a young man and his coworkers manage to survive, but they must now find a way to cheat death. Nicholas D'Agosto(Actor), Emma Bell(Actor), Miles Fisher(Actor), Arlen Escarpeta(Actor), David Koechner(Actor)
8:25 PM
The Big Year (PG, **+) Tired of their everyday lives back home, three bird watchers decide to travel the country in an annual event known for its rare birds. Jack Black(Actor), Zahf Paroo(Actor), Owen Wilson(Actor), Rosamund Pike(Actor), Steve Martin(Actor)
10:10 PM
Ocean's 8 (PG-13, **+) When a con woman is released from prison, she decides to turn back to a life of crime by assembling an all-female crew to pull off a jewelry heist. Sandra Bullock(Actor), Cate Blanchett(Actor), Helena Bonham Carter(Actor), Anne Hathaway(Actor), Sara Paulson(Actor)
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